South Korea’s Portrayal of North Korea Isn’t A Comedy So Stop Laughing at ‘The Interview’ [Blog]

South Korea's Portrayal Of North Korea Isn't A Comedy So Stop Laughing At 'The Interview' [Blog]

Issues 01.17.15 | 03:15PM EST

"The Interview" isn't really a representation of South Korea's complex relationship with North Korea, but there are some films and TV shows that do.

After School’s Jooyeon will graduate to pursue an acting career.

After School’s Jooyeon Reportedly Plans To Leave The Group In January To Pursue Acting

Issues 12.22.14 | 11:46AM EST

After School member Jooyeon will be leaving the group to pursue her acting career.

jessica denies hong kong rumor

Jessica Denies Rumor Of Living With Tyler Kwon "I Live With My Family In Korea"

Scandals 12.22.14 | 03:47AM EST

Jessica denied the rumor from a Hong Kong media that she is living with Tyler Kwon.

During his on-air conversation with Monday’s guest Seth Rogen, Colbert reminded the actor-writer about the perils of creating a film about assassinating Kim Jong Un.

K-Pop Crossover: Stephen Colbert Slips In Hallyu Reference During Seth Rogen Interview On 'Colbert Report' [VIDEO]

Breaking News 12.17.14 | 07:16PM EST

Stephen Colbert's eight-year tenure playing a conservative blowhard on "The Colbert Report" might be coming to an end on Friday, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have time for one last shout-out to the South Korean music scene.

Block B's U-Kwon

Block B's U-Kwon Deletes His Instagram Account Due To Harrassment From Fans About His Girlfriend

Trends 12.17.14 | 09:39AM EST

Block B's U-Kwon deleted his Instagram account due to harassment from his girlfriend Jun Sunhye.

singer Park Hyo Shin

Jellyfish Entertainment Representative Speaks On Behalf Of Park Hyo Shin

Hot Issues 12.17.14 | 02:36AM EST

Park Hyo Shin's, former agency filed a lawsuit against him for evasion of debt collectors by fraud. The lawsuit was recently accepted by high court.

San E

Accusations Of San E’s Impolite Behavior Lead To Considerations Of Legal Action By Brand New Music

Hot Issues 12.13.14 | 11:58PM EST

Hip-hop singer San E was accused of impolite behavior towards festival staff members through a posting online.

Lee Min Ho

'Gangnam Blues' Director Yoo Ha Admits Not Wanting Lee Min Ho In Cast, Thought Actor Was 'A Bit Cheesy' In 'Boys Over Flowers'

Press Conference 12.12.14 | 08:19PM EST

Fans of actor Lee Min Ho, looking to forward to his new film "Gangnam Blues," (literal translation "Gangnam 1970"), apparently have director Yoo Ha's wife to thank.


SM Entertainment Reportedly Takes Legal Action Against Chinese Cosmetics Company For Unauthorized Use Of Former EXO Member Luhan's Pictures

Endorsement 12.12.14 | 11:20AM EST

Two photos from Luhan's days as a member of EXO were used for a Chinese cosmetics company advertisement.

Although fan wars are common in K-pop, the same rules may not apply to K-pop artists themselves.

Fans Praise Friendly Interaction Between EXO, Winner And iKON Members At MAMA 2014

Trends 12.11.14 | 12:49PM EST

Although the concept of "fan wars" is common in K-pop, the 2014 MAMA Awards shows that the same may not apply to K-pop artists themselves.

According to Diplo's recent Snapchat video, 2NE1's CL is not only cool; she's cool like Dr. Pepper.

K-Pop Crossover: Alleged Diplo Track Emerges On Reddit Featuring Rapper Some Fans Believe Is CL Of 2NE1 [VIDEO]

Issues 12.10.14 | 12:43PM EST

According to Diplo's recent Snapchat video, 2NE1's CL is not only cool, she's "cool like Dr. Pepper."


JYP Entertainment Denies Claims Of Wonder Girl Sunye Leaving K-Pop

Breaking News 12.10.14 | 09:51AM EST

Sunye was reported to have confirmed her departure from the group to an English-language paper, but JYP has denied these rumors.


2NE1 Scheduled To Appear Without Park Bom At SBS's Year-End Show

Concert / Event 12.10.14 | 09:29AM EST

Despite earlier reports that 2NE1 would not appear at year-end award shows, 2NE1 will attend but without Park Bom.

exo tao heart-fluttering message to fans

Chinese Reports Of Two More EXO Member Departures Fuel Disbandment Rumors

Breaking News 12.10.14 | 09:44AM EST

Chinese media sources are now reporting that Tao and a Korean member will leave EXO in 2015 citing insider information. SM Entertainment and the group members have yet to comment.


SM Entertainment Reportedly Does Not Reach Agreement With Former EXO Member Kris During Second Court Mediation

Hot Issues 12.12.14 | 11:44AM EST

The singer and the record label will appear in mediation for the third time next year.

The f(x) song 'Rum Pum Pum Pum' has been used for a teen pregnancy ad without the authorization of SM Entertainment.

SM Entertainment Reportedly Considers Legal Action Against Philippine Government For Unauthorized Use Of f(x) Song

Hot Issues 12.10.14 | 08:42AM EST

The Philippines Department of Health allegedly used the f(x) song “Rum Pum Pum Pum” in a PSA, without SM Entertainment's permission.

Super Junior's Siwon Attends Helianthus Collaboration Promotion Event

Super Junior Siwon Criticized By Muslim Fans For Allegedly UsingThe Prophet Mohammad's Name On Social Media

Scandals 12.08.14 | 08:19AM EST

The picture shows Super Junior member Kangin dressed as boxer Mohammad Ali, but the reference may have been lost on some Muslim fans.

b.a.p lawsuit against ts entertainment

TS Entertainment Addresses B.A.P Contract Rumors With Point-By-Point Rebuttal On Facebook

Scandals 12.05.14 | 10:46AM EST

The entertainment agency published a statement that addressed slave contract and unfair treatment concerns.

EXO snubs Andy Lau at MAMA 2014?

Chinese Tabloid Sina Chastises EXO For Rude Behavior Toward Andy Lau At MAMA 2014

Scandals 12.05.14 | 09:14AM EST

Sina criticizes EXO's behavior toward senior Andy Lau during the presentation the "Album of the Year" award at the Mnet Asian Music Awards in Hong Kong.

Lee Hyori & Lee Sang Soon Record OST At Their Newlywed Home In Jeju Island

Lee Hyori & Husband Lee Sang Soon To Perform Together At Animal Rights Event

Concert / Event 12.05.14 | 10:13AM EST

Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon will be performing together for an animal rights event and other celebrities will be donating to the event.

'Eat Your Kimchi' Hosts Tackle The Controversial Topics Of 'Slave' Contracts And Break-Even Points

Scandals 12.04.14 | 12:53PM EST

With members of EXO and B.A.P reportedly involved in lawsuits against their record labels, the issue of "slave" contracts has again become a central issue in Korean entertainment coverage.

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