Big Hit Entertainment Beats Out YG For Most Albums Sold In 2015

Why Are Tensions Running High Between Big Bang And BTS Fans? [OP-ED]

OP-ED 05.09.15 | 01:20PM EDT

In the midst of big comeback promotions from Big Bang and BTS, Korean fans of both groups are caught up in a heated debate over album sales and V's delivery of 'Loser' on 'M! Countdown.'

Victim Blaming In Kim Hyun Joong & Ray Rice Cases Minimize Realities of Domestic Abuse via KultScene

Victim Blaming In Kim Hyun Joong And Ray Rice Cases Minimize Realities Of Domestic Abuse [Blog]

Features 03.01.15 | 03:14PM EST

Korean star Kim Hyun Joong and the NFL's Ray Rice both abused woman they were dating, and the women ended up being defamed.

‘Unpretty Rapstar’ is Sexist & Promotes Girl-On-Girl Hate via KultScene

OPINION: ‘Unpretty Rapstar’ Is Sexist And Promotes Girl-On-Girl Hate [Blog]

OP-ED 03.01.15 | 02:54PM EST

Mnet's rap competition show 'Unpretty Rapstar' focuses more on promoting girl hate than to showcase talented female rappers.

YG Entertainment and Authenticity in K-Pop

YG Entertainment And Authenticity In K-Pop [Blog]

OP-ED 01.17.15 | 02:29PM EST

YG Entertainment are seen as the artists of the K-Pop world but recent activity seems to go against this. Is their authenticity real or a marketing trick?

JJCC 2015 Comeback

JJCC Highlights That Big Names Don’t Translate Into Immediate Success In K-Pop [Opinion]

OP-ED 01.17.15 | 03:25PM EST

JJCC's lack of roaring success shows how star power abroad doesn't necessarily equate to popularity in the Korean entertainment industry.

Check out Skrillex's

'Dirty Vibe' Music Video Appearance Is Strategic Move For 2NE1's CL Prior To Her U.S. Debut [Opinion]

OP-ED 12.18.14 | 09:35AM EST

Skrillex's new music video featuring CL may be a way for the 2NE1 rapper to bridge the cultural and musical divide prior to her U.S. debut.


Was 2014 The Worst Year For New K-Pop Fans To Take On The Genre? [Opinion]

OP-ED 12.15.14 | 07:30AM EST

2014 was a scandal-filled year that also yielded some of the best and most accessible K-pop music to date.

2NE1 2014

Are The Days Of 2NE1 Almost Over? The Group Will Not Sound The Same Without Park Bom [Opinion]

OP-ED 12.11.14 | 04:06PM EST

A 2NE1 performance at Gayo Daejun without Park Bom will not be the same.


3 Reasons Why GOT7 Deserves To Take Home The Hallyu Special Award At The 2015 Seoul Music Awards

Editorial 12.15.14 | 08:06AM EST

The JYP Entertainment rookie group is nominated for several awards at the 2015 SMA, and one in particular is perfect for them.

Will EXO Be Able To Learn From The Career Hardships TVXQ Faced After 3 Members Left SM Entertainment?

Will EXO Be Able To Learn From The Career Hardships TVXQ Faced After 3 Members Left SM Entertainment?

OP-ED 12.08.14 | 02:01PM EST

Group TVXQ has hit their 11th year since debut and have hit the top as an idol group.

Taeyang MAMA 2014

International K-Pop Fans Have A Significant Impact On MAMA 2014 & May Affect The Golden Disk Awards [Opinion]

OP-ED 12.04.14 | 08:13AM EST

K-Pop fans throughout the globe, particularly in China and Southeast Asia, were largely responsible for the results of the 2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards.

Girl Group Pritz Under Fire For Stage Outfits Reminiscent Of Nazi Uniforms

Zico & Pritz Scandals Demonstrate Korean Entertainment Agencies Have Little Understanding Of Foreign Cultures [Opinion]

OP-ED 11.23.14 | 04:16PM EST

Two recent incidents point to a lack of cultural understanding on the part of Korean entertainment companies, who seem quick to make excuses despite repeatedly offending international fans.

Zico brandishes an automatic weapon, with his hair in cornrows, topped off with a bandana.

Block B Zico Showcases The Worst Aspects Of American Hip-Hop Culture In His Teasers For 'Tough Cookie' [Opinion]

OP-ED 11.05.14 | 07:32AM EST

Zico's teasers for 'Tough Cookie' feature negative imagery from hip-hop culture, perpetuating stereotypes and potentially alienating international fans.

EXO as ten members at press conference for The Lost Planet In Bangkok.

Fans Are Responding To Recent K-Pop Scandals Through MAMA 2014 Votes [Opinion]

OP-ED 10.28.14 | 06:17AM EDT

Despite recent lineup changes, EXO fans are banding together to lead one of the strongest votes for MAMA 2014.

K-Pop May Need A New Strategy After Numerous Idol Member Withdrawals

K-Pop May Need A New Strategy After Numerous Idol Member Withdrawals

OP-ED 10.21.14 | 11:18AM EDT

It seems that with more and more idol group members leaving their groups, K-Pop may need a different strategy in regards to this issue.

 G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara

Denial Of Relationships & Withholding Information Helps YG Entertainment Avoid The Same Pitfall As SM Entertainment [Opinion]

OP-ED 10.09.14 | 07:33AM EDT

Tabloid outlet Dispatch released photos of G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara that were clearly intended to force YG Entertainment to publicly announce them as a couple. Is YG Entertainment’s reluctance to cave to pressure from Dispatch wise?

Girls Generation[SNSD] - Mnet M! Countdown 'Wait A Minute + Mr.Mr.'

2009-2014: The K-Pop '5 Year Curse' Takes On A New Form [Opinion]

OP-ED 10.12.14 | 01:24PM EDT

Five years later, 2009's top groups are in trouble.

Jessica Girls' Generation KPOPme

Let’s Discuss: Jessica's Departure & Girls' Generation's Future [Blog]

Features 10.02.14 | 07:15AM EDT

What does Jessica's removal from Girls' Generation mean for the group?

Super Junior hold a special place in Moroccan K-pop fan Fadoua Rokne's heart.

SM Entertainment No Longer Fears Super Junior And Girls' Generation Members Dating [Opinion]

OP-ED 10.05.14 | 12:06PM EDT

Unlike newer groups and rookie idols, SM Entertainment's headliners are no longer at risk if their members date.

YG Entertainment delayed releasing news about Big Bang Seungri's ICU stay.

Was It Fair To Fans That YG Entertainment Did Not Immediately Reveal Seungri's ICU Stay? [Opinion]

OP-ED 09.26.14 | 05:01AM EDT

YG Entertainment may not have told fans about the severity of Big Bang Seungri's injuries, however, this was most likely to protect his privacy.


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