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Sistar's Short Skirt Gets Controversial

Stars on TV / Movies 12.30.11 | 11:11PM EST

Sistar's Short Skirt Gets Controversial

tae yang

Big Bang Tae Yang "GD is a lifetime friend... Twitter posts were miscommunications"

Interviews 12.29.11 | 02:38PM EST

Big Bang member Tae Yang cleared the confusions around his Twitter posts.


Jun Ji Hyun's Boyfriend is revealed!

Fashion & Style 12.29.11 | 01:30PM EST

Actress Jun Ji Hyun's one year younger boyfriend Choi Jun Hyuk(30), is the center of netizens attention right now.

yoo in na

Yoo In Na denies the scandal with Son Ho Young herself

Stars on TV / Movies 12.28.11 | 02:58PM EST

Yoo In Na opened up about the scandal concerning herself and Son Ho Young.

Song Ji Eun

Secret Song Ji Eun "there are loners in the entertainment industy also"

Stars on TV / Movies 12.23.11 | 03:07AM EST

Song Ji Eun shocked everyone by admitting that there are Wangtta in the entertainment industry.

son ho young

Son Ho Young and Yoo In Na has been dating for a year!

Hot Issues 12.23.11 | 02:47AM EST

Singer Son Ho Young and actress Yoo In Na has been dating for a year already.


SNSD humiliated for incorrect Japanese pronounciation

Stars on TV / Movies 12.21.11 | 07:36PM EST

Ga In

Ga In, signs on her own "what will happen to BEG?"

Hot Issues 12.21.11 | 05:42PM EST

Brown Eyed Girls Ga In signed a contract for solo promotions with Loen Entertainment.


IU experiences a ghost, whispered 'I love you' in my ear 'scary'

Stars on TV / Movies 12.21.11 | 05:43AM EST

IU is becoming an issue for having seen ghosts in the past.


IU wide eyes since birth. "gets rid of rumored plastic surgery"

Hot Issues 12.20.11 | 04:39AM EST

IU with recent upgrade in her beauty has been suspected of 'plastic surgery' but those rumors have died down when she revealed the photo of her younger days.


Ali meets Na Young's father to give apology full of tears "she was a soft and clean child"

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.19.11 | 01:27AM EST

Tablo’s trial is delayed, what evidence did Tajinyo ask for?

Hot Issues 12.16.11 | 01:55PM EST

Tablo’s fourth trial is delayed once again

Sunye apologizes to a fan who opposed her open relationship "I'm sorry for hurting your feelings"

Buzz 12.15.11 | 05:22AM EST

Ali Makes Public Apology "I apologize to Nayoung and her family, all albums will be collected and discarded"

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.14.11 | 02:56PM EST

Ali publicly apologized to Nayoung and her family. Netizens responded to Ali's apology with, "Just like Ali said, the fact that the motive for the song was misconveyed was her fault", "If you had thought about the scar that Nayoung received, you would've thought twice about it", and "Even if the motive was good, the lyrics were definitely controversial. It's unfortunate."

Criticism of Ali's Comfort Song 'Nayoung-ee', "Listening to it is painful" Anger (Up)

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.14.11 | 10:13AM EST

Netizens are criticizing Ali's "Nayoung-ee". On December 13, Ali released her first full-length album 'SOUL-RI: Village With Soul' which contains the song "Nayoung-ee". This song is causing much debate due to its lyrics, which rekindle the true account of the child Nayoung, a victim of sexual abuse.

Sung Shi Kyung

'Strong Heart' Sung Shi Kyung drunken kiss with a top actress "it probably reaked of alcohol smell" apologizes

Stars on TV / Movies 12.13.11 | 05:40AM EST

Lee Jong Suk

Lee Jong Suk at making remarks with ulterior motive to Krystal, Netizen says "They are going to get close through fighting"

Stars on TV / Movies 12.11.11 | 07:31AM EST

[PhotoEn] T-ara Ji Yeon, "Flower boys dance is so attractive"

Stars on TV / Movies 12.11.11 | 07:18AM EST

SBS E! 'T-ara's Flowerboys' open filming has taken place in Seoul Mapogu Hongdae Club Mansion on December 11th 6:30 PM.


SoHee "Sunye, her name of effection with her boyfriend on video call is 'honey~'"

Interviews 12.10.11 | 03:35PM EST

Hyo Yeon and Jessica almost fight

Hyo Yeon and Jessica "We almost fought because of harsh words"

Interviews 12.10.11 | 06:52AM EST

Park Eun Ji

Park Eun Ji With Shocking Hairdo and Makeup Is Almost Scary

Hot Issues 12.08.11 | 07:05PM EST

Park Eun Ji participating Beuty Expo

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