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K-Pop Double-Take: Korean Rapper Outsider Goes Head To Head With Twista On 'Star Warz' [VIDEO]

New Release 01.22.15 | 07:23PM EST

Fueled by a cinematic backing track, “Star Warz” is a dramatic showdown between two of the best fast rappers in the world.

Lovelyz in their signature schoolgirl uniforms

Postmodern Jukebox Singer Robyn Adele Anderson On Why She Loves Lovelyz's 'Goodnight Like Yesterday' [VIDEO]

New Release 01.22.15 | 08:02PM EST

If Mandy Moore were to be cast as the voice of the first Korean Disney princess, the Lovelyz song "Goodnight Like Yesterday" would be the song that she sings during the closing credits.

ALi's album cover for

Review: ALi Channels Classic Soul Sound On Her Sexy New Single 'Goodbye Mr. Kim' Featuring LE Of EXID [AUDIO]

New Release 01.14.15 | 07:41PM EST

"Goodbye Mr. Kim," the new single by South Korean singer ALi featuring rapper LE of the K-pop girl group EXID, is a throwback to the golden soul age.

album cover for Sinzo’s ‘Surely’ featuring Hyobin

K-Pop Beyond The Charts: Prepare To Get Charmed By Sinzo's 'Surely' Featuring Hyobin [AUDIO]

New Release 01.12.15 | 08:12PM EST

Sinzo and Hyobin ooze charm and likability on "Surely" with a chemistry that is impossible to fake.

SHINee's Jonghyun

Album Review: SHINee’s Jonghyun Stands Apart From His Contemporaries On ‘Base’ [AUDIO]

New Release 01.12.15 | 03:43PM EST

Jonghyun’s vocals shine on his first solo album, ‘Base.’

Hello Venus performing on South Korean television

Review: Brave Brothers Continues To Innovate On The New Hello Venus Single 'Wiggle Wiggle' [AUDIO]

New Release 01.07.15 | 05:19PM EST

Brave Brothers's collaborations with Hello Venus, particularly on their previous single "Sticky Sticky" and now "Wiggle Wiggle," have been a highpoint among recent Hallyu releases.

a still from the music video for

K-Pop Beyond The Charts: Teengirl Fantasy Team Up With Hoody On The Futuristically Sexy 'U Touch Me'

New Release 01.07.15 | 05:57PM EST

"U Touch Me" is a forward-thinking R&B slow burner that sounds at once sultry and futuristic, the result of an exciting cross-genre melding of styles and traditions by Teengirl Fantasy and Hoody.

SONAMOO approach different musical styles on 'Deja Vu.'

Album Review: SONAMOO Try On Dance Pop & Hip-Hop For 'Deja Vu' [AUDIO]

New Release 12.30.14 | 12:11PM EST

TS Entertainment’s new girl group has a unique sound that does not necessarily borrow from B.A.P.


K-Pop Double-Take: Kiss & Cry Singer DIA Forgoes Repitition To Tell A Tale With Her Solo Debut Single 'Paradise' [VIDEO]

New Release 12.30.14 | 12:21PM EST

Instead of relying on repetition of a few simple ideas, Kiss & Cry singer DIA's debut solo single "Paradise" uses musical development to engage the listener.

Clara Releases

Review: Clara Channels J-Pop Star Kyary Pamyu Pamyu In 'Gyiwomi Song 2' [VIDEO]

New Release 12.25.14 | 08:46PM EST

Actress Clara released her first song, and it's a bit out of this world.

South Korean solo artist NS Yoon-G

Review: Vocalist NS Yoon-G Teams Up With Rapper DinDin To Heat Things Up On 'Snowy Day' [AUDIO]

New Release 12.22.14 | 09:05PM EST

Singer NS Yoon-G's new wintertime single "Snowy Day" featuring rapper DinDin, has a crisp, hard-hitting beat and a certain sincere sweetness that makes you want to stop and enjoy the moment.

album cover for Okasian's

Review: Korean Underground Rapper Okasian Creates A Dark, Mysterious Atmosphere On 'Get That Money' [AUDIO]

New Release 12.19.14 | 09:12PM EST

Okasian casts a spell on "Get That Money," reeling the listener in with a hypnotic hook and an addictive drum pattern, while leaving room for introspection.

cover of Qwala's “Monsta Truck 2014” album

K-Pop Beyond The Charts: Qwala Of New Block Babyz Teems With 'Tude On 'Big Capital' Featuring 187, Donutman, Halley Stella [AUDIO]

New Release 12.18.14 | 09:00PM EST

Though all of the songs on his new album "Monsta Truck 2014" showcase Korean rapper Qwala's unique talents, it is "Big Capital" that is the clear standout track.

Soul Dive

Review: Soul Dive Finally Find The Courage To Be As Smooth As They Want To Be On 'SIN' [VIDEO]

New Release 12.22.14 | 06:06PM EST

On "SIN," the title track from the new Soul Dive album, the rap trio allow their true smooth style to shine through completely.


Review: Korean Rapper J-Slow Mixes Electro Rap With 1980s Pop Saxophone And Somehow Makes It Work On 'Slow Motion' [VIDEO]

New Release 12.15.14 | 11:57PM EST

It is exciting to see South Korean rapper J-Slow bringing the saxophone into an electro hip-hop context on his new single "Slow Motion," released on Sunday.

still from Kanto's

Review: Kanto Of TROY Shows Off Distinctive Style On 'Before The Snow' Featuring As One [VIDEO]

New Release 12.12.14 | 10:05PM EST

Kanto carves out a highly distinctive niche for himself on "Before The Snow," with some help from the two-member K-pop girl group As One.


K-Pop Throwback: Jazz And Hip-Hop Collide On 'Friday Move' From Beenzino, Shimmytwice Project Jazzyfact's 2010 Debut Album [AUDIO]

New Release 12.11.14 | 05:25PM EST

It is refreshing to see South Korean rapper Beenzino and producer Shimmytwice paying homage to those early East Coast innovators as recently as 2010, under the name Jazzyfact.

2PM, 2AM, and the members of JYP Nation come together on the 'One Mic' live album.

Album Review: The Magic Of JYP Nation Is Captured On 'One Mic' Live [AUDIO]

New Release 12.11.14 | 09:01AM EST

Fans of 2PM, 2AM, and miss A's Suzy will love the 'One Mic' album.

Lena Park and Dynamic Duo

Review: Dynamic Duo And Lena Park Make Us Dance Without Breaking A Sweat On 'SsSs' [AUDIO]

New Release 12.08.14 | 10:29PM EST

On "SsSs," Lena Park and Dynamic Duo prove themselves to be a formidable trio, delivering some serious power on the mic, while always remaining light on their feet.

ver a dozen artists from the BrandNew Music roster are rapping or singing on “Brand New Day.”

Editor's Pick: On 'Brand New Day' Verbal Jint And San E Join Forces With Their Labelmates To Create Greatness [VIDEO]

New Release 12.05.14 | 07:52PM EST

With over a dozen artists from the BrandNew Music roster rapping or singing, songwriter-producer ASSBRASS somehow brings it all together on "Brand New Day."

Korean hip-hop duo Untouchable

Review: Korean Hip-Hop Duo Untouchable Keep It Funky On 'Clockwork' Featuring Babylon [VIDEO]

New Release 12.04.14 | 09:05PM EST

Korean duo Untouchable continue to blur the lines between funk, R&B and rap with their new single "Clockwork," featuring Babylon.

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