Eric poses with his new hairstyle

SNS 12.07.11 | 12:57PM EST

Netizens are excited to see Shinhwa leader Eric not done up and with a new hairstyle.

KARA Kyuree

KARA's Park Kyuree, FNS Song Festival Proof Picture 'Jawline and eyes that could cut'

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.07.11 | 12:51PM EST

KARA's Park Kyuree posted a picture of herself that is causing a buzz. On the morning of December 8, Kyuree posted a picture and words on twitter

This year’s Ken and Barbie goes too…

News 12.07.11 | 12:46PM EST

Song Joong-gi and U-ee are this year’s Ken and Barbie.


FNS Dong-Ban-Shin-Ki, Controls Audience With Intense Dance 'Very Manly'

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.07.11 | 12:37PM EST

Group Dong-Ban-Shin-Ki (DBSK) showed a powerful performance. Last December 7, beginning at 7 PM, DBSK participated in Japan Fuji TV's '2011 FNS Song Festival'.

Crown J

Crown J on Probation, Acquitted of Assaut Charges

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.07.11 | 12:10PM EST

Crown J(Gye-hoon Kim, 32), who was indicted for pressuring his former manager to pay off his debt, was sentenced to 8 months in jail and 2 years probation.


After School's Ka-hee, Confirmed Casting In Dream High 2

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.07.11 | 11:27AM EST

After School member Ka-hee (Ka-hee Kim, 31) confirmed that she was casted as a member for 'Dream High 2' (script: Seong-Hye, director: Eung-bok Lee Wan-Il Mo).

Lim Jae-bum "I want to make a song for my father"

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.07.11 | 11:01AM EST

The showcase for singer Jae-bum Lim's remake album opened on December 7, 4 PM, at the Cham-won-dong Riverside Hotel in Seo-cho-gu Seoul.

Hong Kyung-min, Interest In Cheering On Brother Hong Geun-ha 'Brotherly Bond'

Stars on TV / Movies 12.07.11 | 10:46AM EST

Actor Geun-ha Hong revealed that singer Kyung-min Hong is his brother. At 2:30 AM on December 7, a press conference was held for MBC's part 2 drama 'I'm Alive' at MBC Dream Center in Il-san. At the press conference, the MC drew attention to Geun-ha Hong by revealing that Kyung-min Hong was his brother.


FNS Girl's Generation - the Seduction Begins

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.07.11 | 10:45AM EST

Japan has started to cheer as Girl's Generation seduces their fans.


Yeonhee Reveals Self Portrait - She is Beautiful!

SNS 12.07.11 | 10:37AM EST

Actress Yeonhee Lee shows off her beauty when she revealed her self portrait.


JYJ Junsu Performs With Miss Koreas

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.07.11 | 10:28AM EST

In oder to see group JYJ's member Junsu Kim fans from all over have come.


Tei Reveals Picture With Good Looking People like Shayne

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.07.11 | 10:18AM EST

Singer Tei receives attention from the picture of him and Shayne he revealed.

Luna, Reveals Ambition "It's my first time acting but I will show you pleasant and tasteful acting"

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.07.11 | 10:17AM EST

TV Cho-seon's 'Go-bong-shil Ah-joom-mah Goo-ha-gi' (Saving Lady Go-bong-shil - script: Eun-ryung Park, director: Sang-ho Yoon) held their production announcement conference on the afternoon of December 7, at the Grand Residence of 'Hilton South Sea Golf and Spa Resort Clubhouse' in Nam-he-gun, Gyeong-nam-do.


Taek Yeon Reveals it has Already Been a Year Since He Filmed His Kiss Scene With Suji

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.07.11 | 10:10AM EST

2PM's TaekYeon took a picture of where he shared his kiss with MissA's Suji.


ChaeWon Moon Comforts GwangHee Hwang for his Mistake

Stars on TV / Movies 12.07.11 | 10:03AM EST

ChaeWon Moon told us that she received more than 100 congratulatory texts after receiving New Comer Award at the Blue Dragon Movie Awards.

Performance That Will Surpass 'Hyun-ah and JS' Kiss Forcasted

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.07.11 | 10:00AM EST

On December 8, JTBC will show off its first broadcast of it new concept music chart show 'Music on Top'. 'Hyun-ah and JS', who caused a buzz with their dizzying kiss performance and extraordinary choreography, will appear on the first broadcast of JTBC's 'Music on Top' this December 8.


At the end of the year party Psy spends time with Gummy and TOP

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.07.11 | 09:49AM EST

Singer Psy reveals picture from YG Family's end of the year party.

'Trouble Maker', Will Hyun-ah and Hyun-seung Show Off A Kiss Performance Again?

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.07.11 | 09:38AM EST

At the 2011 Mnet Asian Music Award (MAMA), mixed unit 4Minute's Hyun-ah and B2ST's Hyun-seung caused a buzz with their kiss performance. On Thursday, December 8, at 6 PM, they will show off an even fancier performance through a live broadcast of Mnet's 'M Countdown'.


Jaebum Park's Look-Alike Appears on 'Big Serenade'

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.07.11 | 09:38AM EST

Jaebum's look-alike has revealed himself. 24-year-old college student Young Jae Joo is that person.


IU's Horseback Man is her Good Looking Manager

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.07.11 | 09:22AM EST

IU's Good Looking Manager is hot news!


'Young Gwang's Jane' Jang Woo Lee confesses "I Can't Survive Without Min Young Park" Despite Hard Slap!

Stars on TV / Movies 12.07.11 | 09:08AM EST

Being scolded, even slapped, only creates deeper love for Jang Woo Lee.


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