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seo in gook eunji dating

Seo In Gook and A Pink's Agencies Clear Up The Dating Rumors Between SIG And Eunji

Buzz 07.20.12 | 02:32AM EDT

On July 19 both Seo in Gook and A Pink's agencies announced, "The two are simply close friends," denying any possibility of them dating.


HaHa Finally Makes A Decision Between Son Ye Jin And Girls' Generation(SNSD) Yoona

Hot Issues 07.19.12 | 02:39AM EDT

HaHa finally maked his decision as to who he should date through his online poll.


Singer Alex Makes A Public Apology For Driving Under The Influence

Interviews 07.19.12 | 02:34AM EDT

Singer Alex made a public apology for driving under the influence.


Singer Alex Caught Driving Under The Influence Of Alcohol "We Received A Report..."

Buzz 07.18.12 | 02:26AM EDT

Singer Alex has recently been caught by police for driving under the influence of alcohol.


An Imitation Group Of B1A4 Attracts Much Attention "They're Exactly The Same"

Buzz 07.18.12 | 02:20AM EDT

A B1A4 imitation male group has debuted in China, attracting much attention.

Idol Group MYNAME in Car Accident, 'No Major Injuries'

Idol Group MYNAME in Car Accident, 'No Major Injuries'

Hot Issues 07.17.12 | 02:46PM EDT

Idol group MYNAME was in a minor car accident.

sistar informal speech

SISTAR's Hyorin Clears Up Informal Speech Misunderstanding

Hot Issues 07.16.12 | 09:42PM EDT

SISTAR's Hyorin explains her "impolite" informal speech as a misunderstanding

park ji sung

Park Ji Sung's Father, "Ji Sung Doesn't Even Know Bae Doona, Marrying a Celebrity is Failing"

Interviews 07.16.12 | 08:02AM EDT

Park Ji Sung's father could not hold in his shock. On the 15th, Park Ji Sung's father, Park Sung Jong, revealed that the scandal of Park Ji Sung and Bae Doo Na going on an 'umbrella date' in London is false.

Park Ji Sung Bae Doo Na

Bae Doo Na and Park Ji Sung Together? Rumours Spread.

Hot Issues 07.14.12 | 03:58PM EDT

An anonymous poster claimed that they saw Park Ji Sung, 31, and actress Bae Doo Na, 33, together in London. They are both currently in London since Bae Doo Na is doing a photoshoot there. The poster claimed that they were sharing an umbrella and the poster was unable to get their autographs.


Jo Kwon Signs A Marriage Registration? "3 Years Ago With A Fan"

Stars on TV / Movies 07.14.12 | 06:11AM EDT

A record of marriage registration signed by Jo Kwon is becoming an issue.

Big Bang Flash Mob In Trouble

Japanese Version Of Big Bang's Song Used As A BGM For Japan Expo Flash Mob Raises Controversy

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 07.14.12 | 03:58AM EDT

A background music used for a flash mob in France is raising controversy.

Singer Wheesung Suffers From A Herniated Disk

Singer Wheesung Suffers From A Herniated Disk

Hot Issues 07.13.12 | 03:56PM EDT

Singer Wheesung recently underwent a herniated disk surgery

Kang Ho Dong Meets Up With PD Na Young Suk... When Is He Coming Back?

Kang Ho Dong Meets Up With PD Na Young Suk... When Is He Coming Back?

Breaking News 07.13.12 | 03:32PM EDT

It has been revealed that the entertainer Kang Ho Dong and KBS PD Na Yeong Suk met up recently, attracting much attention.


Girls' Generation (SNSD) Sets Record with 1 Million KakaoTalk Friends!

Breaking News 07.12.12 | 09:19AM EDT

Girls Generation's "Plus Friend" has exceeded over a million kakao talk users who are following their news.


Big Bang GD&TOP Warn Fans to Watch Out for Fraudulent Sites

Concert / Event 07.12.12 | 08:53AM EDT

Big Bang G-Dragon and TOP warn their fans to be careful for fraudulent sites.


Top 3 K-Pop Entertainment CEO's Business Methods?

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 07.11.12 | 08:36PM EDT

As the Hallyu Wave takes over, the music industry has changed.


Seo Taiji Fans Donate $10,000 to Single Mothers for His 20 Year Anniversary!

Hot Issues 07.10.12 | 02:29PM EDT

Seo Taiji fans are always doing good deeds.


JYJ Stalker Fan Installs CCTV in front of Yoochun's House

Hot Issues 07.10.12 | 01:52PM EDT

JYJ Yoochun's fans cross the border by installing a CCTV in front of his house.

kim hee chul

Super Junior Heechul Closes Down His Twitter After Warning Stalker Fans

Buzz 07.10.12 | 10:26AM EDT

Super Junior Heechul writes about his thoughts about sasaeng fans before closing his twitter account


Wasn't Snoop Dogg Fan of Girls' Generation(SNSD)?

Buzz 07.09.12 | 07:11PM EDT

Internet is buzzing after the news that American Hip Hop singer Snoop Dogg made a statement that belittled Girls' Generation.

JYJ Jaejoong Defends Actress Song Ji Hyo

JYJ Jaejoong Defends Actress Song Ji Hyo "She Weights About 3kg Less"

Buzz 07.09.12 | 06:09PM EDT

JYJ member Kim Jae Joong went out of his way defend Song Ji Hyo on the issue of her weight.

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