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Who is the best fashionista amongst idols?

Fashion & Style 01.07.12 | 07:29PM EST

An upcoming segment to determine the Idol's Be


Who wore it better? Jung Ryeo Won or Son Dam Bi?

Stars on TV / Movies 01.07.12 | 07:27PM EST

Actress Jung Ryeo Won and singer Son Dam Bi's fit in same dress is becoming an issue.

Wondergirls SoHee

Wondergirls SoHee and Kim JiWon, Same Outfit Different Feel

Stars on TV / Movies 01.07.12 | 06:26PM EST

So Hee of Wondergirls and Kim Ji Won from MBC 'Highkick' was found wearing the same outfit.


Super Junior & TVXQ airport fashion

Fashion & Style 01.06.12 | 04:26PM EST

Idol group members airport fashion


Big Bang's G-Dragon impresses Singapore's Fashion World

Fashion & Style 01.04.12 | 12:34PM EST

Idol group Big Bang member G-Dragon's fashion sense was acknowledged overseas in Singapore.


Lee Hyori "is this snake? I don't know what to do with this alligator bag"

Buzz 01.02.12 | 01:45PM EST

Lee Hyrie, upon receiving an alligator skin bag as a gift, has frustrated with worries.

goo hara

Goo Hara in Korean dress, sitting in a shopping cart

Buzz 01.01.12 | 06:28PM EST

Girl group member Goo Hara posted a photo of herself in Korean dress.


Rain selected as MTV's fashionista along with Justin Bieber

Buzz 01.01.12 | 02:45PM EST

Singer and actor Rain received the attention of the world as 2011 fashionista.


IU's cover photo for Japanese magazine 'captures the heart of Japan with innocent look'

Fashion & Style 12.30.11 | 04:27PM EST

An image of IU on Japanese magazine is becoming a hot issue.


Jun Ji Hyun's Boyfriend is revealed!

Fashion & Style 12.29.11 | 01:30PM EST

Actress Jun Ji Hyun's one year younger boyfriend Choi Jun Hyuk(30), is the center of netizens attention right now.

Dam Bi

Son Dam Bi's Sexy Leg Line And Suggestive Look

Fashion & Style 12.28.11 | 05:31PM EST

Son Dam Bi's Sexy Leg Line And Suggestive Look

idol girls

Soo Young and So Hee who wore it better?

Stars on TV / Movies 12.28.11 | 01:16PM EST

SNSD Soo Young and Wondergirls So Hee are becoming hot issues for showing off different appeals with the same piece of clothing.


2NE1 Park Bom Scolding The Manager At The Airport

Fashion & Style 12.27.11 | 08:28PM EST

2NE1 Park Bom Scolding The Manager At The Airport


BoA before and after make-up

Fashion & Style 12.27.11 | 01:14PM EST

BoA's before and after make-up pictures were revealed.


Hyo Min Reveals 'Three Shorties'

Fashion & Style 12.27.11 | 12:58PM EST

Hyo Min revealed a loving photo between her members.

first look

SNSD Hyo Yeon looking beautiful in backstage of MAMA

Fashion & Style 12.26.11 | 10:35PM EST

A special edition photo book of 2011 MAMA attendees was released.


The secret behind SNSD's white boots

Fashion & Style 12.26.11 | 10:25PM EST

SNSD's boots have been revealed, confirming the ridiculously slim size of their legs.


Wondergirls Yubin "alien girl from outerspace"

Fashion & Style 12.22.11 | 07:07AM EST

Girl group Wondergirls member Yoobin turned into a fourth dimensional young girl.


Hyo Yeon best dresser in SNSD in real life

Fashion & Style 12.22.11 | 05:25AM EST

Girl Group SNSD member Hyo Yeon's personal sense of style is catching the eye of many.


Seo In Young "wanted to be a designer growing up" perfect control over stage outfits.

Stars on TV / Movies 12.21.11 | 06:08AM EST

Singer Seo In Young revealed her wishes to become a designer growing up.


Seo In Young 'hurt by the materialistic girl image, I care about internal beauty also'

Stars on TV / Movies 12.21.11 | 06:02AM EST

Singer Seo In Young talked about her feelings towards the nickname 'materialistic girl'.

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