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IU vs. Lee Hyo Ri - Who Wore It Better?

IU vs. Lee Hyori - Who Wore It Better?

Fashion & Style 03.16.12 | 11:57AM EDT

Same pink dress worn by two stars with completely different styles. Who wore it better?

Jang Geun Suk '@star1' Photo Shoot

Jang Keun Suk the Asian Prince '@star1' Photo Shoot

Interviews 03.15.12 | 07:40PM EDT

Photos from Jang Keun Suk's spring fashion photo shoot have been revealed.

So Ji Sup

So Ji-sub Captivates Fans with 'SONICe' Photo Shoot

Fashion & Style 03.14.12 | 06:57PM EDT

Actor So Ji-sub appears in the magazine SONICe

Kim Soo Hyun & Park Tae Hwan SamSung Models

Kim Soo Hyun & Park Tae-hwan Samsung Notebook Models!

Headlines 03.13.12 | 08:31AM EDT

Kim Soo Hyun and swimmer Park Tae-hwan are chosen as Samsung's endorsement models

f(x) Sully vs. Kong Hyo Jin

f(x) Sulli vs. Gong Hyo Jin - Who Wore It Better?

Fashion & Style 03.12.12 | 04:50PM EDT

Singer Sulli and actress Gong Hyo Jin were captured wearing the same dress. Who wore it better?

FT Island Lee Hong Ki

FT Island Lee Hongki Makes the Streets Look like a Runway

Fashion & Style 03.12.12 | 04:44PM EDT

Lee Hongki of FT Island looks like a model anywhere he goes

Jea of Brown Eyed Girls

Jea's Beautiful Body Revealed!

Fashion & Style 03.12.12 | 04:23PM EDT

Brown Eyed Girls Jea released a photo of herself

HyoRi, Revealing Outfit in You&I

Lee Hyori, Revealing Outfit in You&I

Fashion & Style 03.12.12 | 03:09PM EDT

Lee Hyori's revealing outfit in 'You&I' is becoming an issue.


IU Makeup Endorsement Behind the Scenes! [Watch]

Headlines 03.11.12 | 06:53PM EDT

Korea's little sister IU shows off her flawless skin.

T-ARA's Hyomin Flawless Sticker Photos!

Fashion & Style 03.11.12 | 05:52PM EDT

T-Ara Hyomin's photo from when she was in high school


New Girl Group C-REAL Unique 'Shorts Under Skirts' Fashion

Headlines 03.11.12 | 05:02PM EDT

5 member girl group CEREAL shows off their unique fashion

Miss A Suzy's Expression on Stage

miss A's Youngest Member Suzy "Her Expression Changes 180 Degrees On Stage"

Headlines 03.11.12 | 03:35AM EDT

miss A member Suzy's innocent image changes when she appears on stage.

Kim Soo Hyun & Kim Yuna "King Meets Figure Skating Queen" Couple Look!

Headlines 03.11.12 | 01:19AM EST

Kim Soo Hyun and figure skater Kim Yuna went on a special date for White Day!

2NE1 Kong Minzy

2NE1 Kong Minzy's S-Line Body

Fashion & Style 03.11.12 | 01:12AM EST

Kong Minzy of 2NE1 shows off her s-line body

'K-Pop Star' Lee Michelle

'K-Pop Star' Lee Michelle Over 15 Pounds Lighter!

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 03.09.12 | 01:27AM EST

Lee Michelle, a contestant of 'K-Pop Star' is becoming more and more beautiful each day

IU's Pink-Bunny Fashion

IU's Pink-Bunny Fashion

Headlines 03.08.12 | 08:33PM EST

Singer IU was seen participating in a photo shoot!

SHINee Releases

SHINee Releases "Sherlock" Teaser of Tae Min!

Headlines 03.08.12 | 07:56PM EST

The youngest member of SHINee, Tae Min, revealed a new shocking image!

Secret's Jung Hyo Sung

Secret Jung Hyo Sung "Cute and Sexy"

Fashion & Style 03.06.12 | 09:22PM EST

Girl group Secret's Jung Hyo Sung releases a self-cam photo!

T-Ara Eun Jung - Did She Gain Weight?

T-Ara Eung Jung - Did She Gain Weight?

Fashion & Style 03.06.12 | 09:11PM EST

T-Ara's Eun Jung seems to have changed a bit

Big Bang G-Dragon's Extreme Hairstyles

Big Bang G-Dragon's Extreme Hairstyles

Fashion & Style 03.06.12 | 09:02PM EST

G-Dragon, the leader of Big Bang, showed off his extreme hairstyle in the Fantastic Baby music video.

2NE1 Japanese Album Jacket Cover Photo

2NE1 Album Photo

Fashion & Style 03.06.12 | 08:33PM EST

Girl group 2NE1 released a cover photo for their Japanese album

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