Sulli Finishes The Photoshoot For The Movie

Sulli Finishes The Photo Shoot For The Movie "Fashion King"

Movies 08.24.14 | 01:46AM EDT

Girl group f(x) member Sulli completed her photoshoot with the movie, "Fashion King."

'Mourning Grave' Reaches 20,000 Hits In Mongolia

'Mourning Grave' Reaches 20,000 Viewers In Mongolia

Movies 08.22.14 | 10:31AM EDT

The movie, "Mourning Grave" is making records after being released.

'Battle Of Myeongnyang' Director Says He Was Introduced To Choi Min Sik By Director Yoon Jong Bin

Movies 08.21.14 | 09:07AM EDT

The director of "Battle of Myeongnyang" Kim Han Min said he was introduced to Choi Min Sik by director Yoon Jong Bin.

Soohyun Gets Casted For Another Hollywood Movie, 'Equals'

Actress Kim Soohyun Lands Another Hollywood Movie Role In ‘Equals’

Movies 08.30.14 | 12:11PM EDT

Actress Soohyun was casted for the hollywood movie 'Equals.

Battle Of Myeongnyang' Reaches 15 Million Viewers In 21 Days

'Battle Of Myeongnyang' Reaches 15 Million Viewers In 21 Days

Movies 08.20.14 | 07:23AM EDT

The movie "Battle of Myeongnyang" is now at 15 million viewers.

Moon Sori And Watanabe Ken Decided As The Hosts Of The 19th Busan International Film Festival

Moon Sori And Ken Watanabe Decided As The Hosts Of The 19th Busan International Film Festival

Movies 08.20.14 | 07:44AM EDT

Actress Moon Sori and actor Ken Watanabe have been decided as the hosts of the 19th annual Busan International Film Festival (BIFF).

sea fog 1 million views

'Sea Fog' Starring JYJ Yoochun Breaks 1 Million Ticket Sales Within 6 Days Of Release

Movies 08.18.14 | 11:58PM EDT

The movie "Sea Fog" hit 1 million views within 6 days of release.

tazza rated R

Director Jang Hyung Chul, "'Tazza 2' Is Thanksgiving Entertainment For Adults"

Movies 08.18.14 | 11:59PM EDT

The movie "Tazza: The High Rollers 2" starring Big Bang's T.O.P is expected to be a hit over the Korean Thanksgiving weekend

Battle Of Myeongnyang' Hits North America Theatres

'Battle Of Myeongnyang' Hits North America Theaters

Movies 08.17.14 | 03:32AM EDT

The movie, "Battle of Myeongnyang" will release in North America.

Pirates' Attracts 300,000 Viewers

'Pirates' Attracts 300,000 Viewers

Movies 08.17.14 | 03:33AM EDT

The movie "Pirates" has attracted over 300,000 viewers with the advantage of Korean Independence Day weekend.

'Tazza 2' Gets Rated R, 'Will It Work For Lunar New Years?'

Movies 08.15.14 | 07:39AM EDT

The movie "Tazza 2" has been rated R.

'Tazza 2' Starring Big Bang's T.O.P Releases Main Trailer

Movies 08.14.14 | 06:39AM EDT

The movie "Tazza 2" released their main trailer, giving fans a glimpse at TOP in action

Big Bang T.O.P's New Movie 'Tazza 2' Releases Main Poster

Movies 08.14.14 | 06:29AM EDT

The movie "Tazza 2" released their poster.

EXO-M member Kris Kris Wu Yifan, known to EXO fans as simply Kris, is reportedly terminating his contract with SM Entertainment.

Korean Fans Cry 'Traitor' As Former EXO Member Kris Wu Yifan And Former Super Junior Member Han Geng Work Together In China

Movies 08.13.14 | 06:43AM EDT

The two idols will be acting in the same movie.

"Battle of Myeongnyang" Is Second Place For Number Of Theatre Showings

Movies 08.12.14 | 09:49AM EDT

The movie "Battle of Myeongnyang" reached 8 million in box office in a record breaking time.

Terminator 5 Lee Byung Hun To Release Next July

'Terminator 5' With Lee Byung Hun To Release Next July

Movies 08.10.14 | 04:46PM EDT

Actor Lee Byung Hun will appear in 'Terminator 5: Genesis'

'Tunnel 3D' Dohee Says The Acting Was Difficult But Came Out Great

Movies 08.10.14 | 04:45PM EDT

Tiny G Dohee said the acting portion was difficult but came out well for her new movie, "Tunnel."

gong yoo mello movie

Gong Yoo, Trying Traditional Mello Movie For The First Time Through 'Man And Woman'

Movies 08.09.14 | 04:22AM EDT

Actor Gong Yoo will be trying tradtional mello for the first time.

Jung Joon Young Gets Casted On

Jung Joon Young Joins Lee Seung Gi & After School's Lizzy In The Cast Of "Today's Date"

Movies 08.03.14 | 10:58PM EDT

Singer Jung Joon Young will debut as an actor in the movie "Today's Date."

2PM Hwang Chansung To Appear In A Chinese Movie

2PM Hwang Chansung To Appear In A Korean-Chinese Movie "I Wanna Hold Your Hand"

Movies 08.02.14 | 07:36PM EDT

Chansung will play a once popular pop star in the movie "I Wanna Hold Your Hand."

"My Palpitating Life" Kang Dong Won To Show A Brand New Character

Movies 08.02.14 | 07:17PM EDT

Actor Kang Dong Won changed into a innocent young dad. This was a big change from his previous roles as a more modern and rich character.

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