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the album cover for Awesome Baby's debut single

K-Pop Double Take: Awesome Baby's Debut Single 'Why Should I?' Shows Aaliyah's Influence Still Looms Large In Hallyu [AUDIO]

New Release 07.08.15 | 07:50PM EDT

On their debut single "Why Should I?," released on June 19, K-pop girl group Awesome Baby show that they understand a critical aspect of music making that many veteran pop acts often seem to miss--the vibe.

Girls Generation

Review: Girls' Generation Want To Provide The Soundtrack For Your Beach 'Party' This Summer [VIDEO]

New Release 07.08.15 | 03:58PM EDT

A year since they released their last song in South Korea, Girls' Generation have returned with the perfect beach party track, "Party," on Tuesday. Two more SNSD releases are reportedly slated for this summer.

album cover for We Are The Night's new single

K-Pop Beyond The Charts: We Are The Night Conjure Up A Soundscape Reminiscent Of An '80s Atari Game On 'All Right' [AUDIO]

New Release 07.06.15 | 05:33PM EDT

On their latest single "All Right," released on Thursday, We Are The Night express their emotions against a musical backdrop that could often pass for an Atari videogame soundtrack from the 1980s.

promotional posters for Big Bang's

Review: Big Bang Show Off The Vocal Talents Of All 5 Members On 'If You' And 'Sober' [AUDIO]

New Release 07.02.15 | 12:57PM EDT

Their latest two Big Bang singles singles "If You" and "Sober," released on Wednesday, showcase the vocals of each of the five members of Big Bang, drawing attention to the diversity of talent within the group.

The Little Prince

K-Pop Beyond The Charts: KARA's Park Gyuri Finds Her Ideal Accompaniment In Indie Act From The Airport On 'The Little Prince' [VIDEO]

New Release 07.10.15 | 03:52PM EDT

Released on June 14, Park Gyuri's collaboration with South Korean indie-rock duo From the Airport, "The Little Prince," allowed KARA vocalist to explore softer and less hard-hitting tones.

Review: Verbal Jint and Sanchez Go Lo-Fi On Their Smooth New Collaboration 'Doin' It' Featuring Bumkey [VIDEO]

New Release 06.30.15 | 05:56PM EDT

On their new single "Doin' It," released on Thursday, Verbal Jint and Sanchez opt for the lo-fi route. It's a noisy production, mostly in mono, with a small gravelly sound that works just perfectly.

Ailee soulfully sings on 'Johnny.'

Review: Ailee Shows Off Her Jazzy Side On 'Johnny' From Brave Brothers's 10th Anniversary Album

New Release 07.01.15 | 06:48PM EDT

American-born K-pop singer Ailee taps into her cooler side on the jazz-inspired single, "Johnny," the latest installment of South Korean super producer Brave Brothers's "10th Anniversary Project," released Tuesday.

the album cover for ASHA's

Review: Daring New K-Pop Girl Group ASHA Unleash The Energizing Electro Track 'Mr. Liar' [VIDEO]

New Release 06.29.15 | 07:11PM EDT

The melody of ASHA's debut single "Mr. Liar" is simply hypnotic, weaving dreamily around the retro hip-hop drums in a manner that makes the song, released on June 19, a highly inventive piece of dance music.

the cover of Kim Ban Jang's new single

K-Pop Beyond The Charts: Kim Ban Jang Keeps The Uniquely Funky Solo Singles Coming With 'Drum' [AUDIO]

New Release 06.25.15 | 06:28PM EDT

Windy City drummer and frontman Kim Ban Jang's new single "Drummer" is a pleasant marriage of authentic 1970s dance grooves with the vocalist's playful and original approach to his music.


Review: Pump Yourself Up With Hip-Hop Boy Band BTS's Latest Single 'Dope' [VIDEO]

New Release 06.24.15 | 06:07PM EDT

K-pop hip hop boy band BTS (also known as Bangtan Boys) are back, with their latest single "Dope," the music video for which was released on Tuesday.

Teen Top Natural Born

Review: Teen Top Turn The Spotlight Towards Their Rapping On Their Breezy New Single 'ah-ah' [VIDEO]

New Release 06.24.15 | 06:31PM EDT

With a jazzy, yet electronic sound, Teen Top's new single "ah-ah," from the K-pop boy band's latest album Natural Born" released on Sunday, is a sweet summer tune with surprisingly aggressive rapping.

the cover of rapper Dok2's

Review: Rapper Dok2 Proves He's At His Best Without The Rapid-Fire Hi-Hat On 'We Gotta Know' From 'Multillionaire' [AUDIO]

New Release 06.23.15 | 07:10PM EDT

On "We Gotta Know," from the album "Multillionaire" released on Tuesday, Dok2 shows his potential when given a different kind of hip-hop beat, in this case one that is a clear nod to late '90s hip-hop.

AOA 'Heart Attack'

Album Review: AOA Reconsider 1980s Synth Pop On Their New EP ‘Heart Attack’ [AUDIO]

New Release 06.24.15 | 05:29PM EDT

Released on Monday, AOA's new EP “Heart Attack” is a six-track ‘80s-inspired romp that highlights the members' harmonious vocals.

Sistar - Shake it

Review: SISTAR Continue Their Trend Toward Bright Summer Dance Songs On 'Shake It' [VIDEO]

New Release 06.23.15 | 11:45AM EDT

SISTAR's latest confirms the group's dominance of a bright, summer sound.

album for Peejay's

Review: Korean Rap Producer Peejay Reexamines Hip-Hop's Jazz Roots On 'I Get Lifted' Featuring Beenzino [VIDEO]

New Release 06.22.15 | 06:54PM EDT

The sound on Peejay's "I Get Lifted" featuring Beenzino, released Saturday, sounds like two friends making a sound they both dig; of course those friends happen to be two of Korean hip-hop's preeminent artists.

album cover for illinit's

K-Pop Beyond The Charts: illinit's Rap Game Is Strong On The Fiercely Original 'Just Like' Featuring Nucksal [AUDIO]

New Release 06.18.15 | 05:50PM EDT

"Just Like," released on June 9 by South Korean rapper illinit and featuring rapper Nucksal, mixes sonic textures so unique it would seem impossible to make them work in any context, let alone blended together.

the album cover for Kisper's

Review: Korean Underground Rappers Kisper And Jaztino Sculpt A Hip-Hop Sound All Their Own On 'Breath' [AUDIO]

New Release 06.15.15 | 08:03PM EDT

On his latest single "Breath" featuring Jaztino and released on Tuesday, South Korean rap artist Kisper has created his first great hip-hop beat.

album cover for Risso's

Review: Risso's Electro-Funk Hits A High Point On '5 Hours' From Her New EP 'Tra La La' [AUDIO]

New Release 06.11.15 | 07:17PM EDT

More than just the highlight of Risso's "Tra La La," a solid album in its entirety, "5 Hours" is a song worth adding to any summer playlist for it's fresh sound and funky vibe.

EXO Call Me Baby MV Fashion

Review: EXO Forgo The Bombast Of 'Love Me Right' To Show Their Softer Side On 'Promise (EXO 2014)' [AUDIO]

New Release 06.12.15 | 12:04PM EDT

The K-pop world may still be buzzing about EXO's last single "Love Me Right," but for this reviewer, it is the final track on the "EXODUS" repackage, "Promise (EXO 2014)," that steals the show.

still from Anda's

Review: K-Pop Singer Anda Continues To Push Her Sound And Style To The Limit On 'Touch' [VIDEO]

New Release 06.08.15 | 06:10PM EDT

On "Touch," released on Thursday, Anda has once again taken her sound to new and exhilarating places, throwing in influences as varied as Boyz II Men, Beyoncé and even The Beach Boys.


Review: EXO Groove To The Sounds Of Summer On Their New Single 'Love Me Right' [VIDEO]

New Release 06.03.15 | 12:04AM EDT

EXO's latest single "Love Me Right," released on Wednesday, is a song to move to, an upbeat song that is perfect for dancing to during the warm months of the year.

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