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Lee Min Gi and Kang Ji Young are going out??

Fashion & Style 01.12.12 | 03:18PM EST

Actor Lee Min Gi and Kara Kang Ji Young's couple looks is becoming a hot issue online.


Haha and Lee Sung Gi, "they say the finish to fashion is the face"

Fashion & Style 01.12.12 | 03:12PM EST

Singer and entertainers Haha and Lee Seung Gi is becoming an issue for dressing in the same clothes.


If you want to know the 'hot items' look at Jessica's airport fashion~

Fashion & Style 01.12.12 | 03:01PM EST

If you want to know the 'hot items' look at Jessica's airport fashion~


Jung Hyung Don as IU? 'scary' sense of humor

Fashion & Style 01.12.12 | 02:50PM EST

Gag man Jung Hyung Don transformed into IU.


Narsha's transformation into a Queen Ant

Fashion & Style 01.11.12 | 03:08PM EST

Girl group Brown Eyed Girls member Narsha revealed a new side of her.


Kara Nicole a part time worker in Japan?

Fashion & Style 01.11.12 | 02:49PM EST

A photo of Nicole passing around fliers was revealed online.


Solbi reveals her where abouts through photos

Fashion & Style 01.11.12 | 02:30PM EST

Singer Sol Bi confidently revealed her how abouts.


Super Junior Yeh Sung chic style in Osaka

Fashion & Style 01.10.12 | 03:17PM EST

Super Junior member Yeh Sung transformed into a chic man.


T-ara Ji Yeon's no Shame Snapshot of Body Line Revealed

Fashion & Style 01.09.12 | 02:20PM EST

Girl group T-ara member's no shame figure is becoming an issue.


2Months Kim Yeh Lim shows off her heightened beauty

Fashion & Style 01.09.12 | 02:33AM EST

'Super Star K3' 2months member Kim Yeh Lim showed off her beauty in orange scarf.

Idol Fashion on a Soccer Player?

Idol Fashion on a Soccer Player?

Fashion & Style 01.08.12 | 05:03PM EST

Soccer Player Cha Doori's Idol fashion has been posted on a fellow soccer player Gi Sungyong's Twitter.


Kara Guri reveals a photo from end of December

Fashion & Style 01.07.12 | 11:25PM EST

Guri revealed a photo of herself from the Japanese end of the year music festival she took part in .

kim tae won

Kim Tae Won and Big Bang Top "are those the same jacket?"

Fashion & Style 01.07.12 | 11:18PM EST

Boo Hwal leader Kim Tae Won and Big Bang member Top's different looks in the same jacket is becoming an issue.

K-STAR new

Who is the best fashionista amongst idols?

Fashion & Style 01.07.12 | 07:29PM EST

An upcoming segment to determine the Idol's Be


Who wore it better? Jung Ryeo Won or Son Dam Bi?

Stars on TV / Movies 01.07.12 | 07:27PM EST

Actress Jung Ryeo Won and singer Son Dam Bi's fit in same dress is becoming an issue.

Wondergirls SoHee

Wondergirls SoHee and Kim JiWon, Same Outfit Different Feel

Stars on TV / Movies 01.07.12 | 06:26PM EST

So Hee of Wondergirls and Kim Ji Won from MBC 'Highkick' was found wearing the same outfit.


Super Junior & TVXQ airport fashion

Fashion & Style 01.06.12 | 04:26PM EST

Idol group members airport fashion


Big Bang's G-Dragon impresses Singapore's Fashion World

Fashion & Style 01.04.12 | 12:34PM EST

Idol group Big Bang member G-Dragon's fashion sense was acknowledged overseas in Singapore.


Lee Hyori "is this snake? I don't know what to do with this alligator bag"

Buzz 01.02.12 | 01:45PM EST

Lee Hyrie, upon receiving an alligator skin bag as a gift, has frustrated with worries.

goo hara

Goo Hara in Korean dress, sitting in a shopping cart

Buzz 01.01.12 | 06:28PM EST

Girl group member Goo Hara posted a photo of herself in Korean dress.


Rain selected as MTV's fashionista along with Justin Bieber

Buzz 01.01.12 | 02:45PM EST

Singer and actor Rain received the attention of the world as 2011 fashionista.

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