Ladies Code

The Wide Reach Of Ladies’ Code’s Fatal Traffic Accident [Opinion]

OP-ED 09.22.14 | 01:31PM EDT

The Ladies' Code tragedy has some interesting effects - a rise in the group's popularity, international recognition of the K-Pop genre, and a closer look at driving conditions in South Korea

CL 2NE1 Gun KPOPme

The Double Standard Of Guns & Murder In K-Pop [Blog]

OP-ED 09.15.14 | 07:47AM EDT

In light of Swings's recent controversial execution-style video, here's a take on the portrayal of guns and murder in K-Pop.

How Will 2PM Be With The Third Wave Of Their Career?

How Will 2PM Be With The Third Wave Of Their Career?

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 09.11.14 | 07:39AM EDT

It has already been seven years since 2PM's debut and the group is ready to make an impact with their latest album 'Go Crazy' and a new world tour.

Kim Hyun Joong

Would Kim Hyun Joong Still Be On Tour If He Were An American Pop Star? [Opinion]

OP-ED 09.12.14 | 07:30AM EDT

Kim Hyun Joong, Justin Bieber, and Ray Rice exemplify preferential treatment for celebrities involved with abuse allegations or criminal activity throughout the world.

EunB Memorial

The Death Of Ladies' Code EunB Draws Attention To The Humanity Of K-Pop Idols [Opinion]

OP-ED 09.06.14 | 12:09PM EDT

The untimely death of Ladies' Code EunB is a chilling reminder that K-Pop idols are still human.

Kim Hyun Joong

Recent Scandals Raise Awareness Of Legal Favortism Towards Hallyu Stars [Opinion]

Features 09.06.14 | 11:18AM EDT

Kim Hyun Joong, Park Bom, and Song Hye Kyo have all been accused of gaining from their celebrity status, despite illegal actions.

Leaders Big Bang G-Dragon- EXO Suho-ZEST Shun Show Why Top Idol Groups Are Different

Leaders Big Bang G-Dragon- EXO Suho-ZEST Shun Show Why Top Idol Groups Are Different

OP-ED 08.28.14 | 09:08AM EDT

Behind the fancy stage performances idol groups put on in front of thousands of their fans, there are the efforts of the stars that were built through years and years of practice.

JJCC released their first mini album.

Did JJCC Fail To Deliver On The Hype With Their First Album? [Opinion]

OP-ED 08.30.14 | 12:29PM EDT

Jackie Chan’s JJCC released their first mini album at an inopportune time.

Choiza and Sulli

SM Entertainment's Poor Handling Of Sulli's Relationship With Choiza [Opinion]

OP-ED 08.20.14 | 07:17AM EDT

The entertainment company acted too slowly.

EXO's D.O is one of many reasons to watch 'It's Okay, It's Love.'

Could D.O Be EXO's Wild Card? [Opinion]

OP-ED 08.23.14 | 12:32PM EDT

D.O's recent stint in "It's Okay, That's Love" proves that SM Entertainment may be propelling him to become the main face of EXO.

Hankyung Casted to be a Part of Movie 'Transformers 4', 'Huge Attention Arises'

Do Han Geng And Fly To The Sky’s Interactions With SM Entertainment Imply An Attempt To Salvage Label's Image? [Opinion]

OP-ED 08.17.14 | 11:40AM EDT

Recent interactions between SM and former artists may be a sign of changing attitudes.


SM Entertainment Wants To Regain Control Of EXO's Fandom [Opinion]

OP-ED 08.12.14 | 06:14AM EDT

There may be a reason why SM Entertainment passed on the fanclub name that most EXO fans had already been calling themselves.

A.KOR alienates 2NE1 fans with Kemy's Park Bom diss track.

What's Wrong With A.KOR's Kemy Dissing Park Bom? [Blog]

OP-ED 08.13.14 | 06:30AM EDT

There's no doubt that "Do the Right Rap" by A.KOR's Kemy wasn't a good introduction, but is she completely wrong in this track?

SM Entertainment's Red Velvet To Stage Debut Performance On August 1

Red Velvet's Haphazard Debut - In Comparison To EXO [Opinion]

OP-ED 08.05.14 | 06:22AM EDT

It appears that SM Entertainment released its latest girl group sooner than anticipated. Here's a breakdown of their rocky start compared to EXO, SM's last idol group to debut


Let's Discuss: Why Does ZE:A Get So Little Love? [Blog]

Editorial 08.07.14 | 01:18AM EDT

Why is it that we know ZE:A, but that the group struggles to enter the top tiers of K-Pop?

Hyomin Nice Body

Why Hyomin’s ‘Nice Body’ Is Offensive To Women [Blog]

Features 07.31.14 | 03:53PM EDT

An argument about why Hyomin's 'Nice Body' is an offensive song and music video for all women and society alike.

The recent comeback by f(x) is marred by rumors, which has driven Sulli to take a break from K-Pop.

What Is Right & What Is Wrong With The Current State Of SM Entertainment [Opinion]

OP-ED 07.31.14 | 03:42PM EDT

SM Entertainment has been at the center of numerous scandals in 2014, but the agency still remains on top of K-Pop.


Is Chanyeol The Savior Of EXO? [Opinion]

OP-ED 07.23.14 | 06:42AM EDT

EXO's Chanyeol has become a key figure in a group that has been plagued by scandals surrounding an alleged lawsuit and an idol relationship. Has Chanyeol evolved into the most important member of EXO?

What is the best 2NE1 live performance.

What Is The Best 2NE1 Live Performance So Far?

OP-ED 07.18.14 | 11:46AM EDT

With two world tours and a plethora of hit singles under their belts, K-pop phenom 2NE1 has many memorable live performances, but which one is your favorite?

SHINee Key

Are There Repercussions For K-Pop Idols Who Talk To Fans On Social Media? [Opinion]

OP-ED 07.19.14 | 10:50AM EDT

Two recent cases have proven that idol's are judged no matter what they say to fans on social media.


Female Celebrities with Gorgeous Thick Eyebrows

OP-ED 07.12.14 | 12:58AM EDT

Female Celebrities with Gorgeous Thick Eyebrows


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