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Kim Woo Bin

Korean Films Banned At Beijing International Film Festival

Issues 03.31.17 | 09:28AM EDT

Despite being invited to participate in the Beijing International Fim Festival, Chinese authorities have reportedly ordered that Korean films will not be screened at the festival due to tensions brought about by the Thaad system.

Fox 4 blunder Rat Monster

BTS News: Fox 4 Apologizes For Blunder Calling BTS Leader 'Rat Monster' Amid Tirade From Offended ARMY

Breaking News 03.30.17 | 04:33AM EDT

Fox 4 recently made a mistake when it posted BTS' interview but mispelled Rap Monster as Rat Monster and was bombarded by tirades by the BTS Army.


BTS News: Rap Monster Thanks ARMY For Helping BTS' Message, Music Spread To Global Audience

Breaking News 03.28.17 | 09:47AM EDT

BTS leader Rap Monster credited the efforts of their fans in translating their music and interviews to convey the message of BTS' music and feelings on a global scale.

BTS Jimin

BTS Death Threat Update: Security Beefed Up In Upcoming "The Wings" Tour Venues, ARMY Vows To Protect Jimin

Breaking News 03.28.17 | 09:44AM EDT

After receiving threats against BTS member JImin, security has been beefed up in upcoming concert venues for BTS The Wings tour. ARMY members vow to protect K-popn idol.


Apink Says ‘Bye Bye’ In Latest Japanese Music Video

News 03.26.17 | 07:15AM EDT

Aprink Japanese MV

Kris Wu

Kris Models For Luxury Brand BVLGARI

News 03.26.17 | 07:13AM EDT

Kris Wu brand ambassador for BVLGARI


Details On TWICE’s Japanese Debut Showcase Released

News 03.25.17 | 05:36AM EDT

TWICE Japanese debut


American Singer Kehlani Gives A Twitter Shout Out To BTS!

SNS 03.24.17 | 07:23AM EDT

Kehlani twitter shout out to BTS

New Zealand Law Of The Jungle

The Full Line-Up Cast For New Zealand Law Of The Jungle Episode Confirmed

News 03.22.17 | 07:16AM EDT

Full line up for New Zealand Law Of The Jungle Episode


K.A.R.D Announce Their Very First Tour In America!

News 03.21.17 | 07:21AM EDT

K.A.R.D first tour in America

Rap Monster

BTS News and Updates: Rapper Wale and BTS Rap Monster Drops Politically Tinged Collaboration 'Change'

Breaking News 03.21.17 | 02:12AM EDT

American rapper Wale and BTS leader Rap Monster recently dropped their brave new track "Change" which bravely talks about social and political issues affecting the people in the US and in Asia.

BTS For Teen Choice Awards 2017

KCON, SXSW K-pop Night in Mexico & US Prove Hallyu's Growing Reach; K-pop To Invade Britain In May

Breaking News 03.21.17 | 02:08AM EDT

Huge turnouts at K-CON Mexico and SXSW prove the growing market for K-pop.

K-hiphop concert

Get Ready For RAPBEAT SHOW Australia ft. Jay Park, Zion.T, Loco, Heize and Ravi (VIXX)

News 03.19.17 | 07:12AM EDT

Rapbeat show in Australia


'EXO PLANET #3 – The EXO’rDIUM – in SINGAPORE' on 2nd April

News 03.18.17 | 05:36AM EDT

EXO in Singapore


Overwhelming Response for Twiceland in Singapore 2017

News 03.16.17 | 05:58AM EDT

TWICE sold out tickets in Singapore

Jay Park and AOMG


News 03.16.17 | 05:56AM EDT


So ji sub

So Ji Sub 2017 Fan Meeting Tour TWENTY: The Moment in Singapore

News 03.16.17 | 05:54AM EDT

So Ji Sub Fan Meeting Tour TWENTY


Ailee Says Hello To Australian Fans!

News 03.16.17 | 05:52AM EDT

Ailee says hello to her Australian fans


GOT7 Tops iTunes Charts Around The World!

News 03.15.17 | 07:33AM EDT

GOT7 tops itunes charts around the world

Daesung D-Day

BIG BANG News: Daesung Drops 'D-Day' MV For Japanese Mini Album; 'D-Day' Release Slated For April 12

Breaking News 03.16.17 | 12:40AM EDT

Daesung kicks off his Japanese mini album with the release of D-Day MV. The mini album with the same day is scheduled for release on April 12.


It’s ‘D-Day’ For Daesung As He Makes His Japanese Comeback In New Music Video!

News 03.14.17 | 08:17AM EDT

Daesung Japanese comeback

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