Kang So Ra

'We got married' Lee Teuk surprise propose in concert hall, Kang So Ra 'cheekbones rise'

Stars on TV / Movies 12.17.11 | 11:53PM EST

Eun Ji Won

Eun Ji Won 1night 2 days best friends special review "I will show you what we eat outside..."

Buzz 12.17.11 | 11:44PM EST

'Elementary kid Eun' left a review from filming of 1night2days best friends special.

Park Guri

"I'm gonna go see Kara Guri" Musical male audience almost 50%... crazy popularity

Concert / Event 12.17.11 | 11:31PM EST


'Okjakkyo' Uee reveals a picture of herself in the past "looks the same as now"

Stars on TV / Movies 12.17.11 | 11:12PM EST

'Okjakkyo' Uee reveals a picture of herself in the past "looks the same as now"

Donghae Eunhyuk

Suju's Eunhyuk and Donghae "Oppa is coming. Are you watching world"'

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.17.11 | 11:01PM EST

Super Junior’s EunHyuk and DongHae is the unit group that is receiving the attention of the whole world. On December 13th, Super Junior’s DongHae revealed through his twitter “Eun with Hae practicing “Oppa Oppa”. See you soon” He again updated with “Are you watching world? Get together on December 16” with a picture of him and EunHyuk covering their faces, while wearing hats and confidently posing like they are flipping their hair back. Even though their faces were covered the fans corre...

HOT past

H.O.T's past rookie clips gain attention

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.17.11 | 10:52PM EST

The forever idol of the teens H.O.T’s past rookie images brought laughter to the audience. KBS “Entertainment New” broadcasted on December 17 aired “Comeback Youth” ranking, which had many of the star’s past clips from when they were rookies.

IU winning

IU wins 2 weeks in a row on “Music Bank” with “You and I”

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.17.11 | 10:27PM EST

IU won 1st place. On December 16th, on KBS’s “Music Bank” IU won 1st place with her song “You and I”. Following last week’s win she has been at 1st place 2 weeks in a row.

Jang Woo Hyuk comments “Oh my! She is so good” at IU’s Popping Dance

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.17.11 | 10:20PM EST

Jang Woo Hyuk compliments IU’s dancing skills. Jang Woo Hyuk on December 17 wrote in his MeToday “Coming back after finishing 1night. Oh~IU~Your popping dance is so good I can’t believe it. We should do it together sometime”.

24 member

The 24 member group finally reveal themselves

News 12.17.11 | 10:16PM EST

The 24 member Leaders will start activities. There are 3 units Leaders T, Leaders F, Leaders N that make up the largest member girl group. The group has been gaining a lot of interest just at that idea of such a large girl group. For the first time on December 28th at 3 pm they will reveal the members.


CL of 2NE1 on UK BBC's "NEWSDAY"

Breaking News 12.17.11 | 07:45PM EST

Girl group 2NE1 gained the interest from the UK’s BBC. On December 16th, 2NE1’s CL made an appearance on UK’s BBC World Main News Program “NEWSDAY” and talked about her thoughts about the KPOP fever.

Rumors of Yuri being casted for “Fashion King”

Breaking News 12.17.11 | 07:27PM EST

It has been revealed at Yuri is reviewing on whether to take the role in the drama “Fashion King” Yuri was offered a role in the new SBS Monday/Tuesday drama, ‘Fashion King‘, which is planned to air next year in March 2012.

Big Bang's New Album + "Big Show" Concert in March

Breaking News 12.17.11 | 07:02PM EST

Big Bang’s entertainment company YG Entertainment released that “Big Bang will have their “Big Show” next year in March 2012. Before the concert they will be releasing a new album as well”

Park Myung Soo and GD

Park Myung Soo and GD’s “I’m Having an Affair” Most Popular Entertainment Music

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.17.11 | 06:51PM EST

Park Myung Soo and G-Dragon’s “I’m Having an Affair” was picked #1 by the netizens as the “Most Popular Song in Entertainment” On the music website Monkey 3 between 12/1 and 12/7 272 people voted for “This Years Most Popular Songs created by Entertainment Shows” and Park Myung Soo and GD’s ranked #1.

Sulli school uniform

F(x) Sulli spotted in her school uniform with long straight hair

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.17.11 | 06:23PM EST

A photo of F(x)’s youngest Sulli in her school uniform looking simple is gaining interest Recently, a photo of Sulli titled “Sulli at school with her uniform” was put on the internet community board with the comment “She looks like she just came after taking a nap but her eyes are still so big and her face is so small”.

Soo Young

SNSD Soo Young absurb remark idol? "I'm so skinny I don't look Gandhi'

Stars on TV / Movies 12.17.11 | 06:45AM EST

Mir and Nam Woo Hyun

Nam Woo Hyun-Mir proof of BFF as '91 babies'

News 12.17.11 | 06:33AM EST

Nam Woo Hyun-Mir proof of BFF as '91 babies'


f(x) Sulli, takes over idol 'school uniform paparazzi shots'!

Gossip 12.17.11 | 06:24AM EST

The picture of f(x) Sulli's school uniform is thrilling the hearts of many fans

Jung Hyun Don

Jung Hyun Dong pretend marriage, pregnant instead of Guri "I don't want my wife to have a hard time"

Stars on TV / Movies 12.17.11 | 06:16AM EST

Jung Hyun Don, who has pretend-married Guri in 'LuluLala' made everyone laugh by stating that he has become pregnant in place of his wife.


Christina, successful diet proof "V-line that can cut"

Gossip 12.17.11 | 06:05AM EST

Christina, successful diet proof "V-line that can cut"


Ali 'Good-bye' vocals that touch the soul 'deep vocal color, electrifying'

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.17.11 | 05:56AM EST


Hyo Yeon complaints on outfits, spills of the disappointments she's been holding in... how bad was it?

Stars on TV / Movies 12.17.11 | 05:47AM EST

On December 19ths episode of Mnet 'Beatles Code' Hyo Yeon stated "When I saw pretty clothes I wanted to wear it... But other members always wore them so it made me sad"

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