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2PM Junsu

2PM Junsu's father passes away unexpectedly

Breaking News 01.19.12 | 09:54PM EST

2PM Junsu lost his father.

J.Y. Parks & Kim Shinill

Trial date set for J.Y. Park and Kim Shinil

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 01.19.12 | 04:24PM EST

Producer J.Y. Park (40) will be heading to court for accusations of plagiarizing a song written by composer Kim Shinil (40).

Seoul Music Awards

Super Junior Members Display Their Manner at the Seoul Music Awards

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 01.19.12 | 03:32PM EST

Super Junior members Eunhyuk and Shindong were spotted at the 21st annual Seoul Music Awards to help Baek Ji Young step forward on stage to receive her award.


SHINee World DVD secures #2 on Oricon

Breaking News 01.18.12 | 10:43PM EST

‘SHINee The First Concert in Japan- SHINEE WORLD’ DVD released on January 11 in Japan, sold a total of 29,000 copies within the first week of sales.

Jiyeon and Hyorin

Controversy: T-Ara And SISTAR Speak Out About Underage Working Hours

Stars on TV / Movies 01.18.12 | 10:59AM EST

Jiyeon and Hyorin introduce a new law to protect underage idols.

Lee Hyori

Lee Hyori vs… Cattle Farmers?

Breaking News 01.18.12 | 10:15AM EST

Lee Hyori sparks an international debate when she comments on the treatment of cattle in Korea.


4minute Announce Comeback This February

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 01.17.12 | 06:11PM EST

4minute group comeback was announced by Cube Entertainment on January 17.


Big Bang New Album Delay’s Girl Group Debut

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 01.17.12 | 05:42PM EST

YG Entertainment revealed to debut a new girl group earlier this year. There had been hints that the group would make their debut as early as January.

Nine Muses “News” Choreography Will Not Be Modified Any Further

Breaking News 01.17.12 | 02:02PM EST

Nine Muses has received heavy criticism for their new song “News” choreography for being too provocative.


Sistar Bora Claims "We All Live in the Nude"

Hot Issues 01.17.12 | 12:21PM EST

Sistar member Bora confessed that all the members of Sistar "walk around naked" at their residence.


Teen Top member CAP apologizes for his statement

Hot Issues 01.17.12 | 03:54AM EST

Group Teen Top member CAP apologized for his controversial statement.


Teen Top CAP is sexist??

Stars on TV / Movies 01.17.12 | 02:31AM EST

Teen Top member CAP is becoming an issue for making a sexist statement.

Nine Muses Criticized For ‘News’ Sexy Choreography

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 01.16.12 | 10:06PM EST

Girl Group Nine Muses dance move is being criticized for being ‘provocative.’

YG vs. JYP

Theft On Set: JYP Gets Robbed Of Lee Ha Yi By YG

Stars on TV / Movies 01.16.12 | 05:07PM EST

Two labels want one emerging artist. One wins.

Ayumi dissing Hwang Jung Eum? "your mouth isn't there to talk trash"

Buzz 01.12.12 | 03:58PM EST

Girl group Sugar ex member Ayumi posted a suggestive comment on her Twitter.

mc mong

MC Mong May Suffer From Suicidal Depression and an Anxiety Disorder

Hot Issues 01.11.12 | 03:31PM EST

Singer Kim JangHoon revealed that he sent MC Mong on a trip to the United States because he was worried that MC Mong was severely depressed.

Teen Top

Teen Top Explains that the Profanity Found in their Single 'Crazy' is Due to the Pronunciation

Hot Issues 01.10.12 | 01:33PM EST

Group Teen Top provides an explanation for the profanity scandal.

Dal Shabet

Dal Shabet Fan Assault and Rape B1A4 Fan? Police ‘False Rumors’

Headlines 01.08.12 | 09:20PM EST

As the fans of Dal Shabet girl group and B1A4 male group has increasingly faced conflict in the online community it has far spawned out of control to controversial false rumors.


Lee Hyori expresses her discomfort with a politician

Buzz 01.06.12 | 02:41PM EST

Singer Lee Hyori expressed her unhappy thoughts towards the comments made by politician Jeon Yuh Ok.

ri sae

Kwon Ri Sae Claims "Make Up and Weight Loss, Not Plastic Surgery"

Hot Issues 01.06.12 | 01:35PM EST

Rising star Kwon Ri Sae (20) defends herself to the rumors of plastic surgery.


Hwang JungEum Reveals the Real Reason She Quit Sugar

Hot Issues 01.06.12 | 01:21PM EST

Why did Hwang JungEum quit girl group Sugar?

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