Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel's Victory Over LM Entertainment

News 05.11.19 | 11:59AM EDT

After how many months of fighting in court with LM Entertainment, Kang Daniel is able to win and is very happy that he made a hand-written letter to his fans.

Joo Won is a Hallyu star known for the hit series

Joo Won In Talks for His First Drama Following Military Discharge

News 05.10.19 | 01:00PM EDT

Joo Won’s agency Hwayi Brothers has recently confirmed that the award-winning K-pop actor has been offered the lead role in an SBS drama titled “Hotel Alice.”

Jeon Somi

The Reason Why Jeon Somi's Debut Is Delayed

News 05.08.19 | 11:30AM EDT

Everybody remember Jeon Somi. A Korean solo singer that became widely known after competing on the survival show, Sixteen. She is signed under The Black Label headed by the producer, Teddy Park. She was once with JYP Entertainment back on August 20th.

M.O.N.T - Will You Be My Mint?

Mint to Be: A Review of M.O.N.T.’s Will You Be My Mint? World Tour in NY

Reviews 04.18.19 | 10:41PM EDT

Mint to Be – A Review of M.O.N.T.’s Will You Be My Mint? World Tour in NY

ASTRO Defines 'Crazy, Sexy, Cool' on K-EXPO 2018 Red Carpet & Performance Stage - September 30, 2018 [PHOTOS]

ASTRO Talks Pranks, Wishes for the Rest of 2018 and More at K-EXPO 2018 [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Interviews 10.29.18 | 10:34PM EDT

ASTRO sits down with KpopStarz for a curated interview based on their songs.

Kim Myungsoo Shows Off Charms on K-Expo Red Carpet & Performance Stage

Kim Myungsoo Opens Up About Career, L and Future Projects [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Interviews 10.29.18 | 10:32PM EDT

We catch up with Kim Myungsoo at K-EXPO 2018 to talk about music, L and his future projects.

The Rose Stunts on the K-EXPO 2018 Red Carpet and Performance Stage - September 30, 2018 [PHOTOS]

The Rose Talks Childhood Memories, Viral Dance Moves and More at K-EXPO 2018 [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Interviews 10.23.18 | 08:55PM EDT

Inspired by the titles of their songs and mini album, we’ve curated questions to get to know The Rose a little bit better.

A.C.E. Graces K-Expo 2018 Stage

A.C.E Talks Adventures, Emotions and More at K-EXPO 2018 [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Interviews 10.11.18 | 11:31AM EDT

Big smiles and positive energy radiated throughout the room as they sat with us, donned in bold graphics and dynamic reds that perfectly matched their personalities.



News 09.21.18 | 04:01PM EDT

To celebrate the first ever K-Expo our dear friends at All That Korea and DramaFever are giving away a few goodies for the event!


G-Dragon As L Lawliet? Check Out 6 Kpop Idols Who Would Be Perfect For 'Death Note' Roles

Breaking News 05.09.17 | 03:31PM EDT

If Koreans ever decide to adopt "Death Note" for a Korean version, K-pop idols from BIG BANG's G-Dragon, CN Blue's Jung Yong Hwa, and EXO's Baekhyun would be perfect top choices in the casting.

Kim Chung Ha opened up about her feeling towards the debut with

Kim Chung Ha Shared Her Feeling About Her Solo Debut + Her Experience In Facing Seven Years Of Training

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 04.21.17 | 02:41PM EDT

Kim Chung Ha was just debuted with "Week." Check out when she told about her feeling here!

Minzy talked about 2NE1 and Jeon Somi in her interview about her solo debut.

Minzy Revealed Her Experience In 2NE1 & Shared Why Somi Reminded Her Of Her Early Debut

News 04.20.17 | 08:48AM EDT

Minzy just debuted as a solo singer. She talked about 2NE1 and Somi. Check out the details here!

Seven villains in K-Drama who got much attention.

Seven Villain Characters Who Got Much Attention From K-Drama Lovers

Drama 04.19.17 | 01:17PM EDT

Here are seven villain characters in K-dramas who got much attention from the viewers. Check out more here!

Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young Dating

Park Hyung Sik And Park Bo Young Dating: 5 Reasons Fans Believe That Park Hyung Sik And Park Bo Young Will Make A Great Real Life Couple

Breaking News 04.18.17 | 08:38AM EDT

Fans believe that Park Hyung Sik And Park Bo Young will make an awesome real life couple and hold out hope that their on-screen chemistry will transcend off screen even after Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is over.

EXO HInted A Summer Comeback

Samsung Spoils EXO-L With Galaxy S8 EXO Smart Cover

News 04.14.17 | 08:41PM EDT

Samsung recently launched its new line of smartphone accessories, one of which is EXO Smart Cover. The sophisticated cover will make Galaxy S8 an EXO-themed smartphone.

Gugudan will be the third hosts for

Gugudan Will Be The Third Host For 'SNL Korea 9', Getting Their First Experience

Variety 03.30.17 | 12:54PM EDT

Gugudan is about to be the third hosts for "SNL Korea 9." Check out the details here!

Girl's Day

Girl's Day's Comeback Updates: All Four Teaser Images Of Each Member Revealed

Celebrities 03.23.17 | 07:55PM EDT

Girl's Day will have a comeback after eight months. Check out the update of their teaser images here!

Scarlet Heart Ryeo

5 Top Kdramas That Need Season 2: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, Goong, City Hunter and More!

K-Drama 02.26.17 | 08:41PM EST

Kpostarz has compiled a list of 4 Korean dramas that deserve a second season including Scarlet Heart Ryeo, Goong, City Hunter, Descendants of the Sun

KpopStarz Awards 2016 - K-Pop Song, Group, Artist, Rookie of the Year - Result

TWICE, EXO, Jackson, and BLACKPINK Among the Winners in KpopStarz 2016 Best Of K-Pop Awards!

News 12.22.16 | 10:26AM EST

TWICE's "Cheer Up" and GOT7's member Jackson were named the best song and artist of 2016 while EXO and BLACKPINK were selected as this year's best group and best rookie group.

KpopStarz Awards 2016 - K-Pop Song, Group, Artist, Rookie of the Year

Voting Now Open For The KpopStarz Year End K-Pop Awards 2016!

News 12.05.16 | 10:16AM EST

The polls will be open from Dec 5 to Dec 18 so cast your votes daily!

Blanc & Eclare New York Flagship Store Opening

Jessica Jung Opens Up BLANC&ECLARE Flagship Store In New York [EXCLUSIVE]

Concert / Event 12.13.16 | 08:56PM EST

Right at the heart New York's shopping and fashion district, Blanc & Eclare opens up their own flagship store in Soho.

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