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KARA in the 'Step

K-Pop Throwback: KARA Embody Everything Good About 1980s Electro On Their 2011 Hit 'Step' [VIDEO]

Old K-Pop 01.20.15 | 10:02AM EST

With a sound that would have been right at home in the Hollywood hot spots of the 1980s, the 2011 Kara single "Step" is an homage to everything that was great about the electronic dance music of the period.

album cover for

Korean Classic Albums: Why 1974's 'Shin Joong Hyun & Yup Juns' Is A High Point For The Legendary Guitarist [AUDIO]

Old K-Pop 01.16.15 | 08:05PM EST

"Shin Joong Hyun & Yup Juns" was the culmination of all the work the legendary guitarist had done up that point.

Hanumpa, more than just your average, black-and-white band.

Korean Rock Recall: Hanumpa Push The Boundaries Of The Genre On Their Late-2014 Track 'Acrobats' [VIDEO]

Old K-Pop 01.16.15 | 04:09PM EST

On their 2014 song "Acrobats," the Seoul-based rock outfit Hanumpa take the steps necessary to set themselves apart from the pack.


K-Pop Throwback: LONG:D Revel In The Fun Of Romance On 'Love Eventually Goes On' [VIDEO]

Old K-Pop 01.16.15 | 03:18PM EST

LONG D's single "Love Eventually Goes On" takes you through the journey of someone willing to do whatever it takes for the one they miss, but they do it in a way that's lighthearted and quirky.


K-Pop Throwback: BTOB Bring The Big Beat On Last Year's Highly Overlooked 'Hello Melo' [AUDIO]

Old K-Pop 01.08.15 | 08:47PM EST

With a rhythm track that hits you right in your gut and some solid rapping, BTOB's "Hello Melo" was a song that deserved more attention than it got in 2014.

Wasted Johnny's, seen here presumably wasted.

Korean Rock Recall: Reliving The Retro Throwback Blues Of The 2013 Wasted Johnny's Classic 'Loud & Headache Girl' [VIDEO]

Old K-Pop 01.08.15 | 07:14PM EST

On their 2013 single "Loud & Headache Girl," Seoul-based combo Wasted Johnny's take classic blues rock, dust it off, and give it one more spin.


'Rhythm Is Life' From Dynamic Duo Rapper Gaeko Tops Our Editor's List Of The Top 10 Korean Hip-Hop Songs Of 2014

Old K-Pop 01.05.15 | 08:43PM EST

Though it was often overshadowed on the charts by the eye-catching flash and slick production of boy bands and girl groups, South Korean hip-hop had a great year in 2014.


Editor's Pick: EXO Defy Controversy To Create The Best K-Pop Song Of 2014 With 'Overdose' [VIDEO]

Old K-Pop 12.29.14 | 08:51PM EST

With a beat that sounds like Timbaland in his prime and a darkly epic quality reminiscent of late-era Michael Jackson, "Overdose," released back in May, was the strongest K-pop single of 2014.

Dionysus, seen here hitting the slopes.

Korean Rock Recall: The Excess and Ecstasy Of Metal Band Dionysus's 1989 Instrumental 'Legend of Darkness' [AUDIO]

Old K-Pop 12.29.14 | 06:10PM EST

Dionysus may have been Korea's first neoclassical metal band and on "Legend of Darkness," they weren't afraid to shred.

Korean power metal quartet Ironbard.

Korean Rock Recall: Reliving The Unabashed Glory of Ironbard's 2012 Power Metal Classic 'Skyland' From The 'Wing of Icarus' EP [AUDIO]

Old K-Pop 12.05.14 | 08:17PM EST

On their 2012 song "Skyland," Ironbard declare war on subtlety and emerge the victors.

Evanesce Screen Shot 1

K-Pop Double-Take: Subtle Production Techniques Turn Super Junior's 'Evanesce' Into A Fragile Masterpiece [VIDEO]

Old K-Pop 12.19.14 | 05:59PM EST

Skillful, creative music production gives "Evanesce" an emotional impact that makes it the standout track on Super Junior's new album "Mamacita".

Korean-American rapper Dumbfoundead

K-Hip-Hop Throwback: Korean-American Rapper Dumbfoundead Keeps It Real On The 2011 Track 'Cool And Calm' [VIDEO]

Old K-Pop 10.30.14 | 04:11PM EDT

Dumbfoundead is one rapper not afraid to reveal his own life and reflect on his own personal growth in his lyrics. This is particularly true about the track "Cool and Calm" off of his 2011 album "DFD."

The heavy artillery that is Baekdoosan.

Korean Rock Recall: Metal Band Baekdoosan Do The Road Song Right With Their 1987 Cut 'Women Driving Highway' [AUDIO]

Old K-Pop 10.31.14 | 03:07PM EDT

On their rip-raging cut "Women Driving Highway," from the 1987 album "The King of Rock n' Roll," Korean metal legends Baekdoosan own the road.

Sagitta, seen here celebrating flower power.

K-Pop Throwback: Husband And Wife Duo Sagitta Recall The Summer Of Love On The 2004 Track 'Your Story' [VIDEO]

Old K-Pop 10.27.14 | 07:36PM EDT

The Korean husband-and-wife retro pop duo Sagitta pay tribute to the music of the Summer of Love while remaining true to a modern perspective.

Daytripper, also known as Ryu Hankil, tinkers away.

K-Pop Beyond The Charts: Former Onnine Ibalgwan Keyboardist Daytripper Finds Beauty in Unexpected Places On 'Brownpaper' [AUDIO]

Hidden Treasures 09.22.14 | 05:10PM EDT

On his 2004 album "Brownpaper," Korean electronic pop artist and former Onnine Ibalgwan member Daytripper made music from the noise of everyday life.

Ladies Code

A Musical Tribute To Ladies' Code: The Poignant Track 'I'm Fine Thank You'

Accidents 09.05.14 | 07:50AM EDT

The death of EunB has brought new life to the 2013 Ladies' Code song 'I'm Fine Thank You.'

Korean folk singer Kim Doo Soo

Korean Classics: Revisiting The Haunting Sonic Purity Of Folk Singer Kim Doo Soo's 1991 Song 'Bohemian' [AUDIO]

Old K-Pop 08.15.14 | 08:21PM EDT

Over nearly six minutes, the weariness and tension never fade in Kim Doo Soo's seminal track "Bohemian."

Yong Junhyung

K-Pop Album Recall: BEAST Rapper Yong Junhyung Shows Another Side Of Himself On The 2013 EP 'Flower' [FULL ALBUM AUDIO]

Old K-Pop 08.04.14 | 04:58PM EDT

"Flower" is Junhyung's first album released as a solo artist, and he's clearly gunning for an older, more hardcore hip-hop crowd beyond his band's legions of loyal followers.

Composer Lee Ji Soo

K-Pop Throwback: Experience The Mellow Journey Of Lee Ji Soo's 2006 Instrumental 'Flying Petals' [VIDEO]

Old K-Pop 07.31.14 | 05:45PM EDT

Though best known for composing music for several Korean dramas (including the hit show from "Spring Waltz," also from 2006), this album strays a bit away from that and delves into a more lighthearted and youthful brand of music.

The Koxx in 2012.

K-Pop Beyond The Charts: Recalling The Robot Rock Of The Koxx's Seminal 2011 Album 'Access OK' [AUDIO]

Hidden Treasures 07.28.14 | 07:14PM EDT

The Korean answer to Daft Punk's marriage of rock power and electronic music, The Koxx go hard on their debut album "Access OK."

Big Bang channeled a classic boy band look for their 'Always' album promotions.

Why Big Bang’s ‘Lies’ Deserves A Second Listen

Old K-Pop 07.27.14 | 11:21PM EDT

Big Bang has come a long way from ‘Lies,’ but the song stands the test of time.


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