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TWICE's Jungyeon's Older Sister Revealed, Shares 'Clone' Features

TWICE's Jungyeon's Older Sister Revealed, Shares 'Clone' Features

Celebrities 05.12.17 | 03:01PM EDT

TWICE's Jungyeon has been revealed to have an older sister that looks just like her.

Gong Yoo & Lee Dong Wook

Gong Yoo & Lee Dong Wook News: Gong Yoo Credits Success Of 'Goblin' To Real Life Relationship With Co-Star

Breaking News 05.12.17 | 02:35PM EDT

Baeksang Art Awards Best Actor Gong Yoo is crediting the success of his recent hit drama "Goblin" to his real life relationship with his co-star Lee Dong Wook.

The True Price of Justin's 'Produce 101' Outfit Unveiled, Netizens In Shock

The True Price of Justin's 'Produce 101' Outfit Unveiled, Netizens In Shock

Celebrities 05.12.17 | 03:10PM EDT

Justin has just shown off how luxurious he is during one of "Produce 101"'s episode.

How Taeyeon And Wiz Khalifa's 'See You Again' Collaboration Went Through

How Taeyeon And Wiz Khalifa's 'See You Again' Collaboration Went Through

Celebrities 05.12.17 | 02:57PM EDT

Taeyeon and Wiz Khalifa has just planned out a collaboration with each other. Continue to read on to know how it went out.

Everything to Know About 'Seven Day Queen' Love Triangle Between Jung Jeon Joseon, Yeon San Gun And Dang Yeong

Everything to Know About 'Seven Day Queen' Love Triangle Between Jung Jeon Joseon, Yeon San Gun And Dang Yeong

Celebrities 05.12.17 | 02:49PM EDT

The upcoming drama series, "Seven Day Queen", has just released its newest teaser.

Park Bo Young

Park Bo Young Said There’s No Way She Would Date Park Hyung Sik: “Oh My Ghostess” Star Wants Park Hyung Sik To Confess?

Celebrities 05.12.17 | 02:16PM EDT

Park Bo Young describes her ideal type of guy during an interview, which sorts of resemble Park Hyung Sik's personality. While she said there's no way she would end up with Hyungsik, fans are convinced the pair actually like each other.

Soyul & Moon Hae Joon

Crayon Pop’s Soyul Pregnant: Moon Hae Jun Responds To Negative Reactions About Soyul’s Pregnancy

Celebrities 05.12.17 | 02:12PM EDT

Moon Hae Jun opened up about the recent negativity he and Soyul have to face following their pregnancy announcement.

Sulli and Kim Min Jun

Photo From 2015 Reveals Sulli, Choiza & Kim Min Jun Were Close Friends

Celebrities 05.12.17 | 02:08PM EDT

Another evidence comes to light to further proof that Kim Min Jun might be the reason why Sulli and Choiza broke up.


Sulli Revealed To Be Dating Non-Celeb Brand Director Kim Min Joon For 2 Months!

Celebrities 05.12.17 | 01:28PM EDT

Singer/model Sulli has been dating non-celebrity and brand director Kim Min Joon for 2 months already.


BTS 'Blood Sweat & Tears' Japanese Version Tops Oricon, ITunes Charts In 13 Countries

Breaking News 05.12.17 | 12:05PM EDT

With its bid to take over the world, K-pop superstar group BTS is now making waves in Japan after the release of the Japanese version of their 2016 hit "Blood, Sweat, and Tears." The single has conquered the ORICON chart for two straight days and sold over 200,000 copies of the single.

Sulli and Kim Min Jun

Choiza Shades Sulli, New Boyfriend Via Cryptic Instagram Post

Breaking News 05.12.17 | 11:49AM EDT

A lot of buzz is now surrounding a recent post by Dynamic Duo rapper Choiza on his Instagram. The post, made in the wake of the announcement that his ex-girlfriend is now dating brand direction Kim Min Jun seems to be implying that Sulli had been cheating on him while they were still dating.

Gong Yoo

Gong Yoo Seeks Review Of Working Conditions For K-Drama Filming Crew, Says Excessive Working Hours Need To Be Addressed

Drama 05.12.17 | 11:43AM EDT

Gong Yoo is putting his newfound celebrity to good use by speaking up about the working conditions of filming crews for Korean dramas and highlighting the plight of the sector. The "Goblin" actor made the statement during a recent fan meeting held in Hong Kong.

Gong Yoo

Gong Yoo Is A Vision In Pink Bottega Veneta At Hong Kong Fan Meeting

Breaking News 05.12.17 | 11:47AM EDT

Gong Yoo did not need to do anything in his Hong Kong fan meeting but stand on stage to make his fans' hearts flutter but the "Goblin" did one better when he showed up in stylish outfits that would put magazine models to shame. The thousands of fans who attended the event at the sold out AsiaWorld-Expo were not disappointed.

BTS Jimin

Why Is Jimin Called BTS' 'Fan Recruiting Fairy'?

Breaking News 05.12.17 | 02:40PM EDT

K-pop superstars BTS may be reaping rewards left and right in various parts of the world but things could have been so different if Big Hit Entertainment did not include Jimin as the final member the group. Fans are now raving about Jimin being the fan recruiting fairy that draws in a lot of BTS followers because of his charms.

Seven idols with unique solo concepts.

Seven Idols Who Had Unique Solo Concepts

Headlines 05.12.17 | 12:06PM EDT

Among idols who did solo, seven of them had unique concepts. Take a look at the list here!

DJ Bonics left a message on his Instagram to Taeyeon's fans.

DJ Bonics Left A Message On His Instagram For Taeyeon's Fans With Hate Comments

Headlines 05.12.17 | 09:30AM EDT

DJ Bonics just released the collaboration of Wiz Khalifa and Taeyeon but he got many hate comments from Taeyeon's fans. Then, he left a message on hi Instagram to explain his situation.

NU'EST old album recently reached top 15 on Hanteo Chart.

NU'EST's Old Albums Reached Top 15 On Hanteo Chart Because Of Their Appearance On 'Produce 101'

Headlines 05.12.17 | 09:09AM EDT

NU'EST's old albums reached top 15 on Hanteo Chart. People believe that it is because of their appearance on "Produce 101" season two.


DAY6's 'Dance Dance' Topped iTunes Charts In 14 Different Countries

Headlines 05.12.17 | 03:16PM EDT

DAY6 just released "Dance Dance" as part of "EveryDAY6 May" project. Soon after the release, the song topped iTunes charts in 14 different countries.

IU's bodyguard recently got attention after his pictures went viral.

IU's Bodyguard Recently Got Some Attention After His Pictures Went Viral

Headlines 05.11.17 | 03:35PM EDT

IU's bodyguard recently got attention for being there with IU for six years. Check it out here!

Sulli and Choiza

Netizens React Negatively To Sulli & Kim Min Jun Dating News, Accuse Sulli Of Cheating

Breaking News 05.11.17 | 01:44PM EDT

Following the confirmation that former f(x) member Sulli is dating brand director Kim Min Jun, netizens are setting social media afire with their reactions to the relationship. Unfortunately, not everyone is happy about the news.

Secret's Hyosung Reveals Trimmed Body In See-Through Outfit

Secret's Hyosung Reveals Trimmed Body In See-Through Outfit

Celebrities 05.11.17 | 01:00PM EDT

Secret's Hyosung has just shown off her slim and trimmed down body with her revealing see-through outfit.

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