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T-Ara Eun Jung Looking Weak

T-Ara Eun Jung "What Happened to Her Chubby Cheeks?"

Headlines 02.28.12 | 09:32PM EST

Girl group T-Ara's member Eun Jung released a photo of herself looking weak.

G-Dragon vs. Lee Hong Ki - Who Looks Better with the 'Croissant Hair'?

Fashion & Style 02.28.12 | 09:05PM EST

Who looks better with this unique hair style?

BoA High Cut Photo Shoot

BoA Chosen as the 'Wanna-Be Icon' for College Students in their 20s

Headlines 02.28.12 | 08:40PM EST

The two faces of BoA have been released.


Kim Yeh Lim shows off her curvy legs in a photoshoot

Fashion & Style 02.28.12 | 08:16PM EST

2months member Kim Yeh Lim showed off her provocative charm in a photoshoot.

Brave Girls Ye Jin As a Bride

Brave Girls Ye Jin Wearing a Beautiful Wedding Dress

Fashion & Style 02.28.12 | 08:10PM EST

Girl group Brave Girls' Ye Jin's Twitter photo.

SISTAR Photo Shoot!

SISTAR Endorsement Models for CLRIDE.N

Headlines 02.26.12 | 11:18PM EST

Members of SISTAR have been chosen as endorsement models for CLRIDE.N

KARA Koo Ha Ra - Is That Really Her?

KARA Koo Ha Ra's Naked Face - Is That Really Her?

Headlines 02.26.12 | 11:05PM EST

Koo Ha Ra's surprising face without any make-up on.

Girls' Generation Fashion Brand!

The Girls' Generation Brand

Headlines 02.26.12 | 10:56PM EST

Orla Kiely fashion brand is favored by the girls of SNSD!

Is Lee Hyo Ri Letting Herself Go?

Is Lee Hyo Ri Letting Herself Go?

Headlines 02.26.12 | 10:43PM EST

Sexy star Lee Hyo Ri seems to be changing. Physically.

KARA Koo Ha Ra Nature's Republic


Headlines 02.26.12 | 10:31PM EST

Kara Koo Ha Ra looking pure and innocent for Nature's Republic


Park Shin Hye's airport fashion catching the attention of fans

Fashion & Style 02.26.12 | 03:56AM EST

Actress Park Shin Heh showed off her 'cold city woman' airport fashion.

Dream High 2's Kang So Ra Flawless

Dream High 2's Kang So Ra "A Beauty"

Fashion & Style 02.25.12 | 11:02PM EST

Actress Kang So Ra looks flawless even without photoshop.

Hwang Jung Eum's Embarrassing Photo

Hwang Jung Eum Embarrassing Photo

Fashion & Style 02.25.12 | 10:03PM EST

Actress Hwang Jung Eum looking like a mess.

Park Han Byul Sexy Summer Look

Park Han Byul Sexy Summer Look

Headlines 02.25.12 | 09:48PM EST

Actress Park Han Byul has always been skinny but these new photos reveal how skinny she really is.

Miss A Suzy's Forehead

Miss A Suzy Without Her Bangs - Is That Really Her?

Headlines 02.25.12 | 09:36PM EST

Suzy of Miss A's photo shoot for Pink Wings Campaign.

Jang Jane Reveals Her Abs

Jang Jane Shows Off Sexy Abs for SURE

Headlines 02.25.12 | 06:41PM EST

Jang Jane's photo of her abs is causing a stir.


Sung Yuri "shining beauty underneath the layers of clothes"

Fashion & Style 02.25.12 | 12:28AM EST

Sung Yuri showed off her 'self-radiant beauty'.


Miss A Min reveals her photo 'Like a BOSS'

Fashion & Style 02.25.12 | 01:57AM EST

Miss A member Min is catching a lot of attention with her unusual pose.

Girls' Generation Jessica

Jessica Photo Shoot "Two Different Faces"

Fashion & Style 02.24.12 | 09:02AM EST

Jessica was photographed in New York.

Miss A Suzy "Sexy Look" in Nylon Fashion Magazine

Headlines 02.23.12 | 10:45PM EST

Miss A showed off her sexy side through a photo shoot with a fashion magazine.

Park Han Byul H&T Photo Shoot

Se7en's Girlfriend Park Han Byul H&T Model

Headlines 02.23.12 | 10:26PM EST

Actress Park Han Byul has been chosen as H&T's 2012 endorsement model.

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