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album cover of VIXX's

Album Review: VIXX Crank Their Sound To The Limit On 2nd Full-Length Release 'Chained Up' [AUDIO]

New Release 11.17.15 | 04:27PM EST

Releasedon on Nov. 10, VIXX's "Chained Up" is an intense album that at times tests the sonic limits of K-pop while remaining melodic, anthemic and a little bit naughty throughout.

vocalist Dalchong (right) and rapper ?ASU of Cheeze

K-Pop Beyond The Charts: Drift Away With The Soothing Daydream That Is Cheeze's 'Now Say' Featuring Kirin [AUDIO]

New Release 11.10.15 | 06:37PM EST

"Now Say," the new single featuring Kirin released on Nov. 2 by South Korean R&B quartet Cheeze, is a sonic experience that makes the listener feel refreshed and replenished.

KARA in the

K-Pop Double Take: Solid Songwriting Makes KARA's 'Cupid' From The 'In Love' EP A Track Worth Remembering [VIDEO]

New Release 11.09.15 | 05:05PM EST

The compositional strength of KARA's "Cupid," released on May 26 on the EP "In Love," and the motivation of K-pop girl group to realize the writers' vision, makes the album's single worth taking another listen to.

Jay Park

Review: Jay Park Keeps A Foot In The Korean Hip-Hop Underground On 'Don't Try Me' Featuring Ugly Duck And Gray [AUDIO]

New Release 11.05.15 | 05:23PM EST

Released on Thursday, Jay Park's new single "Don't Try Me" featuring Ugly Duck And Gray is indicative of the hard-edged hip-hop indicative of the same subterranean scene that he rose out of.

f(x) 4 Walls teaser

Review: f(x) Pay Tribute To The Electronic Dance Music Legacy On '4 Walls' [VIDEO]

New Release 11.06.15 | 01:02PM EST

“4 Walls,” the title track from f(x)'s new album, is a catchy and bouncy dance pop stormer that takes many cues from not only 90s and early-2000s electronic dance music, but also the artists that were raised on it.

album cover for Humming Urban Stereo's “Dopamin 5-1” single

K-Pop Beyond The Charts: Humming Urban Stereo Push Their Sound Further By Playing To Their Own Strengths On 'Stupid' Featuring Sugar Flow [AUDIO]

New Release 11.03.15 | 07:30PM EST

On Humming Urban Stereo's "Stupid," Lee and Sugar Flow don't attempt to make any seismic shifts in their sound as a band, but rather blend the best aspects of the synth-drenched electro funk they're famous for.

Solbi in the

Review: Solbi Keeps The Beat In Flux On Her Pulsing New Electro Track 'Wonderful As Always' [VIDEO]

New Release 11.02.15 | 06:04PM EST

There may be a thread holding the rhythm of "Wonderful As Always," the energized new single released Monday by Solbi, together, yet within that pulse the beat barely stops to catch its breath.

Korean arena rockers Nell

K-Pop Double Take: The Incredible Expanding Sound Of Nell's 'Star Shell' [VIDEO]

Reviews 11.04.15 | 03:15PM EST

On their Sept. 17 digital release "Star Shell," Nell walk in the arena-sized footsteps of U2, Muse and Arcade Fire and find themselves clearly up to the challenge.

album cover of Ugly Duck's

Review: Ugly Duck Blends A Classic Hip-Hop Beat With A Traditional Indigenous Sound On 'ASIA' [VIDEO]

New Release 10.30.15 | 03:06PM EDT

"ASIA," the new single released Tuesday by Ugly Duck, featuring Reddy, JJJ and DJ Scratch Nice.combines fractured, skeletal 808 drum machine programming with a Gamelan-esque melodic sensibility and some cut up samples. T

South Korean rapper The Quiett

K-Pop Beyond The Charts: The Quiett Leads With His Best Yet On 'Bentley' The Opening Track Of '1 Life 2 Live' [AUDIO]

New Release 10.29.15 | 08:28PM EDT

It's not that "Bentley," the first track on The Quiett's latest album "1 Life 2 Live," released on Oct. 15, is a throwback track, but the minimalist style is a clear homage to the early hip-hop production ethos.

cover of f(x)'s

Review: Creative Shades Of '80s Pop Make f(x)'s 'Traveler' Featuring Zico Of Block B The Standout Track On '4 Walls' [AUDIO]

New Release 10.27.15 | 04:27PM EDT

It's unfortunate that "Traveler," from the f(x) album "4 Walls" released on Tuesday will be a featured single with an accompanying music video. But it's a pity, as it is a standout track with international appeal.

IU in the

Review: IU Gets Personal On The Single 'Twenty-Three' From Her New Album 'Chat-Shire' [VIDEO]

New Release 10.27.15 | 02:01PM EDT

Though "Twenty-Three," the leadoff single from IU's "Chat-Shire" released on Friday, may sound like a catchy piece of upbeat pop, the lyrics provide an introspective perspective into what it's like to be a young adult.

Giriboy and Shin Jisu in the “Back And Forth 30min” video

K-Pop Double Take: Giriboy Tackles The Awkward Aspects Of Dating On 'Back And Forth 30min' Featuring Shin Jisu [VIDEO]

New Release 10.26.15 | 02:19PM EDT

On the single "Back And Forth 30min" from his album "Sexual Perceptions," released on March 17, Giriboy and vocalist Shin Jisu portray the challenging aspects of dating in a light-hearted way.

members of hip-hop crew ADV freestyle on the street in South Korea

Review: Hip-Hop Crew ADV Keep It Simple And Slay On "SRS 2015" Featuring JJK, Lupi, Olltii, Seo Chul Gu, DJ Kendrickx [AUDIO]

New Release 10.23.15 | 06:21PM EDT

On the single "SRS 2015," short for "Street Rep Shit 2015," members of the South Korean hip-hop crew ADV JJK, Lupi, Olltii and Seo Chul Gu team up to turn a blazingly simple beat by DJ Kendrickx into a beast.

Oh Hyuk and Code Kunst in the

K-Pop Beyond The Charts: Code Kunst Leads Hyukoh Singer Oh Hyuk And Dok2 Down A Different Musical Path On 'Parachute' [AUDIO]

New Release 10.22.15 | 06:34PM EDT

With a running time of nearly five minutes, South Korean musician and producer Code Kunst is clearly not aiming for mainstream pop stardom with his single "Parachute," released on Wednesday.

Red Velvet

K-Pop Double Take: On 'Cool World' Red Velvet Turn The Lyn Collins Sample Used On Rap Classic 'It Takes Two' Into Another Gem [AUDIO]

New Release 10.20.15 | 04:35PM EDT

On "Cool World," from Red Velvet's "The Red," released on Sept. 9, the K-pop girl group use one of rap's most famous samples of all time, the Lyn Collins hit "Think (About It)," as used by Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock.

album cover for Beenzino's

Review: Beenzino Explores A New Sound And Style On His Propulsive New Single 'Break' [AUDIO]

New Release 10.13.15 | 03:23PM EDT

With a beat that would be more at home in a Cramps song, "Break," released Friday by Beenzino, is not at all from you would expect from a hip-hop song, not even in the highly diverse landscape of Korean rap.

Lovelyz in their signature schoolgirl uniforms

Review: Lovelyz Tickle Your Senses With Their Highly Infectious Single 'Ah-Choo' [VIDEO]

New Release 10.29.15 | 06:25PM EDT

All the hard work for Lovelyz's eight members since forming a year ago has clearly paid off, as their latest single "Ah-Choo," released on Oct. 1, reveals a mature well-constructed sound that is difficult not to like.


Album Review: Girls' Generation's TaeYeon Shows She Can Stand Alone On Impressive Debut Solo EP 'I' [AUDIO]

New Release 10.09.15 | 05:50PM EDT

Long considered the stalwart vocalist of K-pop's Girls' Generation, Kim TaeYeon made her formal debut as a soloist on Oct. 7 with a game-changing EP.

still from former CSJH The Grace singer Stephanie's music video for the song

K-Pop Double Take: Former CSJH The Grace Singer Stephanie Salutes The Classic 1960s Girl Group Sound On 'Prisoner' [VIDEO]

New Release 10.08.15 | 07:55PM EDT

Vocalist Stephanie formerly of CSJH The Grace pays tribute to the seminal '60s girl groups that paved the way for 50 years of performers on her single "Prisoner," released on August 11.

The indie rock tricksters of Pony.

K-Indie Spotlight: Pony Fool Your Ears To Make Their Single 'Waiting For The Day' An Unexpected Gem [VIDEO]

New Release 10.09.15 | 03:53PM EDT

When Korean band Pony released "Waiting for the Day" on Aug. 3, they introduced listeners to a sound that kept them on their toes.

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