Taeyeon is the leader of the phenomenal K-pop group Girls’ Generation.

Girls Generation’s Taeyeon on Battling Depression: ‘I’m working hard to get better’

Issues 06.21.19 | 03:40PM EDT

News of K-pop idols suffering from depression isn’t a new story. And mustering bravery to openly talk about it, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon took to her Instagram account her current mental health condition.


South Korean Music Website Melon is Being Investigated for Embezzlement

Issues 06.24.19 | 03:42PM EDT

Investigators are currently scrutinizing South Korea's largest music streaming site Melon after it was alleged to have embezzled millions of dollars in royalties. Reports stated that the firm has stolen huge chunks of royalty fees from copyright holders through a ghost music company called LS Music, which was established around 2009 to 2011.


AKMU's Lee Chan Hyuk Reveals TWICE Gave Him Strength While He was Serving the Country

Issues 06.21.19 | 03:31PM EDT

Not long after his release from the mandatory military service, Akdong Musician's Lee Chan Hyuk graced the SBS show "Night of Real Entertainment" to talk about his life while serving the country.


Kim Jennie and the Hate She Gets

Issues 06.08.19 | 11:43AM EDT

Despite being so loved in Korea, considering how she topped the Brand Reputation Rankings for female idols for five months in a row, Kim Jennie still gets most of the hate out of the quartet of the hot K-pop girl group, BLACKPINK.


Body Shaming in Korea and How it Affects Everybody's Standard of Beauty

Issues 06.07.19 | 10:30AM EDT

One should never be judged by how he or she looks, regardless of who you are, where you are, and what you do. It's sad how body shaming is one of the most problematic cultures in Korea that until now, we can't overcome. Aside from the constant pressure, not only from their agency but from fans as well, if you can still call them that.


Red Velvet, a LGBT community favorite!

Issues 06.05.19 | 10:07AM EDT

Pride month is fast approaching. In line with this, many K-pop idols are now the subject of LGBT community. Particularly, one Korean girl group who has been a favorite of the queer community is a subject of many hot topics circulating Korean news outlets.

Yoon Seobin

Yoon Seobin's Ignominous Past

Issues 05.10.19 | 11:16AM EDT

Everybody made a mistake during their childhood days but it is harder for those aspiring idols especially that the management are using them as a good role model to other people.

Choi Sooyoung is one of the members of K-pop girl group SNSD.

SNSD’s Sooyoung Signs an Exclusive Contract with Saram Entertainment

Issues 05.08.19 | 11:34AM EDT

Choi Sooyoung of SNSD has recently signed an exclusive contract with Saram Entertainment. With her new agency, the singer-actress is hoping to further improve her acting skills and expand her horizons.

Jang Je-yeon's Case

The Case of Jang Ja Yeon

Issues 05.01.19 | 03:01PM EDT

It has been 10 years after the death of a South Korean actress, Jang Je-yeon. People wanted to re-open the case and investigate again and further this time about what really happened to the late actress. She deserves the justice that was not given to her 10 years ago.

190426 PARK YOO CHUN has been arrested

Park Yoo-chun Drug Scandal

Issues 04.29.19 | 11:43PM EDT

SEOUL - K-pop singer Park Yoo-chun has long denied that he supplied drugs to former fiancee Hwang Ha-na and said that he never took drugs.

Wanna One

Wanna One, 'Star Live' broadcast controversy

Issues 03.19.18 | 10:22PM EDT

Group Wanna One has been disputed in the star-live broadcast on the comeback day. In a relatively short period of time, it has extinguished through fan cafes, but the reaction of fans is still cold.


G-Dragon Wrapped up in another Plagiarism Controversy?

Scandals 07.01.17 | 12:35PM EDT

G-Dragon Wrapped up in another Plagiarism Controversy?


Fans Discover that Red Velvet's Comeback Teaser Photo is Made of Stock Photos

Issues 06.30.17 | 08:43AM EDT

Fans Discover that Red Velvet's Comeback Teaser Photo is Made of Stock Photos

Lee Minho during the press conference

Lee Minho Wins Law Suit Against Cosmetics Company

Issues 06.28.17 | 02:31AM EDT

Lee Minho Wins Law Suit Against Cosmetics Company

VIXX At The Metro Toronto Convention Centre

VIXX Gets Plagiarized for the 6th Time This Year?

Scandals 06.22.17 | 10:36AM EDT

VIXX Gets Plagiarized for the 6th Time This Year?


20 Facts That You Need to Know About HOTSHOT

Trends 06.20.17 | 07:47PM EDT

20 Facts That You Need to Know About HOTSHOT

G-Dragon Solo Album Kwon Ji Yong

G-Dragon Hits Back At Gaon Chart For 'Kwon Ji Yong' USB Issue, Says Company Is Missing The Point Of Making Music

Breaking News 06.16.17 | 03:29PM EDT

Amid the debate on whether G-Dragon's massively successful "Kwon Ji Yong" should be counted an an album even though it was released in USB form, the BIGBANG leader used his Instagram to speak up about the issue in a very personal message. He also took a dig at Gaon Chart for refusing to accept his album as a legitimate release and questioned the basis on which the company made its judgement.

Kwon Ji Yong USB

Gaon Chart Maintains G-Dragon's 'Kwon Ji Yong' Is Not An Album! Fans Are Outraged

Breaking News 06.17.17 | 10:34AM EDT

Gan Chart is Korean is refusing to accept "Kwon Ji Yong" as an album and the decision is expected to shake things up for the K-pop scene.

T.O.P is unconscious and is in ICU for drug overdose.

BIGBANG's T.O.P is Still Unconscious in ICU, Caused by Sedative Drug Overdose

Issues 06.06.17 | 02:13PM EDT

T.O.P was found unconscious and now in ICU for a drug overdose. His mother is by his side in a hospital. Check it out!

Jia confessed dating a celebrity for two years while promoting for Miss A.

Jia Confessed She Dated A Celebrity For Two Years While Promoting For Miss A

Issues 06.06.17 | 01:37PM EDT

In the interview of Jia's new song, she revealed that she once dated a celebrity for two years while she was still promoting for Miss A. Check it out!

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