Lee SeungGi:

Lee SeungGi "Song JoongKi & Kim SooHyun's King Acting Doesn't Help"

Interviews 02.19.12 | 05:30AM EST

Actor and singer Lee SeungGi revealed that the king acting of Song JoongKi and Kim SooHyun don't help at all.

Han Ga In

Han Ga In "Nothing is Pretty Except My Iris"

Interviews 02.19.12 | 12:35AM EST

Actress Han Ga In expressed how she felt about her beauty.

"SNSD and A Pink Are The Most Popular" - Lee Jun Ki

Interviews 02.18.12 | 11:58PM EST

Lee Jun Ki has completed his service in the Korean military.

Lyn Only Eats One Meal A Day!

Lyn Only Eats One Meal a Day!

Headlines 02.18.12 | 11:19PM EST

To maintain her weight, Lyn only eats one meal a day.

Han GaIn on Her Looks: 'It Would Be Faster to Find What I Like'

Han GaIn on Her Looks: 'It Would Be Faster to Find What I Like'

Interviews 02.18.12 | 01:43PM EST

Actress Han GaIn talked about her complex of her face.

Joo Won:

JooWon, "What's Lovable about Uee? Everything!"

Interviews 02.18.12 | 01:14PM EST

JooWon revealed when Uee of Afterschool looks the most lovable.

Na PD:

Na PD: "SeungGi is the Well-Off Child, MC Mong is the Sore Finger"

Interviews 02.18.12 | 01:00PM EST

As 1 Night 2 Days will be coming to an end on the 26th, Na PD picked Kang HoDong and MC Mong as the members that are lingering on his mind the most.

SNSD Associated Press Interview Gets Record Hits!

SNSD AP Interview Gets Records Hits!

Headlines 02.16.12 | 09:21PM EST

SNSD interview by the Associated Press.

Brown Eyed Girls MiRyo:

Brown Eyed Girls MiRyo: "Singing? I'm Not Good"

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 02.15.12 | 11:01AM EST

MiRyo honestly replied that she is not good at singing when she was asked of her musical skills.

Sunny From SNSD Talks About Her New TV Show

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 02.14.12 | 03:28PM EST

IU, F.T. Island, MBLAQ, Block B, Jung Yup, Rainbow, Dalshabet, Lim Jeonghee and Sunny Hill are some of the guests on the new show.

Big Bang Making A Bang On TV!

Breaking News 02.14.12 | 11:17AM EST

Commercials, a Navier app, and a whole new image. Welcome back Big Bang.

NEW REALITY SHOW: Kpop Stars To Run Entertainment Company

Breaking News 02.13.12 | 03:10PM EST

MTV Korea is ready to let pop stars run the show!

B.A.P. Wants To Perform “I Remember” With B2ST

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 02.13.12 | 02:18PM EST

Sure it can be done without BEAST but they should take the stage together.


Thunder speaks of his sister Sandara Park "I'm going to pick her husband myself"

Interviews 02.13.12 | 02:45AM EST

Thunder of Mblaq spoke of his sister.


Lee Joon admits "My nickname was Lego because of my excessive muscles"

Interviews 02.13.12 | 02:40AM EST

Mblaq member Lee Joon admitted that his nickname was 'Lego'.


Mir opens up "My brother in law is the head of the company, but Rain never spoiled me"

Stars on TV / Movies 02.13.12 | 02:23AM EST

Mir opened up about why he got scolded more than the other members.


Sexual assault with fans scandal Christ Golightly calls for press conference

Interviews 02.10.12 | 03:16PM EST

Christ expressed his thought on the sexual assault scandal about him.

Park JaeBum

Park JaeBum Interview "My Music Has Zero Appeal to Popularity?"

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 02.09.12 | 09:56PM EST

Jay Park interview.

Teen Top

Teen Top Makes Shinhwa's Andy Cry

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 02.08.12 | 03:49AM EST

Teen Top won first place on Music Bank and Inkigayo and Andy shed a tear of enjoy.

Yang Hyunsuk

YG Yang Hyunsuk, Dasung's Solo Album will be Out First

Interviews 02.07.12 | 09:45PM EST

Yang Hyunsuk, the CEO of YG Entertainment remembers the last year the most painful year of his life but talks about his future plan to support the Big Bang members

Kang Seungyun

Imagine SNSD singing 2NE1 songs? YG's New Faces

Interviews 02.07.12 | 08:42PM EST

The YG president Yang Hyngsuk talks about his plans about the new groups that will debut pretty soon.

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