K-Pop Throwback: Jazz And Hip-Hop Collide On 'Friday Move' From Beenzino, Shimmytwice Project Jazzyfact's 2010 Debut Album [AUDIO]

New Release 12.11.14 | 05:25PM EST

It is refreshing to see South Korean rapper Beenzino and producer Shimmytwice paying homage to those early East Coast innovators as recently as 2010, under the name Jazzyfact.

2PM, 2AM, and the members of JYP Nation come together on the 'One Mic' live album.

Album Review: The Magic Of JYP Nation Is Captured On 'One Mic' Live [AUDIO]

New Release 12.11.14 | 09:01AM EST

Fans of 2PM, 2AM, and miss A's Suzy will love the 'One Mic' album.

Robin Hood Musical teasers Beast's Yoseob and Kyuhyun

'Robin Hood' Musical Releases Kyuhyun And Yoseob Teaser Images

Stars on TV / Movies 12.11.14 | 08:12AM EST

The Korean musical Robin Hood has released the character teaser images for Super Junior's Kyuhyun and Beast's Yoseob.

The Korean-Canadian alliance of Necramyth.

Korean Rock Recall: Reexploring The Trans-Atlantic Thrash Of Necramyth's 2009 Track 'Ravenouz Ritual' [AUDIO]

Hidden Treasures 12.12.14 | 02:02PM EST

The seething 2009 track "Ravenouz Ritual," by South Korean thrash metal band Necramyth, is a prime example of how kickass music-making knows no bounds.

Lena Park and Dynamic Duo

Review: Dynamic Duo And Lena Park Make Us Dance Without Breaking A Sweat On 'SsSs' [AUDIO]

New Release 12.08.14 | 10:29PM EST

On "SsSs," Lena Park and Dynamic Duo prove themselves to be a formidable trio, delivering some serious power on the mic, while always remaining light on their feet.

ver a dozen artists from the BrandNew Music roster are rapping or singing on “Brand New Day.”

Editor's Pick: On 'Brand New Day' Verbal Jint And San E Join Forces With Their Labelmates To Create Greatness [VIDEO]

New Release 12.05.14 | 07:52PM EST

With over a dozen artists from the BrandNew Music roster rapping or singing, songwriter-producer ASSBRASS somehow brings it all together on "Brand New Day."

Korean power metal quartet Ironbard.

Korean Rock Recall: Reliving The Unabashed Glory of Ironbard's 2012 Power Metal Classic 'Skyland' From The 'Wing of Icarus' EP [AUDIO]

Old K-Pop 12.05.14 | 08:17PM EST

On their 2012 song "Skyland," Ironbard declare war on subtlety and emerge the victors.

Korean hip-hop duo Untouchable

Review: Korean Hip-Hop Duo Untouchable Keep It Funky On 'Clockwork' Featuring Babylon [VIDEO]

New Release 12.04.14 | 09:05PM EST

Korean duo Untouchable continue to blur the lines between funk, R&B and rap with their new single "Clockwork," featuring Babylon.


Review: Playa Craft A Top-Notch Pop Song On The Irresistibly Catchy 'Like A Movie' [AUDIO]

New Release 12.03.14 | 09:52PM EST

there are some occasions as with "Like A Movie," the new single from Playa released last week, where you just want to shut up and tell people to check something out on simple blind faith alone.

Lovelyz perform on South Korean TV

K-Pop Double-Take: Forget The Bad Press! Lovelyz 'Candy Jelly Love' Is Synth Pop Gold [VIDEO]

Reviews 12.10.14 | 06:31PM EST

“Candy Jelly Love” is a synth-driven piece of K-pop that melds together elements from multiple sub-genres and eras of electronic music into an adorable whole.

Masta Wu takes YG back to the streets with Bobby and Dok2 for 'Come Here.'

Review: Masta Wu Is Back In The Spotlight With Bobby & Dok2 For 'Come Here'

New Release 12.01.14 | 01:29PM EST

Masta Wu comes from behind the production soundboard to deliver the banging track ‘Come Here.’

album cover for

K-Pop Beyond The Charts: Shin Jisu And Kim Feel's 'New Day' Is A Jam The Whole Family Can Enjoy [AUDIO]

New Release 11.27.14 | 03:25PM EST

Though it was almost assuredly not their intention, on their newest single "New Day," South Korean vocalists Shin Jisu and Kim Feel have created a mellow, feel-good R&B track the whole family can get behind.

Brian McKnight

K-Pop Double-Take: Rainstone Mashes Up Genres on 'Rainstorm' Featuring Brian McKnight [VIDEO]

New Release 12.04.14 | 09:36PM EST

Rainstone's recent collaboration with Brian McKnight, entitled "Rainstorm," takes elements from R&B, dubstep, hip-hop and pop and fuses them together the create a track that is greater than the sum of it's parts.

Your friend and mine, Nocturnal Damnation's Bestial Desecrator of Sexual Fornications and Goetic Ritual.

Korean Rock Recall: Wading Through The Beautiful Sludge Of Nocturnal Damnation's 2011 Track 'Satanic War Metal' [AUDIO]

Hidden Treasures 11.26.14 | 05:47PM EST

On the 2011 track "Satanic War Metal," Korean black metal act Nocturnal Damnation explore how bad can actually sound pretty good.


Review: WA$$UP Find Their Sweet Spot On 'Shut Up U' From The New EP 'Showtime' [AUDIO]

New Release 11.24.14 | 07:54PM EST

Skillfully walking the tightrope that an upbeat pop song requires is "Shut Up U," the new single from the seven-member South Korean girl group WA$$UP.

A Pink are back with their fifth mini album 'Pink Luv.'

Album Review: A Pink Bring Back The Innocent Romance Of The ‘80s On ‘Pink Luv' [AUDIO]

New Release 11.25.14 | 07:29AM EST

A Pink draw on the influence of eighties American pop for their fifth mini album ‘Pink Luv.’

T-ARA with the Chopsticks Brothers

T-ARA Trade In Their Sexy Image For Track Suits In The Video For Chopsticks Brothers' C-Pop Hit 'Little Apple'

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 11.25.14 | 08:34AM EST

T-ARA take on the average girl concept for the Chopsticks Brother’s ‘Little Apple’ video.

South Korean rapper Kirin

Review: Kirin Teleports Us Back To Rap's Golden Age On 'JAM' From 'Love And Happiness' Featuring Qim Isle, Hoody [AUDIO]

New Release 11.21.14 | 05:11PM EST

Every song on Kirin's album "Love And Happiness," released on Thursday, has a foot planted firmly in the late 1980s to the early 1990s, paying homage to the artists that started the musical revolution that brought rap to the suburbs.

Jucy x Jenissi For Attraction Cover

EvoL's Jucy & Topp Dogg's Jenissi Cover Bumkey's 'Attraction' In Acoustic Rap Version

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 11.22.14 | 11:27AM EST

Two of K-Pop's up and coming idols have released a surprise acoustic rap cover of Bumkey's "Attraction.


Korean Rock Spotlight: Pyha Jang's Latest Project Project Gonguri Keep It Slow And Low On 'Unwanted Man' [AUDIO]

New Release 11.21.14 | 11:32PM EST

Gonguri, a doom metal band that emerged this year from Seoul, see how slow they can go on "Unwanted Man" from their debut cassette.

G-Dragon and Taeyang drop the beats on 'Good Boy.'

Review: Why We Won't Turn Down GD X Taeyang's 'Good Boy' For Anything [VIDEO]

New Release 11.20.14 | 11:03AM EST

G-Dragon and Taeyang’s ‘Good Boy’ could be one of the hottest K-Pop party anthems of 2014.


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