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2NE1 Kong Minzy

2NE1 Kong Minzy's S-Line Body

Fashion & Style 03.11.12 | 01:12AM EST

Kong Minzy of 2NE1 shows off her s-line body

'K-Pop Star' Lee Michelle

'K-Pop Star' Lee Michelle Over 15 Pounds Lighter!

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 03.09.12 | 01:27AM EST

Lee Michelle, a contestant of 'K-Pop Star' is becoming more and more beautiful each day

IU's Pink-Bunny Fashion

IU's Pink-Bunny Fashion

Headlines 03.08.12 | 08:33PM EST

Singer IU was seen participating in a photo shoot!

SHINee Releases

SHINee Releases "Sherlock" Teaser of Tae Min!

Headlines 03.08.12 | 07:56PM EST

The youngest member of SHINee, Tae Min, revealed a new shocking image!

Secret's Jung Hyo Sung

Secret Jung Hyo Sung "Cute and Sexy"

Fashion & Style 03.06.12 | 09:22PM EST

Girl group Secret's Jung Hyo Sung releases a self-cam photo!

T-Ara Eun Jung - Did She Gain Weight?

T-Ara Eung Jung - Did She Gain Weight?

Fashion & Style 03.06.12 | 09:11PM EST

T-Ara's Eun Jung seems to have changed a bit

Big Bang G-Dragon's Extreme Hairstyles

Big Bang G-Dragon's Extreme Hairstyles

Fashion & Style 03.06.12 | 09:02PM EST

G-Dragon, the leader of Big Bang, showed off his extreme hairstyle in the Fantastic Baby music video.

2NE1 Japanese Album Jacket Cover Photo

2NE1 Album Photo

Fashion & Style 03.06.12 | 08:33PM EST

Girl group 2NE1 released a cover photo for their Japanese album

Big Bang 'Fantastic Baby' M/V Released!

Big Bang Fantastic Baby M/V Revealed! [Video]

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 03.06.12 | 08:16PM EST

Big Bang's new music video has been revealed!

Miss A Min's Hilarious Halloween Story!

Interviews 03.06.12 | 06:55PM EST

Min of the girl group Miss A shared her hilarious Halloween story on an episode of "Strong Heart"

4Minute Hyun Ah's Bare Face - Innocent Angel

4Minute Hyun Ah Looks So Innocent Without Her Make-Up!

Fashion & Style 03.06.12 | 06:32PM EST

Girl group 4Minute's member Hyun Ah revealed a picture of her naked face!

Miss A Suzy and SNSD Sunny at the Spa!

Miss A Suzy Exposes Her Shoulder At The Spa!

Fashion & Style 03.06.12 | 06:24PM EST

Members of idol girl groups enjoy themselves at the spa!

Girls Generation Sunny Bikini Body!

Girls Generation Sunny Bikini Body Revealed!

Fashion & Style 03.06.12 | 06:15PM EST

SNSD Sunny showed off her glamorous bikini body and made all the guys go crazy

Teen Top Chun Ji Absolutely Adorable

Teen Top Chun Ji Looks Adorable With His Bunny Ears!

Fashion & Style 03.06.12 | 06:05PM EST

Idol group Teen Top's member Chun Ji released a photo of himself wearing bunny ears!

Model Jang Yoon Ju's Body

Model Jang Yoon Ju's Body "Speechless..."

Fashion & Style 03.04.12 | 10:05PM EST

Jang Yoon Ju's body is a gift from God.

JYJ Kim Jae Joong

JYJ Kim Jae Joong "Fair as a Lady"

Fashion & Style 03.04.12 | 09:22PM EST

JYJ Kim Jae Joong has a perfect face and perfect body. Is he prettier than a lady?

2PM Taek Yeon vs. David Beckham

2PM Taek Yeon vs. David Beckham "Who Looks Sexier on the Cover of Men's Health?"

Fashion & Style 03.04.12 | 07:03PM EST

Who looks better on the cover of Men's Health Magazine?

4Minute & G.Na Perform at Seoul Girls Collection

4Minute & G.Na Perform at Seoul Girls Collection [Video]

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 03.04.12 | 06:46PM EST

Members of 4Minute and singer G.Na performed at the Seoul Daechi-Dong SETEC.

Miss A Min Mystery Black Stain On Her Face

Miss A Min Mystery Black Stain on Her Face "Beautiful Regardless"

Fashion & Style 03.04.12 | 06:17PM EST

Girl group Miss A's Min released a photo of herself with stains on her face

Miss A Suzy Shining Beauty

Miss A Suzy Beautiful Even When She's Messy

Fashion & Style 03.04.12 | 05:49PM EST

Suzy, a member of Miss A, shows off her beauty


Boram showing off 'missing pants' fashion on bed

Fashion & Style 03.04.12 | 01:55AM EST

T-ara member Boram revealed a provocative photo.

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