Press Conference

Hi Suhyun featuring Bobby of iKON.

Lee Hi Of Hi Suhyun Discusses Being Friends With Akdong Musician, WINNER And iKON

Press Conference 11.14.14 | 03:53PM EST

With YG Entertainment's latest single "I'm Different," fans are getting a collaboration between Lee Hi, Akdong Musician and iKON, and that is by no means an accident.

Jang Woo Hyuk to Host Open Auditions, 'The Next H.O.T'

Jang Woo Hyuk Hints At An H.O.T Reunion

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 11.07.14 | 09:48AM EST

During a recent press conference in China, the H.O.T member fielded questions about a possible reunion.

Park Jin Young,

Park Jin Young Reveals 2PM As The Company's Breadwinners, miss A Not Expected To Comeback Until Summer 2015

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 11.06.14 | 07:10AM EST

JYP Entertainment's CEO discussed the two groups at a press meeting on November 4.

jyp enteratainment park jin young most hit songs

JYP CEO Park Jin Young Discusses Scandals, No Mention Of Jay Park

Press Conference 11.08.14 | 12:31PM EST

JYP Entertainment CEO and founder Park Jin Young appeared at a recent press conference to discuss the status of the company and its artists.


Race Starts 2 Press Conference in Malaysia: Running Man Casts Appreciate the Laughter and Support Over the Years

Press Conference 11.09.14 | 05:19PM EST


MBLAQ's Lee Joon

Lee Joon Speaks Up About Alleged MBLAQ Contract Termination

Press Conference 11.03.14 | 07:36AM EST

During a recent press conference for 'Mr. Baek,' the idol explained that there would be a formal news announcement about his future in MBLAQ when the matter was fully settled.

f(x)'s Sulli

f(x) Sulli To Attend 'Fashion King' Press Conference, First Public Appearance Since Going On Hiatus In July

Press Conference 10.23.14 | 08:27AM EDT

f(x)'s Sulli is making her appearance after being on hiatus.

Ladies Code's Car Accident Investigation Gets Finalized

Ladies Code's Car Accident Investigation Is Finalized

Press Conference 10.23.14 | 12:47AM EDT

The police investigation for Ladies' Code's car accident was finalized.

EXO's D.O at a Press Conference of Upcoming Film 'Cart'

EXO Fans Allegedly Sneak Into Press Conference Pretending To Be Reporters

Press Conference 10.22.14 | 07:18AM EDT

The press conference for "Cart" was delayed due to security issues.

seo taiji press conference

Seo Taiji Comeback, "I'm On A Long Run Thanks To IU"

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 10.21.14 | 03:09AM EDT

Singer Seo Taiji revealed that he's able to go on a long run thanks to IU.

bernard park debut music festival

Bernard Park, Debut Is His Dream Come True "I'll Become A Humble Singer"

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 10.16.14 | 02:49AM EDT

Bernard Park, the winner of SBS "K-Pop Star 3", finally achieved his dream of becoming a singer.

strawberry milk way talks about her song

Strawberry Milk Way, "My Song 'Please Let Me Know' Were My Prayers When I Was Going Through Hardship"

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 10.16.14 | 03:05AM EDT

Girl group Crayon Pop's unit group Strawberry Milk's member Way talked about the song she wrote.


SECRET Sunhwa Compares Herself To Other Acting Idols f(x) Krystal & Girls' Generation Sooyoung

Press Conference 10.30.14 | 10:28PM EDT

Sunhwa talked about how it feels to be the female lead in her upcoming drama.

song jieun song for members

SECRET Song Jieun, "I Wanted To Write My Members A Song"

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 10.15.14 | 03:07AM EDT

Girl group SECRET's member Song Jieun revealed her love for her group members.

Kim Hyun Joong Confirms He Is Not Entering The Army Next March

Kim Hyun Joong Confirms He Is Not Enlisting In The Army Next March

Press Conference 10.15.14 | 03:17AM EDT

Singer Kim Hyun Joong said the report about his entrance to the army is not true.

Shin Min Ah

'My Love, My Bride' Actress Shin Min Ah On Working After Marriage

Press Conference 10.05.14 | 03:07PM EDT

Shin Min Ah thoughts about marriage during a press conference for her upcoming romantic comedy 'My Love, My Bride'

Lee Minho during the press conference

Lee Min Ho Charms The Audience At OSIM uDiva Endorsement Fan Meeting In Malaysia

Press Conference 10.02.14 | 07:25AM EDT

Lee Min Ho charmed his fans during a romantic evening at an OSIM uDiva event in Malaysia


EvoL Malaysian Press Conference, 'We Hope To Make A Lot Of New Fans'

Press Conference 09.27.14 | 12:10PM EDT

Coming back from a long hiatus EvoL meets local Media for First Showcase in Malaysia. Talks about their thought being in Malaysia for second time and upcoming album.

Welcome To Their Galaxy (YG Family 2014 Galaxy Tour In Singapore)

Welcome To Their Galaxy - YG Family 2014 Galaxy Tour In Singapore Press Conference

Press Conference 09.16.14 | 07:19AM EDT

Welcome To Their Galaxy - YG Family 2014 Galaxy Tour In Singapore

YG Entertainment confirms new boy group before Pink Punk.

YG Entertainment Confirms New Boy Group iKON Before Rumored Girl Group Pink Punk

Press Conference 09.02.14 | 11:42AM EDT

YG Entertainment fans waiting for the rumored girl group Pink Punk will have to wait a bit longer after the recent announcement by Yang Hyun Suk.

lee teuk press conference

Super Junior Lee Teuk, "I Get Emotional Easily These Days"

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 08.29.14 | 12:31AM EDT

Super Junior's leader Lee Teuk said, "I have an emotional disease."

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