Restaurent owner "So Hee and Im Seul Ong didn't give off the vibe of a couple"

Stars on TV / Movies 01.30.12 | 09:45PM EST

The dinner atmosphere of So Hee and Im Seul Ong was witnessed.

"We Got Married": Taeyeon and JungHyungDon

Interviews 01.28.12 | 06:41PM EST

Taeyeon reveals her thoughts on her "past marriage" with comedian Junghyungdon.


T-ara Sohyun: "Presidents should keep promises"

Stars on TV / Movies 01.28.12 | 06:24PM EST

T-ara's Sohyun explains what a good president should be like.

Minho back

Minho: “Shinee, recharged to rock your world”

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 01.28.12 | 05:12PM EST

Shinee's Minho tipped off about Shinee's comeback.


T-ara complains "We haven't had a day of vacation since debut"

Interviews 01.28.12 | 02:29AM EST

Group T-ara made a public complaint about their killer schedules.

Never Before Seen Footage- On The Set With The Wonder Girls

Breaking News 01.27.12 | 04:24PM EST

This video was released less than an hour ago!r

The Moon That Embraces The Sun: Watch Episode Seven With English Subtitles AND INTERVIEW

Interviews 01.27.12 | 03:25PM EST

Check out the 7th episode and exclusive interview with Im Siwan(ZE:A).

Newsweek Deems 2NE1 and Aziatix Newsworthy In America And Japan

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 01.27.12 | 09:56AM EST

Both countries featured the pop idols and praised them in a way only Newsweek can.

Best Kpop Song Of All Time?

Breaking News 01.25.12 | 12:46PM EST

OK-- It's your turn to let the stars know who's top notch.


IU DEBUT: Pro Tips from KARA’s Nicole for Japan Performance

Headlines 01.25.12 | 11:26AM EST

IU gets advice from KARA singer Nicole and speaks on her Japan debut.

Wonder Girls

US Invasion: "The Wonder Girls" Premieres In A Big Way

Headlines 01.24.12 | 03:55PM EST

Well it's about time.

BEAST Has A Big Year Planned—New Album and Tour

Breaking News 01.23.12 | 11:59AM EST

Super kpop boy band Beast has a beast of a year planned. Fans- GET EXCITED!!


T-ara's Battle of 'Prettiest Bare Face"

Interviews 01.19.12 | 06:53PM EST

Girl group T-ara showed off their bare faces as a group.


Will K-pop music work out in US?

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 01.15.12 | 10:34PM EST

Video interview focus on how will Korean idol girl group will show off their talents in US music market.


Lee Hyori comments on being called 'upright celebrity'

Stars on TV / Movies 01.14.12 | 09:49PM EST

Lee Hyori revealed the pressure of being called 'morally upright celebrity'.


Suzy on filming kiss scene with Lee Jae Hoon "it was a good memory"

Interviews 01.12.12 | 03:33PM EST

Miss A Suzy(18) who wil be making her on screen debut through movie 'Construction Theory' opened up about her kiss scene with partner actor Lee Jae Hoon(28).


Miss A's Suzy "My Favorite Facial Feature Is My Nose

Interviews 01.12.12 | 01:32PM EST

Suzy from the girl group Miss A revealed that her favorite facial feature is her nose.


Dal Shabet "Our Role Models are Lee Hyori and 2NE1"

Interviews 01.09.12 | 03:19PM EST

Girl group Dal Shabet picked Lee Hyori and 2NE1 as their role models.


Ju Won and Uee couple close even off camera

Stars on TV / Movies 01.04.12 | 03:49PM EST

'Ohjakyo Brothers' Ju Won and Uee couple showed off their close relationship even off filming set.

B2ST Yang Yoseop Twitter profile pic

Yang Yoseop of B2ST, "I am a generous person"

Interviews 01.04.12 | 01:35PM EST

Yang Yoseop posted a new profile picture.


Wax and Son Dam Bi participating in 'Light and Shadow' OST

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 01.03.12 | 02:47PM EST

Singers Wax and Son Dam Bi are receiving a lot of anticipation for their participation in 'Light and Shadow' OST.

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