The Truth Behind BTS' Jimin And Red Velvet's Seulgi Relationship

The Truth Behind BTS' Jimin And Red Velvet's Seulgi Relationship

Celebrities 06.02.17 | 10:59AM EDT

BTS' Jimin and Red Velvet's Seulgi are on headlines today because they are reported to really be dating each other.

Song Joong Ki And Song Hye Kyo Breakup Rumors

Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo Dating: A Few Clues That May Have Hinted Song-Song Couple Split

Celebrities 06.01.17 | 06:44AM EDT

Song-Song couple is apparently heading to the splitsville after rumors about their breakup spread like wildfire lately. Song Hye Kyo was rumored to be jealous after Song Joong Ki was seen together with a mystery woman.

Bride of the Water God

WATCH: Nam Joo Hyuk & Shin Se Kyung Display Strong Chemistry In 'Bride Of The Water God' Teaser

Breaking News 06.01.17 | 06:35AM EDT

tVN has finally released the first trailer for its upcoming fantasy drama "Bride of the Water God." The short teaser is enough to depict the strong chemistry between lead stars Nam Joo Hyuk and Shin Se Kyung.

EXO Chen and Suho

EXO's Chen & Suho Perform Powerful Ballad For Chinese Film 'Beautiful Accident' OST

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 06.01.17 | 06:35AM EDT

EXO's Chen and Suho recently lent their voices for the single "Beautiful Accident", for the OST of the Chinese movie of the same title. Chen and Suho performed the Mandarin track and blended their voices perfectly for the song.

G-Dragon Solo Album Kwon Ji Yong

BIG BANG G-Dragon Has the Biggest Sponsor? Yang Hyun-suk Reveals Photos Of Singer's New MV On His Instagram

Breaking News 05.31.17 | 12:30PM EDT

There are just a few days left until BIG BANG leader G-Dragon unleashes his comeback solo album "Kwon Ji Yong," which is reportedly his most personal album to date. And it seems that the talented singer, songwriter, and rapper is being supported all the way by YG Entertainment boss Yang Hyun Suk himself.


We Won't See UEE In After School Any Longer, Contract With Pledis Entertainment Ends

Breaking News 05.31.17 | 12:14PM EDT

UEE has decided not to renew her exclusive contract with Pledis Entertainment and announced that she will be graduating from "After School" with the end of her contract. In a handwritten letter, she expressed her deepest feelings about her upcoming departure with her fans.

Lee Chayeon

Lee Chaeyeon Says Sorry For Rude Behavior At EXO Concert, Fans Unimpressed With Apology

Breaking News 05.31.17 | 12:26PM EDT

After being bombarded with negative comments about her behavior at the recently concluded EXO concert at the Jamsil Stadium, Lee Chayeon has apologized to netizens through a post on social media.

The Reason Behind Suzy Bae Missing Lee Min Ho So Badly

The Reason Behind Suzy Bae Missing Lee Min Ho So Badly

Celebrities 05.31.17 | 12:05PM EDT

Suzy Bae has just been reported to be missing her boyfriend, Lee Min Ho, so badly.

Song Joong Ki Rumored Dumping Song Hye Kyo For Other Woman

Song Joong Ki Rumored Dumping Song Hye Kyo For Other Woman

Celebrities 05.31.17 | 11:46AM EDT

Song Joong Ki has just been reported to have dumped Song Hye Kyo for another woman.

Why 'The Heirs 2' Replaced Lee Min Ho And Park Shin Hye As Cast

Why 'The Heirs 2' Replaced Lee Min Ho And Park Shin Hye As Cast

Celebrities 05.31.17 | 11:33AM EDT

"The Heirs 2" is reported to replace Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye as the main cast.

The Likelihood Of A Song Joong Ki And Song Hye Kyo Wedding

The Likelihood Of A Song Joong Ki And Song Hye Kyo Wedding

Celebrities 06.01.17 | 10:42AM EDT

Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo are the subjects of most of today's K-pop rumors. Now they are reported to be preparing for a wedding.

Song Joong Ki And Song Hye Kyo Breakup Rumors

The Truth Behind Song Joong Ki And Song Hye Kyo Breakup Rumors

Celebrities 05.31.17 | 11:49AM EDT

Song Joong Kia and Song Hye Kyo are once again rumored to have finally broken up with each other.

T-ARA What's My Name

T-ARA Teases Return In 'What's My Name' Poster

Breaking News 05.31.17 | 11:03AM EDT

They may be two members short but it doesn't mean that the remaining T-ARA members are going to deliver anything less than a stellar comeback. T-ARA members Qri, Hyomin, Eunjung, and Jiyeon have recently released the first teasers of their comeback album which bears the question "What's My Name?"

U-KISS Eli and wife

U-KISS Eli Will Sue Netizens Spreading Hate Against His Family, Agency Confirms

Breaking News 05.31.17 | 07:31AM EDT

U-KISS' Eli is taking a firm stance against netizens who are spreading hate and false rumors against his wife and child on social media sites. According to his management NH EMG, K-pop idol is willing to take legal action against online bashers if they step over the line.

Lee Min Ho & Suzy Bae

Suzy Bae Reeling From Break Up With Lee Min Ho Or Simply Missing 'Legend Of The Blue Sea' Actor?

Breaking News 05.31.17 | 07:31AM EDT

Was Suzy Bae's recent night out with her friends a sign that she's reeling from her reported split from her boyfriend Lee Min Ho or was it just a normal outing to take a break from her busy schedule? Fans were recently alarmed upon learning that the actress drank bottles of soju with her friends, fueling rumors of a split with the "Legend of the Blue Sea" actor.


Taeyang's Comeback Confirmed By YG After G-Dragon's Solo Release

Breaking News 05.31.17 | 07:34AM EDT

YG Entertainment has confirmed that BIG BANG's Taeyang will be releasing his solo album after G-Dragon released his "Act III: MOTTE" this month. YG boss Yang Hyun Suk made the official announcement on his Instagram account.

BTS Billboard Music Awards 2017

BTS Success Compared To 'The Beatles' Superstardom

Breaking News 05.30.17 | 09:14AM EDT

Billboard was one of the chief witnesses to BTS' rise to superstardom and it came as no surprise that experts from the prestigious music chart would air their take on the K-pop group's popularity. Pundits have compared BTS' appeal to the charisma of music legends The Beatles.


BTS Not Keen On Shifting To US Market, Says Korean Language Is How They Communicate Best

Breaking News 05.30.17 | 09:18AM EDT

While the door has blasted wide open for BTS to enter the US market with their Billboard Music Awards win for Top Social Artist, it seems that the Bangtan Boys are not keen on shifting their focus from their fans in Korea.

Korean actor Gong Yoo Elle Magazine October 2015 Photoshoot Interview

Gong Yoo's Interview With CNN's 'Talk Asia' Finally Aired, 'Goblin' Star Reveals Having No Plans of Becoming an Actor at All! [WATCH]

Celebrities 05.30.17 | 09:12AM EDT

Gong Yoo's interview with CNN's "Talk Asia" have finally aired, with the actor revealing he actually had no plans of becoming an actor.


PSY Reaches 10 Million Subscribers On Youtube!

Breaking News 05.30.17 | 09:20AM EDT

After being the first K-pop artist to reach 1 billion views on youtube for his smash hit "Gangnam Style" PSY has reached another milestone on the landmark. The YG artist has become the first Asian artist to reach 10 million subscribers on youtube.


SEVENTEEN Dubbed 'Most Innovatve K-pop Group' By Billboard; Will They Follow BTS' Footsteps?

Breaking News 05.30.17 | 09:14AM EDT

After BTS' win in the Billboard Music Awards for the Top Social Artist category, it seems that Billboard has developed a growing love for K-pop. SEVENTEEN recently reaped heaping praise from the chart's review of its comeback album "AI1" which Billboard dubbed as the most "innovative" K-pop group.

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