Hwayoung of T-ARA

'Outcast' and 'Kim Kwang Soo' the Keywords of T-ARA's Controversy

Reviews 08.04.12 | 05:56PM EDT

Main reasons T-ARA's controversy became such a huge issue.


T-ARA's Controversy Becoming a Problem in the Society

Reviews 08.04.12 | 04:07PM EDT

nstead of calming down over time, T-ARA's bullying controversy is becoming a bigger issue as each day passes.

T-ARA Bullying Rumors

T-ARA and Their Controversy: One Week Later, Why is it Still an Issue?

Reviews 08.04.12 | 03:21PM EDT

A week has passed since T-ARA's controversy first made headlines for the Twitter postings of each member.

Kim Kwang Soo's Apology

Kim Kwang Soo of T-ARA Agency Releases a Handwritten Apology

Hot Issues 08.04.12 | 03:14PM EDT

Contents of the handwritten apology by representative Kim Kwang Soo of Core Contents Media

Nichkhun Unable to Attend 2012 JYP Nation

2PM Nichkhun Not Present at the "2012 JYP Nation"

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 08.04.12 | 08:16AM EDT

2PM member Nichkhun was unable to attend the "2012 JYP Nation"

Idol Groups and their Twitters, 'Double-Sided Sword'

K-Pop Idol Groups and their Twitters, 'Double-Sided Sword'

Buzz 08.03.12 | 02:25PM EDT

With the T-ARA issue, many other idol group entertainments have had members be careful on their twitters. Some have had idol members stop using their twitter for awhile. However, this could not be stopped. Many idols use this social media platform to advertise themselves and to rant about their day.

BEAST Midnight Sun Album

K-Pop Review: 'Midnight Sun' by B2ST

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 08.03.12 | 09:31AM EDT

BEAST made an impressive comeback with their 5th album, 'Midnight Sun,' promising to show us a brand spanking new image, and following through. BEAST has made a solid career with the dark, and beastly genre of music they've been releasing since their 2nd mini album, "Shock Of The New Era," but this time around they took on a happier, party ready image especially with their title track, "It's a Beautiful Night."

Kim Jaejoong of JYJ

'Time Slip Dr. Jin' JYJ Kim Jaejoong's Secret to Beating the Scorching Sun

Reviews 08.02.12 | 08:38AM EDT

Kim Jaejoong of the K-Pop idol group JYJ revealed his secret to beating the unbearable heat.

Only One by BoA

Kpop Review: 'Only One' by BoA

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 08.01.12 | 10:00PM EDT

"Only One" is the title track from BoA’s 7th album. This ballad pop song will please BoA's old fans, as well as introduce her to many of the newer fans, which will in turn have both fans listening back to all of her old music, from her Korean songs to her Japanese and even her American songs.


SNSD Yuri, Picked As #1 Star To Have the Best Bikini Body

Reviews 08.01.12 | 09:30PM EDT

Girl group Girls' Generation's Yoori was picked as the #1 star to have the best bikini body.

'Time Slip Dr. Jin' Park Min Young Looks Beautiful Even Pre-Make-Over!

'Time Slip Dr. Jin' Park Min Young Looks Beautiful Even Pre-Make-Over!

Reviews 08.01.12 | 04:58PM EDT

Actress Park Min Young getting make-over for MBC "Time Slip Dr. Jin"

eunji natural acting

"Respond 1997" Eunji Doesn't Mind Getting Her Hands Dirty for Acting, "Homeless Idol?"

Stars on TV / Movies 08.01.12 | 05:20AM EDT

A Pink Eunji is seen sleeping in a box for the drama "Reply 1997."


T-ARA's Bullying Issues is Because of the Number of Members?

Reviews 07.31.12 | 02:06PM EDT

The main reason for the conflict in the team is because of the number of the members that T-ARA has.


It's Not Only T-ARA! Other Idol Groups are No Exception

Reviews 07.30.12 | 11:00PM EDT

As the T-ARA controversy gains more momentum and more attention, industry insiders say that it's not news to hear that popular idol groups are going through growing pains with internal fights and bullying incidents that may be occurring within the groups.


What Does the T-ARA Controversy Say About the Industry?

Reviews 07.30.12 | 10:54PM EDT

T-ARA's management, Core Contents Media decided to remove the contested member from the group when controversy and rumours arose from witness accounts and tweets that could have been pointed at the new member, Hwayoung.

2NE1 Global Tour, 'True World Stars'

2NE1 Global Tour, 'True World Stars'

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 07.30.12 | 10:20AM EDT

2NE1 has proved to be Korea's top global girl group.

2NE1 New Evolution

2NE1 World Tour Opening Concerts Captivate 20,000 Fans!

Headlines 07.29.12 | 11:46AM EDT

Even in the scorching heat outside, 2NE1 sang their hearts out at their concert this weekend.


FTISLAND Heat Up "Mezamashi Live" in Japan!

Headlines 07.29.12 | 09:43AM EDT

K-Pop idol group FTISLAND appeared on "Mezamashi Live" on July 28 in Tokyo, Japan.

2NE1 Dara

2NE1 Dara Kisses a Fan During Her Performance!

Headlines 07.29.12 | 09:14AM EDT

Dara states, "I'm Actually a While Woman"

2PM Junsu

'Immortal Song 2' 2PM Junsu Impresses Fans with 'Farewell Formula'

Headlines 07.29.12 | 08:59AM EDT

K-Pop ido group 2PM's Junsu put on a performance of a fresh new remake of R.ef's "Farewell Formula."


BoA's Confession About Her Hobbies

Interviews 07.29.12 | 08:21AM EDT

BoA confessed that she is a Korean drama mania.

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