Rapper Jerry.K

Review: Korean Rapper Jerry.K Rises Above The Competition With His Electrifying New Track 'Higher' [AUDIO]

New Release 11.17.14 | 04:35PM EST

South Korean rapper Jerry.K's new track "Higher," featuring Sleeq, Rico and Don Malik, hits you like a punch to the guts.

Korea's first death metal band, Seed.

Korean Rock Recall: Unravelling The Organized Chaos of Seed's 2010 Track 'Their Bodies Covered In Flames' [AUDIO]

Hidden Treasures 11.14.14 | 05:55PM EST

On their 2010 cut "Their Bodies Covered in Flames," Korean death metal band Seed's insistence on making tight and taut music illustrates that metal is, in fact, a music of restraint.

album cover for

K-Pop Beyond The Charts: Joe Rhee And Keebomb Start A Riot On 'Up In This Club' [VIDEO]

New Release 11.13.14 | 09:00PM EST

There are few songs on the Korean pop charts, or any chart for that matter, that could get a party going as quickly as "Up In This Club" the new song by vocalist Joe Rhee and featuring rapper Keebomb.

AOA in the

Review: Brave Brothers And AOA Make Magic Once Again With The New Single 'Like A Cat' [VIDEO]

New Release 11.12.14 | 09:03PM EST

With shades of acoustic rock, 1980s Cuban dance music and early hip-hop, "Like A Cat," the title track of the new AOA album scheduled for release on Thursday is another winner.

HI SUHYUN are entrancingly soulful on 'I'm Different.'

Single Review: HI SUHYUN Conjure Late '60s Soul With Help From iKON's Bobby On 'I'm Different' [AUDIO]

New Release 11.12.14 | 06:53AM EST

HI SUHYUN capture the essence of Motown on their song ‘I’m Different.’

still from the

Editor's Pick: Teen Top Lay Down A Slow Jam With Some Kick On 'I'm Sorry' [VIDEO]

New Release 11.10.14 | 10:17PM EST

With "I'm Sorry," Teen Top's most recent single, released on Sunday, the boys are back, adding some serious pep to the sound of the late-1990s boy band slow jam.

Hello Venus To Discuss Future Plans Of Group

Review: Hello Venus Strike A Devilish Pose With Their Sexy New Single 'Sticky Sticky' [VIDEO]

New Release 11.09.14 | 07:23PM EST

By trimming down their sound to tastefully refined melodies over this raw hip-hop groove, Hello Venus have reinvented themselves with a sound that feels just right for the present time.


K-Pop Beyond The Charts: D.Holic Hypnotizes Us With Their Hard-Hitting Debut Single 'I Don't Know' [VIDEO]

New Release 11.05.14 | 02:19PM EST

There is something intoxicating about "I Don't Know," the debut single from the five-member South Korean girl group D.Holic.

Almeng in the

Review: 'Survival Audition K-Pop Star 3' Finalists Almeng Drop One Tantalizing Hook After Another On 'Half An Hour' [VIDEO]

New Release 11.05.14 | 12:55PM EST

What is exciting about "Half an Hour," the new single from K-pop duo Almeng, is their willingness to stray from the rulebook, combining dance sounds and styles at an almost schizophrenic pace.

Evanesce Screen Shot 1

K-Pop Double-Take: Subtle Production Techniques Turn Super Junior's 'Evanesce' Into A Fragile Masterpiece [VIDEO]

Old K-Pop 12.19.14 | 05:59PM EST

Skillful, creative music production gives "Evanesce" an emotional impact that makes it the standout track on Super Junior's new album "Mamacita".

Seo In Young

Review: Seo In Young And Zion T Conjure Up A Fresh New Sound With A Full Band On 'Thinking Of You' [VIDEO]

New Release 10.31.14 | 01:09PM EDT

Floating in a sea of K-pop ballads that seem to barely have a pulse, South Korean singer Seo In Young's new single "Thinking Of You," featuring vocalist and producer Zion T, is an island oasis.

Korean-American rapper Dumbfoundead

K-Hip-Hop Throwback: Korean-American Rapper Dumbfoundead Keeps It Real On The 2011 Track 'Cool And Calm' [VIDEO]

Old K-Pop 10.30.14 | 04:11PM EDT

Dumbfoundead is one rapper not afraid to reveal his own life and reflect on his own personal growth in his lyrics. This is particularly true about the track "Cool and Calm" off of his 2011 album "DFD."


Review: Why Gogoboys New Single 'Suddenly Romance' Has Everything You Could Want In A Korean Indie Song [VIDEO]

New Release 10.30.14 | 05:29PM EDT

"Suddenly Romance," the new single by Gogoboys, has everything one could want from a non-mainstream Korean song. It has a mellow-but-steady upbeat pace to the melody and a music video which isn't all flash and glam.

The heavy artillery that is Baekdoosan.

Korean Rock Recall: Metal Band Baekdoosan Do The Road Song Right With Their 1987 Cut 'Women Driving Highway' [AUDIO]

Old K-Pop 10.31.14 | 03:07PM EDT

On their rip-raging cut "Women Driving Highway," from the 1987 album "The King of Rock n' Roll," Korean metal legends Baekdoosan own the road.

Gaeko and Ailee need to work together more.

K-Pop Double-Take: Ailee Shows Off Her Rap Skills On 'Hueng Hai' From Gaeko Of Dynamic Duo's New Solo Album 'REDINGRAY' [AUDIO]

New Release 10.29.14 | 05:20PM EDT

Though known to most fans purely as a gifted singer, Korean-American K-pop star Ailee slays it in a brief rap verse on the Gaeko track "Hueng Hai" from his new solo album "REDINGRAY," released on Oct. 17.

album cover of the new Topp Dogg single

Review: Topp Dogg Bring Back Late 1980s R&B Production On 'Annie' New Single Celebrates Group's 1-Year Anniversary [AUDIO]

New Release 10.27.14 | 07:18PM EDT

On the one-year anniversary of the release of their debut EP, "Dogg's Out," Topp Dogg have once again gone back to the past to create something perfect for right now, on "Annie."


Moved to Tears By BEAST [Blog]

New Release 10.25.14 | 10:42AM EDT

Some songs are so good, they literally make you cry.

I don't hate it: Epik High starts a party in a small bathroom in the

Editor's Pick: Epik High Keep Real Hip-Hop Alive On 'Born Hater' Featuring Beenzino, Verbal Jint, B.I Of iKON [VIDEO]

New Release 10.24.14 | 03:30PM EDT

Epic Indeed: Epik High's new single "Born Hater" is hip-hop in its most raw form, a nearly five-and-a-half-minute-long throwdown over what is predominantly one beat.

Sagitta, seen here celebrating flower power.

K-Pop Throwback: Husband And Wife Duo Sagitta Recall The Summer Of Love On The 2004 Track 'Your Story' [VIDEO]

Old K-Pop 10.27.14 | 07:36PM EDT

The Korean husband-and-wife retro pop duo Sagitta pay tribute to the music of the Summer of Love while remaining true to a modern perspective.

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