K-Pop Throwback: LONG:D Revel In The Fun Of Romance On 'Love Eventually Goes On' [VIDEO]

Old K-Pop 01.16.15 | 03:18PM EST

LONG D's single "Love Eventually Goes On" takes you through the journey of someone willing to do whatever it takes for the one they miss, but they do it in a way that's lighthearted and quirky.

ALi's album cover for

Review: ALi Channels Classic Soul Sound On Her Sexy New Single 'Goodbye Mr. Kim' Featuring LE Of EXID [AUDIO]

New Release 01.14.15 | 07:41PM EST

"Goodbye Mr. Kim," the new single by South Korean singer ALi featuring rapper LE of the K-pop girl group EXID, is a throwback to the golden soul age.

album cover for Sinzo’s ‘Surely’ featuring Hyobin

K-Pop Beyond The Charts: Prepare To Get Charmed By Sinzo's 'Surely' Featuring Hyobin [AUDIO]

New Release 01.12.15 | 08:12PM EST

Sinzo and Hyobin ooze charm and likability on "Surely" with a chemistry that is impossible to fake.


K-Pop Throwback: BTOB Bring The Big Beat On Last Year's Highly Overlooked 'Hello Melo' [AUDIO]

Old K-Pop 01.08.15 | 08:47PM EST

With a rhythm track that hits you right in your gut and some solid rapping, BTOB's "Hello Melo" was a song that deserved more attention than it got in 2014.

18-year-old K-pop fan Ghofrane Tabet shares about her love of 2PM and G-Dragon.

Profile Of A K-Pop Fan: 18-Year-Old Ghofrane Tabet Of Algeria Picks G-Dragon, 2PM As Her Favorite Acts

Endorsement 01.09.15 | 05:23PM EST

When asked about 2PM Tabet said, “I love them not just because they are the first K-pop group I got to know but also for their hard work and their spontaneous personalities."

Hello Venus performing on South Korean television

Review: Brave Brothers Continues To Innovate On The New Hello Venus Single 'Wiggle Wiggle' [AUDIO]

New Release 01.07.15 | 05:19PM EST

Brave Brothers's collaborations with Hello Venus, particularly on their previous single "Sticky Sticky" and now "Wiggle Wiggle," have been a highpoint among recent Hallyu releases.


K-Pop Crossover: Angelica Takes Time Out From Preparing Her Follow Up To 'Do I Love You' To Talk Hallyu [EXCLUSIVE]

Hot Issues 01.08.15 | 05:19PM EST

"It has a lively spark of energy that drives it, a very unique way of popping out," Angelica said, regarding the K-pop genre in general. "It makes a bold statement."


'Rhythm Is Life' From Dynamic Duo Rapper Gaeko Tops Our Editor's List Of The Top 10 Korean Hip-Hop Songs Of 2014

Old K-Pop 01.05.15 | 08:43PM EST

Though it was often overshadowed on the charts by the eye-catching flash and slick production of boy bands and girl groups, South Korean hip-hop had a great year in 2014.

Girls' Generation in the

Girls' Generation's 'Mr.Mr.' Ranks 1st Among Our Editor's Picks Of The Top 5 K-Pop Videos Of 2014

Trends 01.02.15 | 07:44PM EST

With revered US production team The Underdogs providing the firepower, Girls' Generation set a high water mark for music video in 2014 with "Mr.Mr."

John Paul Ouvrier

K-Pop Crossover: John Paul Ouvrier Of John Paul And Linda Is 'Blown Away By The Raw Talent' Of K-Pop Performers [EXCLUSIVE]

Buzz 12.30.14 | 06:32PM EST

In an exclusive interview with KpopStarz, actor-producer-composer John Paul Ouvrier about the need for Hallyu artists to become mainstream in America.


Editor's Pick: EXO Defy Controversy To Create The Best K-Pop Song Of 2014 With 'Overdose' [VIDEO]

Old K-Pop 12.29.14 | 08:51PM EST

With a beat that sounds like Timbaland in his prime and a darkly epic quality reminiscent of late-era Michael Jackson, "Overdose," released back in May, was the strongest K-pop single of 2014.


K-Pop Double-Take: Kiss & Cry Singer DIA Forgoes Repitition To Tell A Tale With Her Solo Debut Single 'Paradise' [VIDEO]

New Release 12.30.14 | 12:21PM EST

Instead of relying on repetition of a few simple ideas, Kiss & Cry singer DIA's debut solo single "Paradise" uses musical development to engage the listener.

South Korean solo artist NS Yoon-G

Review: Vocalist NS Yoon-G Teams Up With Rapper DinDin To Heat Things Up On 'Snowy Day' [AUDIO]

New Release 12.22.14 | 09:05PM EST

Singer NS Yoon-G's new wintertime single "Snowy Day" featuring rapper DinDin, has a crisp, hard-hitting beat and a certain sincere sweetness that makes you want to stop and enjoy the moment.

Dionysus, seen here hitting the slopes.

Korean Rock Recall: The Excess and Ecstasy Of Metal Band Dionysus's 1989 Instrumental 'Legend of Darkness' [AUDIO]

Old K-Pop 12.29.14 | 06:10PM EST

Dionysus may have been Korea's first neoclassical metal band and on "Legend of Darkness," they weren't afraid to shred.

album cover for Okasian's

Review: Korean Underground Rapper Okasian Creates A Dark, Mysterious Atmosphere On 'Get That Money' [AUDIO]

New Release 12.19.14 | 09:12PM EST

Okasian casts a spell on "Get That Money," reeling the listener in with a hypnotic hook and an addictive drum pattern, while leaving room for introspection.


Korean Rock Recall: Relive Metal Band Samchung's Punk Period On The 1999 Hardcore Track 'Crucified' [AUDIO]

Hidden Treasures 12.19.14 | 06:26PM EST

Before they went metal, Seoul band Samchung were making hardcore classics like 1999's "Crucified."

cover of Qwala's “Monsta Truck 2014” album

K-Pop Beyond The Charts: Qwala Of New Block Babyz Teems With 'Tude On 'Big Capital' Featuring 187, Donutman, Halley Stella [AUDIO]

New Release 12.18.14 | 09:00PM EST

Though all of the songs on his new album "Monsta Truck 2014" showcase Korean rapper Qwala's unique talents, it is "Big Capital" that is the clear standout track.

During his on-air conversation with Monday’s guest Seth Rogen, Colbert reminded the actor-writer about the perils of creating a film about assassinating Kim Jong Un.

K-Pop Crossover: Stephen Colbert Slips In Hallyu Reference During Seth Rogen Interview On 'Colbert Report' [VIDEO]

Breaking News 12.17.14 | 07:16PM EST

Stephen Colbert's eight-year tenure playing a conservative blowhard on "The Colbert Report" might be coming to an end on Friday, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have time for one last shout-out to the South Korean music scene.

Soul Dive

Review: Soul Dive Finally Find The Courage To Be As Smooth As They Want To Be On 'SIN' [VIDEO]

New Release 12.22.14 | 06:06PM EST

On "SIN," the title track from the new Soul Dive album, the rap trio allow their true smooth style to shine through completely.


Review: Korean Rapper J-Slow Mixes Electro Rap With 1980s Pop Saxophone And Somehow Makes It Work On 'Slow Motion' [VIDEO]

New Release 12.15.14 | 11:57PM EST

It is exciting to see South Korean rapper J-Slow bringing the saxophone into an electro hip-hop context on his new single "Slow Motion," released on Sunday.

still from Kanto's

Review: Kanto Of TROY Shows Off Distinctive Style On 'Before The Snow' Featuring As One [VIDEO]

New Release 12.12.14 | 10:05PM EST

Kanto carves out a highly distinctive niche for himself on "Before The Snow," with some help from the two-member K-pop girl group As One.

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