KBS ‘Music Bank’ IU comeback with anchor Jun Hyun-moo

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.05.11 | 06:10PM EST

IU comes back with "You and Me" and "Uncle" on KBS Music Bank and brings a special guest in her performance.

Wonder Girls

KBS ‘Music Bank’ Wonder Girls wore a very sexy, yet cute outfit

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.05.11 | 05:33PM EST

Wonder Girls get attention for their new outfits for "Be My Baby"

Song Hye-gyo's photoshoot in Paris

Actress Song Hye-gyo’s photoshoot is “Breathtakingly beautiful”

Fashion & Style 12.05.11 | 05:09PM EST

Song Hye-gyo is featuring in this month's Vogue. A few pictures were uploaded onto photographer's Oh Joong-suk's twitter.


HyoRin Min's Past Photo - Face is Different?

News 12.05.11 | 11:03AM EST

Actress Hyorin Min's photo from the past shows a little difference in her face.

Rain in a Lawsuit with a Famous Designer

News 12.05.11 | 10:58AM EST

Rain is in a Lawsuit with a famous Hong Kong Designer.

A-Pink's NaEun Song Shows off her Sister.

News 12.05.11 | 10:47AM EST

A-Pink's NaEun shows off her sister.


YG Family Donates 5.6 Tons of Rice

News 12.05.11 | 10:41AM EST

Jinusean, Seven, Gummy, Big Bang, 2NE1, Psy, Tablo, and others at YG Entertainment donates 5.6 tons of rice.


Durian's Jihee Park joins the 1000 Day Promise OST

News 12.05.11 | 10:34AM EST

Jihee Park who has gained attention from singing 'I'm still loving you' has joined the lineup for '1000 day Promise' OST.


Sunhwa Han, Baby Skin Photo Authentication

News 12.05.11 | 10:23AM EST

Secret's Sunhwa Han authenticated her baby skin with a photo.


JaeSuk Yoo's Reply, Myungsoo Park's Reply Comparison

News 12.05.11 | 10:13AM EST

The Comparison between Jaesuk Yoo and Myungsoo Park has taken the interest of many.


Hyunsuk Yang and Eunju Lee - 2nd Child Pregnancy

News 12.05.11 | 10:02AM EST

Hyunsuk Yang and Eunju Lee have announced they are pregnant with their 2nd child.


Shayne's Picture from Past takes Over the Internet "Is it his Brother?"

SNS 12.05.11 | 09:36AM EST

Shayne's Picture takes over the Internet.


Girl's Generation's Jessica has Changed into a Passionate Woman!

Fashion & Style 12.05.11 | 09:01AM EST

Jessica took part in a photo shoot called Break the Ice for First Look's December cover.


T-ara to Create 5 Versions for 'Lovey-Dovey' Music Video

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.05.11 | 08:57AM EST

According to reports from Core Contents Media on December 5th, the Music Video for 'Lovey-Dovey' where 3 directors took part, is to be created into 5 versions including a drama, dance, and club.

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