album cover for Azin's Développé album

K-Pop Beyond The Charts: Experience The Dreamlike Electropop Of Azin's 'If You Want' From Her New EP 'Développé' [VIDEO]

New Release 02.12.15 | 09:19PM EST

On Azin's single "If You Want" from her new EP "Développé," released on Tuesday, the South Korean singer harnesses the power of specific synth-pop innovations cherry-picked from throughout the history of the electropop genre.

screen shot from Zico's

Editor's Pick: Block B Rapper Zico Keeps It Jazzy On 'Well Done' Featuring Ja Mezz [VIDEO]

New Release 02.12.15 | 05:38PM EST

With an upright bassline that oozes out of your speakers, jazz-infused piano lines and even a sample of the opening line of the Grateful Dead classic Dark Star ("Dark Star crashes...") used as a hook, Zico's "Well Done" is just right.

still from 4Minute's

Review: 4Minute Return To Burning Your Dance Floor Down On 'Crazy' [VIDEO]

New Release 02.09.15 | 08:19PM EST

If you are the kind of person who likes their pop music pumped up to 11, 4Minute's new single "Crazy," released on Sunday, is your new jam.

Rayko Dig

K-Pop Crossover: Lolita Dark Frontwoman Rayko Discusses Her Love Of The South Korean Music Scene [EXCLUSIVE]

Buzz 02.09.15 | 03:19PM EST

The Japanese-born singer-songwriter Rayko Dig is a huge fan of K-pop.

The dance-rock diplomats of Rock 'N' Roll Radio.

Korean Rock Recall: Exploring The Dance-Rock Fusion Of Rock 'N' Roll Radio's 2013 Single 'Shut Up And Dance' [VIDEO]

Old K-Pop 02.06.15 | 05:23PM EST

On 2013's "Shut Up And Dance," Rock 'N' Roll Radio present a happy marriage between rock fury and dance energy.

Narsha of Brown Eyed Girls

K-Pop Throwback: Reliving The Elecro Bliss Of Brown Eyed Girls Singer Narsha's Appearance On Humming Urban Stereo's 'REFORM' EP [AUDIO]

Old K-Pop 02.05.15 | 09:51PM EST

Vocalist Narsha, from one of K-pop's more innovative acts, Brown Eyed Girls, proves to be the perfect compliment to Humming Urban Stereo's intoxicating retro synth landscape on "BULLSHIT."

album cover for the single

K-Pop Beyond The Charts: Chancey The Glow Recalls '90s Underground Hip-Hop On 'Come 15' Featuring Debi, Jay Moon, Nucksal [AUDIO]

New Release 02.05.15 | 07:53PM EST

It is exiting to see South Korean rapper Chancey The Glow channeling the classic 1990s era of rap innovation on the new single "Come 15" featuring guest appearances from rappers featuring Debi, Jay Moon and Nucksal.

24-year-old Moroccan fan Fadoua Rokne thinks that Super Junior stands apart from other groups.

Profile Of A K-Pop Fan: Why Super Junior Is Like 'No Other' For Moroccan College Student Fadoua Rokne

Endorsement 02.06.15 | 04:55PM EST

"You feel like they are real brothers who support and help one another," said 24-year-old K-pop fan Fadoua Rokne when asked about her love of Super Junior.

the album cover for Dana Hong's new EP

Review: Dana Hong Recreates The Classic 1990s Neo Soul Sound On 'Asura' [AUDIO]

New Release 02.02.15 | 07:35PM EST

With some truly top-notch electric piano playing and a hefty backbeat, "Asura," the title track off of R&B vocalist Dana Hong's new EP released on Monday, is one of the smoothest sounds currently coming out of South Korea.

single cover for KOHO'd

Editor's Pick: Vocalist KOHO Crafts An Enchanting Electro Landscape On 'As I Headed' Featuring Simahoy of Bad Joyscoutt [AUDIO]

New Release 01.30.15 | 05:56PM EST

There is nothing else out there that sounds quite like "As I Headed," the new single from South Korean R&B singer KOHO featuring rapper Simahoy of the group Bad Joyscoutt.

K-Pop Double-Take: HIGH4 Slows Down And Sets The Mood With Their Latest Single 'Day By Day'

New Release 02.05.15 | 08:17PM EST

HIGH4 takes a minimalist, laid back approach to "Day By Day," the follow up single to their upbeat debut EP "HIGH HIGH."


K-Pop Double-Take: After School's Lizzy Fuses Trot With Film Music On Her Innovative Debut Solo Single 'Not An Easy Girl' [VIDEO]

New Release 01.28.15 | 09:17PM EST

On her first single as a solo artist, "Not An Easy Girl," released on Thursday, Lizzy shows that she doesn't need her bandmates to turn out quality pop song.

video still from

Review: Gaeko And Yankie Keep The Party Going Till The Break Of Dawn On 'Cheers' Featuring Beenzino, Babylon [VIDEO]

New Release 01.26.15 | 08:05PM EST

"Cheers," the new collaboration between Yankie and Dynamic Duo rapper Gaeko, released on Thursday, is a song custom-made for the twilight hours of the club.


K-Pop Crossover: Korean-American Singer Jhameel Makes It Through 'American Idol' Auditions [EXCLUSIVE]

Hot Issues 01.28.15 | 12:36PM EST

Indie pop singer Jhameel talks about the pressures of moving into the competition phase of American Idol.


Editor's Pick: Brave Brothers Revisits Seo Taiji-Style 1990s K-Pop On 1PUNCH's 'Turn Me Back' From 'The Anthem' [AUDIO]

New Release 01.23.15 | 09:54PM EST

Seo Taji and Boys clearly in play on 1PUNCH's debut album "The Anthem," standout track "Turn Me Back," has a classic 1980s American R&B sound.

vocalist Cho Won Seon

K-Pop Beyond The Charts: Roller Coaster Vocalist Cho Won Seon Shows Shades Of Garbage, Luscious Jackson On Virgo's 'Baekchimi' [AUDIO]

New Release 01.22.15 | 10:08PM EST

Kicking off with a dirty Fender Rhodes electric piano and some locked-in live drumming, Virgo make it clear they are not playing by the rules on "Baekchimi."

The eclectic eccentrics of Coreyah.

K-Pop Beyond The Charts: Welcome To The Eclectically Wild World Of Coreyah's 2014 Track 'Born Wrong' [VIDEO]

Hidden Treasures 01.26.15 | 02:28PM EST

While Coreyah's energetic single "Born Wrong,is immediately engaging, it does not even begin to sum up Seoul-based band's potential.

16-year-old Amanjot Singh selects EXO and Ailee as her favorite K-pop artists.

Profile Of A K-Pop Fan: Why EXO Makes 16-Year-Old Canadian Amanjot Singh 'Growl'

Endorsement 01.26.15 | 03:37PM EST

“EXO has an amazing style of music that will just capture your heart,” says 16-year-old K-popper Amanjot Singh.

KARA in the 'Step

K-Pop Throwback: KARA Embody Everything Good About 1980s Electro On Their 2011 Hit 'Step' [VIDEO]

Old K-Pop 01.20.15 | 10:02AM EST

With a sound that would have been right at home in the Hollywood hot spots of the 1980s, the 2011 Kara single "Step" is an homage to everything that was great about the electronic dance music of the period.

K-Pop Double-Take: Korean Rapper Outsider Goes Head To Head With Twista On 'Star Warz' [VIDEO]

New Release 01.22.15 | 07:23PM EST

Fueled by a cinematic backing track, “Star Warz” is a dramatic showdown between two of the best fast rappers in the world.

Lovelyz in their signature schoolgirl uniforms

Postmodern Jukebox Singer Robyn Adele Anderson On Why She Loves Lovelyz's 'Goodnight Like Yesterday' [VIDEO]

New Release 01.22.15 | 08:02PM EST

If Mandy Moore were to be cast as the voice of the first Korean Disney princess, the Lovelyz song "Goodnight Like Yesterday" would be the song that she sings during the closing credits.

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