Green Club

K-Pop Beyond The Charts: Korean Rap Group Green Club Keep Things Light And Jazzy On Their Name-Dropping New Single 'Studio' [VIDEO]

New Release 12.02.15 | 05:57PM EST

On the single "Studio," released on Tuesday, Green Club embody both the playful experimentation and laidback attitude of 1940s beboppers. The result is one of the year's best tracks.

K-pop boy band B.I.G. in the

K-Pop Double Take: Boy Band B.I.G Take Funk Into The Future On Their Latest Single 'Taola' [VIDEO]

New Release 12.02.15 | 08:11PM EST

"Taola," the latest single from the K-pop quintet B.I.G, released Nov. 11 on G.H. Entertainment, is a funky and futuristic single, full of cutting edge sonic details and one monster groove.

cover of Psy's

Album Review: Psy Swings For The Fences On The '7th Album' His First Full-Length In Over 3 Years [AUDIO]

New Release 12.01.15 | 07:58PM EST

Instead, on his first full-length since July of 2012, the "7th Album," released Tuesday, Psy throws away the script and departs from the party atmosphere momentarily, in the interest of hammering home great hooks.

South Korean rapper MaseWonder

South Korean Rapper MaseWonder Opens Up About The Inspiration Behind His Debut Single 'Summer Night' [EXCLUSIVE]

Hot Issues 11.20.15 | 07:15PM EST

In a wide-ranging KpopStarz exclusive interview, MaseWonder discusses his debut single "Summer Nights," his process in the recording studio and why Kanye and Doja Cat are the greatest.

album cover for Risso's

Review: Risso Continues Her Inventive Run Of Electrofunk Releases On 'A Little Bit More' By Humming Urban Stereo's Z.LINN [AUDIO]

New Release 11.19.15 | 07:34PM EST

Written and produced by Humming Urban Stereo's Z.LINN "A Little Bit More," which came out Wednesday features the rich layers of vintage synthesizers and popping melodies that are the group's trademark.

Korean hip-hop wunderkind Shirosky.

K-Pop Beyond the Charts: Shirosky Combines The New School With The Old With 'Empyrean' [VIDEO]

New Release 11.25.15 | 03:18PM EST

On her latest single "Empyrean" released on Nov. 9. as part of her first full-length album, "La Lecture," hip-hop producer Shirosky showcases her knowledge of the rap game's past and present.

Choiza (left) and Gaeko in the

Review: Dynamic Duo Are As Silly As They Want To Bee On 'Jam' From The New Album 'Grand Carnival' [VIDEO]

New Release 11.17.15 | 03:53PM EST

In the video for their new single "Jam," from the album "Grand Carnival" released on Tuesday, Choiza and Gaeko of the South Korean hip-hop act Dynamic Duo look like they're having serious fun playing the fool.

album cover for Ven's

K-Pop Beyond The Charts: Ven Teams Up With Paloalto To Create The Soulfully Atmospheric Rap Single '6' [AUDIO]

New Release 11.16.15 | 06:13PM EST

"6," released Monday by Ven may be getting marketed as an R&B song, as it is his single, with the only rapping coming from Paloalto. Yet in both rhythmic feel and prominence in the mix, it's clearly a rap track.

Brown Eyed Girls in the

K-Pop Double Take: Brown Eyed Girls Go Disco On The Single 'Brave New World' [VIDEO]

New Release 11.17.15 | 05:05PM EST

On "Brave New World" the new single from Brown Eyed Girls from the album "Basic," released on Nov. 4, the South Korean girl group takes classic disco tropes and gives them a modern K-pop once-over.

album cover of VIXX's

Album Review: VIXX Crank Their Sound To The Limit On 2nd Full-Length Release 'Chained Up' [AUDIO]

New Release 11.17.15 | 04:27PM EST

Releasedon on Nov. 10, VIXX's "Chained Up" is an intense album that at times tests the sonic limits of K-pop while remaining melodic, anthemic and a little bit naughty throughout.

South Korean rapper Ja Mezz with his young co-stars of the music video for

K-Pop Throwback: Ja Mezz Continues To Get Great Results Mining Classic Hip-Hop Grooves On His 2014 Track 'Wanna Get (Oasis Pt.2)' [VIDEO]

Buzz 11.12.15 | 05:50PM EST

Released on Aug. 27 of last year, the Ja Mezz single "Wanna Get (Oasis Pt.2)" is a pastiche of some of hip-hop's greatest moments from the East Coast.

vocalist Dalchong (right) and rapper ?ASU of Cheeze

K-Pop Beyond The Charts: Drift Away With The Soothing Daydream That Is Cheeze's 'Now Say' Featuring Kirin [AUDIO]

New Release 11.10.15 | 06:37PM EST

"Now Say," the new single featuring Kirin released on Nov. 2 by South Korean R&B quartet Cheeze, is a sonic experience that makes the listener feel refreshed and replenished.

KARA in the

K-Pop Double Take: Solid Songwriting Makes KARA's 'Cupid' From The 'In Love' EP A Track Worth Remembering [VIDEO]

New Release 11.09.15 | 05:05PM EST

The compositional strength of KARA's "Cupid," released on May 26 on the EP "In Love," and the motivation of K-pop girl group to realize the writers' vision, makes the album's single worth taking another listen to.


Gain Of Brown Eyed Girls Recounts The Grueling Marathon Shoot For 'Brave New World': 'I Was Able To Keep Going With The Aid Of IVs!'

Issues 11.06.15 | 04:53PM EST

The demands of filming the "Brave New World" video (which premiered on YouTube on Thursday) reportedly forced Brown Eyed Girls singer Gain to receive her food intravenously.

Jay Park

Review: Jay Park Keeps A Foot In The Korean Hip-Hop Underground On 'Don't Try Me' Featuring Ugly Duck And Gray [AUDIO]

New Release 11.05.15 | 05:23PM EST

Released on Thursday, Jay Park's new single "Don't Try Me" featuring Ugly Duck And Gray is indicative of the hard-edged hip-hop indicative of the same subterranean scene that he rose out of.

f(x) 4 Walls teaser

Review: f(x) Pay Tribute To The Electronic Dance Music Legacy On '4 Walls' [VIDEO]

New Release 11.06.15 | 01:02PM EST

“4 Walls,” the title track from f(x)'s new album, is a catchy and bouncy dance pop stormer that takes many cues from not only 90s and early-2000s electronic dance music, but also the artists that were raised on it.

Solbi in the

Review: Solbi Keeps The Beat In Flux On Her Pulsing New Electro Track 'Wonderful As Always' [VIDEO]

New Release 11.02.15 | 06:04PM EST

There may be a thread holding the rhythm of "Wonderful As Always," the energized new single released Monday by Solbi, together, yet within that pulse the beat barely stops to catch its breath.

cover of f(x)'s

Review: Creative Shades Of '80s Pop Make f(x)'s 'Traveler' Featuring Zico Of Block B The Standout Track On '4 Walls' [AUDIO]

New Release 10.27.15 | 04:27PM EDT

It's unfortunate that "Traveler," from the f(x) album "4 Walls" released on Tuesday will be a featured single with an accompanying music video. But it's a pity, as it is a standout track with international appeal.

IU in the

Review: IU Gets Personal On The Single 'Twenty-Three' From Her New Album 'Chat-Shire' [VIDEO]

New Release 10.27.15 | 02:01PM EDT

Though "Twenty-Three," the leadoff single from IU's "Chat-Shire" released on Friday, may sound like a catchy piece of upbeat pop, the lyrics provide an introspective perspective into what it's like to be a young adult.

Giriboy and Shin Jisu in the “Back And Forth 30min” video

K-Pop Double Take: Giriboy Tackles The Awkward Aspects Of Dating On 'Back And Forth 30min' Featuring Shin Jisu [VIDEO]

New Release 10.26.15 | 02:19PM EDT

On the single "Back And Forth 30min" from his album "Sexual Perceptions," released on March 17, Giriboy and vocalist Shin Jisu portray the challenging aspects of dating in a light-hearted way.

Oh Hyuk and Code Kunst in the

K-Pop Beyond The Charts: Code Kunst Leads Hyukoh Singer Oh Hyuk And Dok2 Down A Different Musical Path On 'Parachute' [AUDIO]

New Release 10.22.15 | 06:34PM EDT

With a running time of nearly five minutes, South Korean musician and producer Code Kunst is clearly not aiming for mainstream pop stardom with his single "Parachute," released on Wednesday.

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