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Block B Ban Sparks Protest

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 01.27.12 | 09:29AM EST

Fans gather signatures to petition KBS to allow banned songs by Block B. Meanwhile the band holds an international showcase that sells out in less than a minute.

Choi Jun Hyuk

Jeon Ji Hyun's Boyfriend Revealed!

Hot Issues 01.27.12 | 03:18AM EST

A capture image of Choi Jun Hyuk, Jeon Ji Hyun's boyfriend, has been posted on an online community's forum.

Lee Teuk

Super Junior Lee Teuk Claims Lee Min Jung is Ideal Girl

Hot Issues 01.26.12 | 08:31PM EST

Lee Teuk Claims Lee Min Jung is Ideal Girl


T-ara So Youn Claims She has Bullied and has been Bullied Before

Hot Issues 01.26.12 | 08:16PM EST

So Youn Claims She has Bullied and has been Bullied Before

Yoochun JYP

JYJ's Yoochun Questioned, Not Facing Charges

Breaking News 01.26.12 | 09:45AM EST

JYJ Yoochun questioned by police officials.

Block B

KBS Bans Block B from Radio

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 01.26.12 | 09:35AM EST

KBS Banned two of the five songs on Block B's new album causing outrage among fans.

There's A Reason Why They Call Them The Wonder Girls

Breaking News 01.25.12 | 02:37PM EST

Can someone explain how America missed this and still wonders if kpop will work here?

Tiffany of Girls' Generation Wears Scandalous Outfit in Concert

Tiffany of Girls' Generation Wears Scandalous Outfit in Concert

Headlines 01.25.12 | 12:06PM EST

Tiffany shows support for her fellow band member Taeyeon in her performance of “Lady Marmalade".


T-ara'a Eunjung Breaks Kneecap

Breaking News 01.25.12 | 10:30AM EST

T-ara’s Eunjung slipped on ice outside of her dormitory braking her kneecap. Doctors will require her to wear a cast for six weeks.

Twitter Threat Sent To KARA's Park Gyuri-- She Responds With Dignity and Grace

Breaking News 01.25.12 | 09:45AM EST

Park Gyuri-- great job taking the high road.

Park Min Young, Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young to Have Broken Up

Hot Issues 01.24.12 | 10:59PM EST

‘City Hunter’ couple Park Min Young and Lee Min Ho announced their break up.

Sohee Seulong

JYP’s Idol Couple: Wonder Girls’ Sohee and 2AM’s Seulong

Hot Issues 01.24.12 | 09:18PM EST

Wonder Girls’ Sohee and 2AM’s Seulong is rumored to be dating, as both are from the same management company, JYP. Being in the same company allowed them to meet and become close to each other.

A Chinese is accused of plagiarizing popular Korean show

Chinese show, too similar to Running Man?

Stars on TV / Movies 01.24.12 | 05:50PM EST

A Chinese game show is accused of using ideas from popular SBS program "Running Man"


Cold Hard Facts: TVXQ Has A Lot To Overcome- Reunion Real Or Rumor?

Breaking News 01.24.12 | 11:20AM EST

Without confirmation, AVEX is toying with fans and quite possibly doing nothing more than churning the rumor mill.

RUMOR: Are Stars Jung Ryeo Won and Uhm Tae Woong Dating? New Picture!

Headlines 01.23.12 | 11:31PM EST

Yesterday the pair tweeted a [picture that got fans buzzing about the possible relationship.

Scary Skinny: IU, Yuri From Girls' Generation, and T-Ara's Hyomin Raise Concern From Recent Pictures

Headlines 01.23.12 | 05:56PM EST

These girls were skinny to start with. With a recent drop in pant size, the world is now wondering, has their weight loss gone too far?

Big Bang- Big Comeback- Dasung Shares His Thoughts On How Last Year Changed Him

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 01.23.12 | 04:24PM EST

Big Bang is coming back and these guys are for real this time.


Kara’s Gyuri 's soccer romance

Hot Issues 01.23.12 | 11:00AM EST

Kara's Gyuri leaves a video message for soccer player Kim Yong Jung


Did Wonder Girls' Yubin tie the knot??

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 01.23.12 | 09:28AM EST

Did Wonder Girls’ Yubin get married?!


Jo Kwon deletes the controversial post over Junsu's father's death

Buzz 01.22.12 | 12:41PM EST

2AM member Jo Kwon deleted the post that became an issue on his Twitter.


2PM Junsu Shares Thoughts on His Father’s Death

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 01.21.12 | 05:38PM EST

2PM's Junsu Tweeted sharing his feelings about his father’s death on January 19, “My beloved father has unexpectedly passed away. My heart hurts so much. Please pray for my father to be resting in a better place.”

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