Wonderful Comments For "The Wonder Girls" Movie

Headlines 02.02.12 | 09:21PM EST

Check out some twitter comments about the movie.

Wonder Girls Hollywood, Teen Nick First Appearance

Wonder Girls Hollywood, Teen Nick First Appearance

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 02.02.12 | 07:54PM EST

Wonder Girls are appearing on Teen Nick Tonight! At 5PT/6ET

The Winder Girls

“The Wonder Girls” Movie First BTS Video

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 01.31.12 | 09:58PM EST

Its only two days away from the debut of Wonder Girl’s U.S. movie “The Wonder Girls” on TeenNick. The music video of their main soundtrack “The DJ Is Mine” has been released featuring School Gyrls.

“The Wonder Girls” Official Trailer From Teen Nick Was Released Today

Headlines 01.27.12 | 11:23AM EST

The wait is over! Check out the video here!

Wonder Girls

Wonder Girls TV Movie Soon to Air

Movies 01.27.12 | 03:38AM EST

Park Jin Young has asked JYP fans to spread the word that the TV Movie starring the Wonder Girls will air soon.

wonder girls

Wonder Girls Take 5: Rehearsing in (Casual) Style

Headlines 01.25.12 | 04:36PM EST

Wonder Girls dressed in cute casual style

#3 pick Rain

Top Korean Actors Adored by Foreign Fans

Movies 01.23.12 | 03:46PM EST

Can you predict who the favorites are? The list is very interesting.

Lee Byun Hun stars in G.I. Joe 2

Lee Byung Hun speaks about Bruce Willis and his triumph over challeges on the set of "G.I. Joe"

Movies 01.23.12 | 02:37PM EST

Lee Byung Hun tells us how he gained respect on the set of G.I. Joe by just being himself with co-star Bruce Willis .

Wonder Girls

The Wonder Girls' Get Right To The Money

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 01.23.12 | 11:40AM EST

‘THE WONDER GIRLS’ movie theme to be titled “Like Money”

Joo Ji Hoon

Joo Ji Hoon's Highly Anticipated Comeback

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 01.23.12 | 10:52AM EST

Joo Ji Hoon to star in upcoming movie “I Am A King”

Wonder Girls

Wonder Girls Promote Upcoming Movie on Access Hollywood

Movies 01.21.12 | 02:37PM EST

The Wonder Girls made an appearance on Access Hollywood to promote their upcoming movie ‘THE WONDER GIRLS.’


JYJ's Special Valentine’s Day Event

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 01.20.12 | 12:00PM EST

C-Jes Entertainment have prepared a special Valentine's Day event for JYJ.

BoA and Derek Hough

Derek Hough Tells BoA "I Love You BoA"

Stars on TV / Movies 01.20.12 | 02:25AM EST

American actor Derek Hough revealed his feelings towards BoA, who have been filming with him in the upcoming movie, 'Cobu 3D'.

Joo Ji Hoon

Joo Ji to star in new movie "I Am The King"

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 01.19.12 | 04:46PM EST

Actor Joo Ji Hoon, will be the lead in the historical film “I Am the King”


JYJ's Documentary "The Day" makes it to South Korean Theaters

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 01.19.12 | 11:41AM EST

JYJ’s documentary “The Day” will be shown in South Korean theaters.

INVITATION: Go To The Premiere of “The Wonder Girls” Movie

Breaking News 01.19.12 | 02:29AM EST

Watch the premiere of Teen Nick event "The Wonder Girls" with the stars themselves.

Wonder Girls

Wonder Girls TeenNick Movie 2nd Teaser Released

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 01.17.12 | 09:48PM EST

Wonder Girls music video for their new US single “The DJ Is Mine” was released a few days ago.

Suzy and Le Je Hoon

miss A Suzy Tweets Her New Movie Preview

Breaking News 01.17.12 | 04:47PM EST

miss A’s Suzy tweeted on January 15, “The preview for ‘Introduction to Architecture’ is out! Click Click!” also attaching the link to the movie preview.


Nichkhun making this debut as an actor

Movies 01.16.12 | 12:19PM EST

2PM Nichkhun will make his debut as an actor.


Suzy on filming kiss scene with Lee Jae Hoon "it was a good memory"

Interviews 01.12.12 | 03:33PM EST

Miss A Suzy(18) who wil be making her on screen debut through movie 'Construction Theory' opened up about her kiss scene with partner actor Lee Jae Hoon(28).

uhm jung hwa

Uhm Jung Hwa flaunts her ageless beauty next to Kim Yeh Lim

Stars on TV / Movies 01.10.12 | 01:40PM EST

Mnet 'Super Star K3' participant 2months member Kim Yeh Lim revealed a photo she took with Uhm Jung Hwa.

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