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South Korean rapper Lil Chan doesn’t need Auto-Tune to get the party started.

K-Pop Beyond The Charts: Rapper Lil Cham Demands Your Attention On 'All' Featuring Jijark [AUDIO]

New Release 05.22.14 | 07:19PM EDT

South Korean rapper Lil Cham doesn't need Auto-Tune to get the party started.

SmackSoft singer Whang Bo Ryung has released a new album of acoustic songs entitled

Review: SmackSoft Singer Whang Bo Ryung's Goes Acoustic On Her Solo EP 'As If Nothing Ever Happened' [VIDEO]

New Release 05.23.14 | 06:30PM EDT

Voices as raw and as real as Whang Bo Ryung aren't easy to come by.

Yang Dong Geun aka YDG

K-Hip-Hop Throwback: YDG Blends The East And The West On The Double Dragon-Produced 'Run' [AUDIO]

Hidden Treasures 04.24.14 | 06:25PM EDT

YDG's high caliber of guest stars on the track, including the rappers Tiger JK, Yoon Mi Rae and Bizzy, offer a stunning array of styles on what is a profoundly solid beat from legendary Korean hip-hop production team Double Dragon.

It is that Kang Min Hee's skill for keeping it simple that makes

Review: Miss S's Kang Min Hee And Kanto Steam Things Up On The Sultry Slow Jam 'Call Me Noona' [AUDIO]

New Release 04.22.14 | 09:13PM EDT

It is that Kang Min Hee's skill for keeping it simple that makes "Call Me Noona" just flat-out feel good to listen to.

Arden Cho

K-Pop Covers: Arden Cho Of MTV's 'Teen Wolf' Performs Top-Notch Version Of BEAST's 'Beautiful Night' [VIDEO]

Hidden Treasures 04.18.14 | 12:49PM EDT

Arden Cho's cover of "Beautiful Night" is a sweeter and more stripped-down version of the popular BEAST song.

With the new single

Review: Hanhae Of Phantom Packs A Funky Punch With His New Solo Outing 'Let's Quit' Featuring San E And C-Luv [AUDIO]

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 04.14.14 | 04:47PM EDT

With the new single "Let's Quit," Hanhae from the South Korean hip-hop trio Phantom proves to any doubters out there that he has what it takes to make it alone.

legendary South Korean singer Lee Moon Sae

Korean Classics: Lee Moon Sae's 'I Am A Happy Man' Is One For The Ages [AUDIO]

Hidden Treasures 04.08.14 | 06:13PM EDT

Fusing elements of classic 1960s American crooners like Johnny Mathis and the 1970s pop icons of his homeland like Cho Young Pil, "I Am A Happy Man," seems to come from another time, almost another world.

South Korean R&B singer Crush

K-Pop Double-Take: Crush Gets The Vibe Right On The Neo Soulful 'Sometimes' [VIDEO]

New Release 04.08.14 | 03:48PM EDT

"Sometimes" by Crush could be the feel-good song of the spring.

Kim Soo Chul

K-Pop Classic Albums: How Kim Soo Chul's 'The Flower That Could Not Blossom' Saved His Career [AUDIO]

Hidden Treasures 04.04.14 | 12:58PM EDT

Kim Soo Chul nearly quit music after releasing his first album "The Flower That Could Not Blossom" in 1983.

Roller Coaster

K-Pop Throwback: Why Roller Coaster's 1999 Single 'Come Closer' Can Still Get You Out Of Your Seat [VIDEO]

Hidden Treasures 04.03.14 | 09:17PM EDT

Roller Coaster knew that the best grooves are the ones your feel deep down, and not because your being bludgeoned by bass either.

With her first single in over a year, singer NS Yoon-G is swinging for the fences.

Review: NS Yoon-G Stirs Things Up With Her Bumping New Single 'Yasisi' [VIDEO]

New Release 04.02.14 | 10:41PM EDT

With her first single in over a year, singer NS Yoon-G is swinging for the fences.

Album cover via www.psychemusic.org

K-Pop Throwback: He6 Make A Big Sound On 'Running Man' [AUDIO]

Hidden Treasures 03.31.14 | 01:32PM EDT

Psychedelic jam-mongers He6 go big and go long with this nine-minute obelisk of funk.

NABI and Sean Lee album cover

K-Pop Beyond The Charts: NABI And Sean Lee Produce Soothing Synth Pop Sounds On 'Don't Know Y' [AUDIO]

New Release 03.26.14 | 09:14PM EDT

NABI, Sean Lee, the songwriters and the musicians on this track all show tremendous promise.

Still from

K-Pop Throwback: Swings Assembles Korean Hip-Hop Elites Beenzino, Gray And Zion T. For 'A Real Lady' [VIDEO]

Hidden Treasures 03.25.14 | 07:00PM EDT

Swings sure knows how to put together a winning team.

Album cover via www.psychemusic.org

Korean Classics: Kim Min Ki's 'Gijichon' Explores the Politics of Intimacy [AUDIO]

Hidden Treasures 03.21.14 | 02:58PM EDT

Folksinger Kim Min Ki, suppressed throughout his career, still succeeded in creating songs that spoke loudly while remaining quiet.

The BTS song

Editor's Pick: BTS's 'Jump' Is The Hidden Treasure On 'Skool Luv Affair' [AUDIO]

New Release 03.20.14 | 08:03PM EDT

The BTS song "Jump" is quite arguably the best moment off of their most recent album "Skool Love Affair," an inspired mash up of hip-hop through the ages.

Perhaps BoA's all-time funkiest jam is

K-Pop Throwback: BoA's 'The Top' Is A Dance Track That's Too Nasty To Forget [AUDIO]

Hidden Treasures 03.19.14 | 09:26PM EDT

Perhaps BoA's all-time funkiest jam is "The Top" from her 2012 album "Only One."

Seoul-based Korean-American rapper Snacky Chan

K-Pop Throwback: Why Snacky Chan's 'I Feel Sorry For Your Mother' Stands The Test Of Time [AUDIO]

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 03.18.14 | 04:14PM EDT

By making his lyrics specific and honest, without any glorification or posturing, Snacky Chan carves out new ground for himself here.


Review: Korean Heavy Metal Band Jambinai's Album 'Difference' Is A Wonderful, Weird World Of Sound [VIDEO]

Hidden Treasures 03.17.14 | 04:26PM EDT

Jambinai is one of the most interesting bands touring the world right now, combining heavy metal with traditional Korean instruments.

ILLAP's video for

Editor's Pick: Let ILLAP Take You On A Gravity-Defying Trip In Their New Music Video For 'Slot Machine' [VIDEO]

New Release 03.14.14 | 08:26PM EDT

ILLAP's video for "Slot Machine" is nothing short of remarkable.

courtesy of www.psychemusic.org

K-Pop Throwback: The Devils Bring The Drama With 'Bachelor Forty' [AUDIO]

Hidden Treasures 03.14.14 | 02:46PM EDT

The Devils, the band that inspired the film "Go Go 70s," summon psychedelic energies on this obscure gem.

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