Press Conference

K-pop fans in Paris

New South Korean Entertainment Agency IT Factor Hopes To Bring The Sound Of K-Pop To The Rest Of The World

Press Conference 03.05.15 | 09:25AM EST

The launch of a new music company in South Korea is hoping to attract many talented people from around the world.

jackie chan jealous of siwon

Jackie Chan Admits He's Jealous Of Super Junior's Siwon During 'Dragon Blade' Promotions In Taiwan

Press Conference 02.14.15 | 01:04PM EST

Actor Jackie Chan explained he's jealous of all the fans that flocked to see his 'Dragon Blade' co-star, Super Junior member Siwon.

a pink bomi concert after 'the real man'

A Pink's Bomi, "I Realized The Importance Of Family & Members After 'The Real Man'"

Press Conference 01.31.15 | 01:30AM EST

Girl group A Pink's member Bomi said, "I realized how thankful I am after going to 'The Real Man'."

INFINITE H Comeback Photo Finally Revealed

INFINITE H Discuss Inspiration Behind New Album 'Fly Again'

Press Conference 01.28.15 | 04:47AM EST

During a recent press conference, Hoya and Dongwoo spoke about some of the songs that they helped create.

lee haeri kang minkyung 'davichi hug'showcase

Davichi's Lee Haeri Sweetly States, "If Kang Minkyung Was A Solo Singer, I Would've Been Her Fan"

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 01.22.15 | 02:05AM EST

The female duo Davichi's member Lee Haeri complimented her partner Kang Minkyung.

nine muses kyungri warns girl groups

Nine Muses' Kyungri Calls Out Fellow Stars "Sexy Girl Groups, Watch Out"

Press Conference 01.22.15 | 02:16AM EST

Nine Muses' member Kyungri said, "There are a lot of girl groups with sexy concept these days. They need to watch out."

jung yong hwa talks about yoon do hyun

CNBLUE's Jung Yong Hwa Shares His Heart As He States That "Yoon Do Hyun Is My Role Model"

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 01.21.15 | 02:44AM EST

Band CNBLUE's member Jung Yong Hwa revealed his special affection for his senior singer Yoon Do Hyun.

Big Bang's T.O.P stars in 'Tazza: The Hidden Card.'

Japanese Fans Look Forward To T.O.P's 'Sculpted Body And Sexy Kiss Scene' In The Movie 'Tazza - Hand Of God'

Press Conference 01.17.15 | 04:04PM EST

Japanese media reported about the premiere of "Tazza - Hand Of God" in Japan online.


Former EXO Member Kris Asked About Latest Member To Leave The Group, Luhan

Press Conference 01.17.15 | 03:28PM EST

The ex-EXO rapper was visibly caught off guard during a recent press conference when his former group mate was brought up.

sonamoo debut showcase

'Mysterious' SONAMOO's Successful Debut Showcase

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.30.14 | 11:45PM EST

The new girl group SONAMOO successfully finished their debut showcase Deja Vu.

Lee Joon And Thunder Leaves MBLAQ

J. Tune Camp States Lee Joon And Thunder Are Leaving MBLAQ On Peaceful Terms

Press Conference 12.17.14 | 02:41AM EST

It seems that the Lee Joon and Thunder, members of MBLAQ, left the group peacefully.

Kim Jong Kook & Haha|Runningman Bros U.S. Tour

Running Man Brothers Kim Jong Kook & HaHa Excite Dallas Fans During Fan Meet And Press Conference

Press Conference 12.31.14 | 04:57PM EST

Kim Jong Kook and Haha entertain fans during their second U.S. tour

Lee Min Ho

'Gangnam Blues' Director Yoo Ha Admits Not Wanting Lee Min Ho In Cast, Thought Actor Was 'A Bit Cheesy' In 'Boys Over Flowers'

Press Conference 12.12.14 | 08:19PM EST

Fans of actor Lee Min Ho, looking to forward to his new film "Gangnam Blues," (literal translation "Gangnam 1970"), apparently have director Yoo Ha's wife to thank.

SM & KFA Sign MOU, EXO Members Attend

EXO Members Attend The Ceremony Of The MOU Signing

Press Conference 12.13.14 | 01:08AM EST

SM Entertainment and Korea Football Association signed the MOU, and EXO members attended the event.

Fly the the Sky & Gummy Press Conference

Fly to the Sky & Gummy's R&B Collaboration Concert: 'THE Attraction'

Press Conference 12.13.14 | 01:07AM EST

R&B artists, Fly To The Sky and Gummy, are expected to be holding a collaboration concert.

no.mercy those eliminated will not debut

Starship On 'NO.MERCY', "Complete Elimination If They Don't Have Talent... They'll Never Debut"

Press Conference 12.09.14 | 02:02AM EST

Starship Entertainment's survival program "NO.MERCY" revealed that "those without talent will never get to debut with us."

Stars From All Over Asia Coming Together For Sketchers Sundown Festival's Press Conference In Singapore

Stars From All Over Asia Come Together For Sketchers Sundown Festival's Press Conference In Singapore

Press Conference 11.27.14 | 07:21AM EST

K-Pop group Cross Gene represents Korea at Singapore's 6th annual Sketchers Sundown Festival.

g-dragon talks about scandal with kiko

G-Dragon Gives Witty Response To Question About His Relationship With Japanese Model Mizuhara Kiko, 'I'll Text You Later'

Press Conference 11.26.14 | 01:40AM EST

Group Big Bang's member G-Dragon was asked about his scandal with the model Mizuhara Kiko.

GD and Taeyang remained friends through the early days of Big Bang to their current state of fame.

K-Pop BFFs: G-Dragon Explains His Life-Long Friendship With Taeyang

Press Conference 12.09.14 | 09:16PM EST

G-Dragon spoke fondly of his friendship with Taeyang and their working relationship, during a recent interview.

MAMA 2014

MAMA 2014 Plans Another 'Kissing Concept' Collaboration This Year

Press Conference 11.18.14 | 07:45AM EST

Known for dynamic collaboration stages, the producers of the Mnet Asian Music Awards are saying another kissing concept is in the works for this year.

jackson explains relationship with huh youngji

GOT7 Jackson Explains His Relationships With 'Roommates' Youngji & Lee Gook Joo

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 11.18.14 | 02:55AM EST

GOT7 member Jackson explained his relationship with KARA member Heo Youngji.

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