MBLAQ Makes A Comeback As A Trio Group ‘M3LAQ’ And Stirs A Diss Controversy

Issues 06.11.15 | 02:39PM EDT

MBLAQ made a comeback as a trio and stirred a diss controversy

Kris and Luhan

SM Entertainment Reportedly Objects To Compulsory Mediation With Luhan And Kris Even As Both Idols Accept

Issues 06.05.15 | 07:52AM EDT

SM Entertainment has filed objections to the compulsory mediation prescribed by the Seoul Central District Court in its lawsuit against the two former EXO members.

EXO Tao Exodus

Tao Not Introduced As Member Of EXO At Chinese Mobile Game Endorsement Event

Scandals 06.03.15 | 11:37PM EDT

After SM Entertainment confirmed that Tao would not be joining EXO in their "Love Me Right" promotions, it was announced that he would instead be attending a solo promotional event for a new Chinese Mobile Game endorsement.

Lee Joon

Former MBLAQ Member Lee Joon Reacts To Group's Comeback As Trio

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 05.29.15 | 10:17AM EDT

The ex-member sent well wishes to his former group band mates.

Big Bang on

Taeyang And G-Dragon Of Big Bang Recall The Time Starvation Drove Them To Break Into Their Manager's Room In Search Of Food

Issues 05.22.15 | 10:46PM EDT

Apparently, the members of Big Bang were once pretty hungry for success.

EXO's Lay

EXO's Lay Pushes Through With Fan Event Despite Worsening Waist Injury

Issues 05.20.15 | 08:46AM EDT

Despite aggravating a previous injury to his waist, Lay still met with 150 fans on May 19.

Yuna Kim Reveals Life After Figure Skating As Main Rival Mao Asada Announces Comeback

Yuna Kim Reveals Life After Figure Skating As Rival Mao Asada Announces Comeback

Issues 05.19.15 | 02:12PM EDT

The rivalry between South Korean figure skater Yuna Kim and Japan's Mao Asada has dominated the sport for years. But while most observers expected them to retire after Sochi, one has chosen to step back into the rink.

f(x) Basking Robbins CF

f(x) Members Appear In Latest Baskin Robbins Commercial Sans Sulli

Endorsement 05.19.15 | 08:02AM EDT

The f(x) foursome had a carefree summer party while eating various flavors of Baskin Robbins ice cream in the new advertisement for Baskin Robbins stores in South Korea.

Ladies' Code RiSe

Ladies' Code Member RiSe Laid To Rest

Accidents 05.17.15 | 04:07PM EDT

The idol, who passed away in a tragic road accident, was buried at her father's grave.


G-Dragon Explains The Meaning Behind Big Bang Single 'Loser': 'People Who Stand Under The Spotlight Are Just Human Beings'

Issues 05.15.15 | 05:38PM EDT

Though some fans may doubt it, Big Bang rapper G-Dragon wants you to know that he and the rest of his band are not supernatural beings, but actually just people.


Clara Suspected Of Blackmailing Polaris Entertainment CEO

Scandals 05.16.15 | 12:03PM EDT

The Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office summoned Clara as part of an official inquiry on a blackmailing charge against her.

Red Velvet Nylon May 2015

SM Entertainment Apologizes For Aggressive Interaction Between Red Velvet Manager And Fans

Issues 05.14.15 | 01:02PM EDT

The agency said they were sorry and promises such a reaction from managers will not happen again.

EXO Tao Exodus

Reports Of EXO's Tao Putting His Car In Korea Up For Sale Fuel Continuing Rumors Of His Departure From The Group

Issues 05.14.15 | 09:30AM EDT

The dealer noted that the original owner of the white Maserati Granturismo Sport 4.7 MC was a famous idol.


B.A.P Members Reportedly Meet With CJ E&M, But No Exclusive Contract Signed

Hot Issues 05.14.15 | 10:59AM EDT

Despite rumors suggesting otherwise, officials with CJ E&M denied that the group will resume their music activities under the company.

Yoon Mirae To Sue Sony For Illegally Playing 'Pay Day' During 'The Interview'

Sony And Yoon Mi Rae Reach Settlement Over Unlicensed Song Usage In 'The Interview'

Issues 05.17.15 | 01:17PM EDT

The Korean singer's song appeared in the highly controversial movie without her expressed permission.

Nam Tae Hyun

Fan Club Sues Malicious Online Commenters On Behalf Of Winner's Nam Tae Hyun

Trends 05.12.15 | 10:03AM EDT

Fans collected hateful comments, submitted the compilation and paid the filing fees to the police for investigation.

Kim Hyun Joong denied recent miscarriage and prior abuse acclaims.

Kim Hyun Joong Denies Ex-Girlfriend's Miscarriage And Prior Abuse Claims

Scandals 05.11.15 | 09:50AM EDT

Kim Hyun Joong paid more than $500,000 to his ex-girlfriend, in a 2014 settlement. He issued an official statement addressing recent claims from his ex-girlfriend.


EXO's Tao Heads To California Seeking Treatment For Injured Leg, And To Study?

Scandals 05.08.15 | 05:54PM EDT

Recent reports from Chinese media outlets document Tao landing in Los Angeles, apparently for treatment of his injured leg, but perhaps also to continue academic studies while on break from activities with EXO.

Kim Hyun Joong at the Press Conference of New Drama 'Inspiring Generation'

Kim Hyun Joong’s Lawyer States There Will Be No Settlement In Lawsuit With Singer's Ex-Girlfriend

Scandals 05.07.15 | 01:15PM EDT

Kim Hyun Joong’s lawyer commented on the recent $1.48 million damage lawsuit brought on by the star's pregnant ex-girlfriend.

shin hae chul passes away

Investigation Continues In Korean Rock Star Shin Hae Chul's Death Case

Hot Issues 05.07.15 | 10:08AM EDT

A source from the late Shin Hae Chul’s side commented on the ongoing investigation on May 6th.

Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong's Ex-Girlfriend Reportedly Files Slander Lawsuit Against Online Gossipers

Hot Issues 05.06.15 | 09:23AM EDT

She is said to have named more than 100 online commenters in the suit for spreading hateful comments.

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