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SHINee Featured in Britain’s Magazine ‘Bliss’

Interviews 03.07.12 | 08:00AM EST

‘Bliss’ a monthly British magazine aimed at teenage girls published an article in their latest issue featuring SHINee for an interview that was from last year’s opening gala of the Korean Film Festival.

'K-Pop Star' Kim Na Yoon Receives Harsh Criticism

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 03.06.12 | 07:47PM EST

The original artist of the song "I don't have a problem" harshly criticized Kim Na Yoon of K-Pop Star

Miss A Suzy "JYP Entertainment Taught Me Sex Education"

Interviews 03.06.12 | 07:13PM EST

Miss A's Min and Suzy appeared on an episode of "Strong Heart" and revealed the pros and cons of JYP Entertainment

Se7en Talks About The YG Entertainment's Pros and Cons

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 03.06.12 | 07:05PM EST

On an episode of "Strong Heart" Se7en spoke about the YG Entertainment building

Miss A Min's Hilarious Halloween Story!

Interviews 03.06.12 | 06:55PM EST

Min of the girl group Miss A shared her hilarious Halloween story on an episode of "Strong Heart"

Girls Generation Seo Hyun "SNSD Girls Made Me A Big Bowl of Mixed Drinks"

Interviews 03.06.12 | 06:43PM EST

Seo Hyun reveals her experience drinking alcohol.

'Strong Heart' Miss A:

'Strong Heart' Miss A: "We love triangle KimBap"

Stars on TV / Movies 03.06.12 | 02:56PM EST

In SBS 'Strong Heart' aired on the 6th, Suzy and Min both revealed their love for triangle KimBap.

Kim SooHyun's Ideal Girl: Kaya Scodelario

Kim SooHyun's 'Ideal Girl': Kaya Scodelario

Interviews 03.06.12 | 02:43PM EST

In a recent interview, Kim SooHyun had answered "Kaya Scodelario". Since then, he has been revealing that his ideal girl is "Kaya Scodelario". Kaya Scodelario is a mixed-Brazilian, currently buying much for her dreamy attractiveness.


Impressive Career of Rookie Group Member with SNSD, T-ara, and More

Stars on TV / Movies 03.05.12 | 09:13AM EST

SPICA's member Bo Ah has sparked interest due to her impressive background.


Big Bang's Rival Shinhwa?

Interviews 03.05.12 | 08:58AM EST

Shinhwa members pointed out Big Bang as their rivals, that they kept a close eye on the group. Eric stated that he's also a big fan of Big Bang.

Kim SooHyun:

Kim SooHyun: "Dated 9 Times"

Interviews 03.04.12 | 11:09AM EST

Actor Kim SooHyun honestly confessed that he has dated 9 times before.

Jang Woo Hyuk Will Form 2nd Generation of H.O.T.!

Jang Woo Hyuk Will Form 2nd Generation of H.O.T.!

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 03.03.12 | 10:49PM EST

Singer Jang Woo Hyuk will help to create an idol group that will resemble the legendary group H.O.T.

'The Moon that Embraces the Sun' Kim Soo Hyun Interview

'The Moon that Embraces the Sun' Kim Soo Hyun Reveals Secrets About The Kiss Scene With Han Ga In!

Interviews 03.03.12 | 10:36PM EST

Actor Kim Soo Hyun revealed his thoughts about the kiss scene with Han Ga In

'Dream High 2' Kang So Ra Chooses JB Over Jung Jin Woon

'Dream High 2' Kang So Ra Betrays Jun Jin Woon and Chooses JB!

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 03.03.12 | 07:10PM EST

Actress Kang So Ra of 'Dream High 2' revealed who she liked better between Jung Jin Woon and JB.

Suzy, 'Couple Phone with Kim Soo Hyun':

Suzy, 'Couple Phone with Kim Soo Hyun': "That was just part of the script"

Interviews 03.03.12 | 02:30PM EST

Miss A Suzy clarified her claim about wanting couple phones with Kim Soo Hyun.

Big Bang Press Conference

Big Bang Press Conference: We are Sorry to have Disappointed you, This is Our New Beginning

Interviews 03.02.12 | 10:27PM EST

Big Bang had a press conference with the start of their world tour 2012.


Suzy admits "I want to have couple cell phones with Kim Soo Hyun"

Stars on TV / Movies 03.02.12 | 08:39PM EST

Miss A Suzy admitted she wanted to have matching couple phones with Kim Soo Yeon.

'Sketchbook' John Park:

'Sketchbook' John Park "I'm so happy to be working as a singer"

Interviews 03.02.12 | 02:59PM EST

John Park revealed his feelings about officially working as a singer.

Wonder Girls - Wonder Land

Most Beautiful Endless Challenge - Wonder Girls

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 03.02.12 | 11:15AM EST

Our activities are not finished yet. We think it's too early to measure the failure or success. We know that some estimate us as lower than their expectation of success, but we are still running. Our challenge didn't end yet.


Arrogant Idol? I Feel Hurt Sometimes: f(x) Krystal Interview

Interviews 03.01.12 | 11:17PM EST

At a recent interview, Krystal talks about her feeling about being called arrogant and also her experiecne in acting the role of An Sujeong in MBC's sitcom High Kick 3.

Idol Version of

Idol Version of "The Moon that Embrace the Sun" Who Would Play Who?

Stars on TV / Movies 03.01.12 | 09:01PM EST

Which idol stars would be chosen to play the roles from The Moon that Embraces the Sun?

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