Jung Yong Hwa

FTISLAND Fans Upset By FNC Entertainment CEO's Comparison Of Lead Singer Lee Hongki And CNBLUE Frontman Yong Hwa

Hot Issues 02.11.15 | 07:38AM EST

Han Seong Ho and Jung Yong Hwa appeared on "Radio Star" and a comment picked up traction among FTISLAND fans.

Kris and Luhan

SM Entertainment Moves To Block Former EXO Members Kris And Luhan's Chinese Activities

Breaking News 02.05.15 | 09:27AM EST

The entertainment agency is seeking damages in Shanghai courts against both former EXO members.

Taeyang is one of the first major K-pop acts to perform in Malaysia after B1A4's scandal in January 2015.

Taeyang's Upcoming Malaysian Concert Draws Criticism From Islamic Groups

Issues 02.03.15 | 09:08AM EST

Taeyang will be one of the first major K-pop artists to perform in Malaysia since B1A4's controversial concert.

Jo Jung Suk and Gummy

Actor Jo Jung Suk And Singer Gummy Confirm That They Are Dating

Issues 02.02.15 | 11:58AM EST

Actor Jo Jung Seok and singer Gummy have both confirmed that they are in a relationship.

Jessica Jung with PR manager Real Ting

Has Jessica Jung Left SM Entertainment? Post On Former Girls' Generation Singer's Weibo Page Causes Avalanche Of Speculation

Breaking News 01.29.15 | 02:54PM EST

A statement posted to the official account of Jessica's Chinese fan club allegedly came from the singer's PR manager Real Ting claiming her contract with SM Entertainment has been terminated.

Ladies Code

Prosecution Reportedly Demands Longer Prison Sentence For Ladies' Code Manager

Hot Issues 01.28.15 | 05:06AM EST

The manager was driving the vehicle the night of the fatal accident that killed two members of the K-pop girl group.


Star Empire Apologizes To W.Korea For Nine Muses ‘Drama’ Pictorial Controversy

Hot Issues 01.17.15 | 05:48PM EST

The Nine Muses album pictorial found to be copied without permission from fashion magazine W. Korea

Bobby Kim

Korean Air Unsure Of Disciplinary Action Towards Ticketing Official For Bobby Kim Incident

Scandals 01.16.15 | 12:57PM EST

Airline Korean Air not certain on the fate of ticketing official who issued the wrong ticket to Bobby Kim.

Lee Ji Yeon's parents clarify and protest regarding their daughter actions against Lee Byung Hun.

GLAM's Dahee & Model Lee Ji Yeon Sentenced To Prison In Lee Byung Hun Blackmail Case

Breaking News 01.15.15 | 12:29PM EST

The two are said to have tried to blackmail actor Lee Byung Hun for over $4 million USD.

Korean R&B singer and rapper Bobby Kim

Bobby Kim May Be Charged With Criminal Offense, Korean Air Forced To Pay Fine For Violating Law

Hot Issues 01.16.15 | 01:09PM EST

The singer allegedly got intoxicated and sexually harassed a female flight attendant.

EXO Coming Soon

VM Production Claims EXO's 'Coming Soon' Video Teaser Is Not Plagiarized

Scandals 01.16.15 | 12:49PM EST

SM and EXO's teaser video's production company fight back against accusations of plaigarism


Former EXO Member Kris Asked About Latest Member To Leave The Group, Luhan

Press Conference 01.17.15 | 03:28PM EST

The ex-EXO rapper was visibly caught off guard during a recent press conference when his former group mate was brought up.

JYJ Junsu

JYJ Member Junsu To Countersue Contractors For Defamation & Fraud

Hot Issues 01.14.15 | 08:35PM EST

Junsu of JYJ falls victim to a possibly fraudulent case and fights back.

H.O.T Lee Jae Won

H.O.T's Lee Jae Won Revealed To Have Battled Thyroid Cancer Last Year

Hot Issues 01.12.15 | 04:19PM EST

The legendary idol group had been rumored to be making a comeback.

bobby kim korean air issue

Korean Air, "We Made A Mistake In Ticketing Bobby Kim's Plane Ticket"

Issues 01.10.15 | 12:09AM EST

Singer Bobby Kim revealed that he felt "uncomfortable with the seating problems" and Korean Air said, "There were mistakes in the ticketing process."

Yuna Kim promoting the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics.

Yuna Kim Promotes 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics As 2015 Begins [VIDEO]

Issues 01.01.15 | 02:00PM EST

Former Olympic figure skating champion Yuna Kim may have hung up her skates, but she's still working hard as one of Korea's most famous athletic icons.

Jessica Jung

Casio Edits Out Jessica From Girls' Generation Glam Baby-G Pictorial

Issues 12.31.14 | 11:29AM EST

Although the original photoshoot included Jessica Jung, Casio has unveiled its latest pictorial featuring Girls' Generation's remaining eight members.

After School’s Jooyeon will graduate to pursue an acting career.

After School's Jooyeon Issues Statement Addressing Her Graduation From The Group

Hot Issues 12.31.14 | 04:36PM EST

Jooyeon officially announced her graduation from After School.

exo kris joining chinese media

Former EXO Member Kris Takes Another Acting Gig In China

Issues 12.31.14 | 04:40PM EST

This is the fourth film that the former EXO member has been tied to since leaving the group.

Former Girls’ Generation Member Jessica Reportedly To Make A U.S. Debut With The Help Of Jermaine Jackson

Former Girls’ Generation Member Jessica Reportedly To Make U.S. Debut With The Help Of Jermaine Jackson

Issues 12.28.14 | 10:41PM EST

Former Girls’ Generation member Jessica Jung has a high chance of making a U.S. debut.

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