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K-Pop Contest in Washington D.C.! - 'I Want To Be A K-Pop Singer'

Headlines 06.28.12 | 09:21PM EDT

An African-American sibling placed first place in the first video contest created in Washington D.C. for K-Pop fans.


'Ghost' MBLAQ G.O. Praised For His Acting!

Reviews 06.28.12 | 07:23PM EDT

Actor Kwon Hae Hyo praised idol group MBLAQ's G.O.

'Secret Garden' and 'A Gentleman's Dignity'

Hyun Bin vs. Jang Dong Gun - 'A Gentleman's Dignity's Resemblance to 'Secret Garden'

Reviews 06.28.12 | 04:49PM EDT

'A Gentleman's Dignity' is in the spot light for having a resemblance to the famous drama 'Secret Garden'

'Time Slip Dr. Jin'

'Time Slip Dr. Jin' Song Seung Hun & Park Min Young Looking Like A Real Couple

Reviews 06.28.12 | 04:34PM EDT

Actor Song Seung Hun and Park Min Young couple makes the audience happy


'Ghost' Gwak Do Won's Version of TaeTiSeo's Twinkle!

Headlines 06.27.12 | 11:36PM EDT

Actor Gwak Do Won showed off his singing and dancing in an episode of 'Ghost'


'Ghost' So Ji Sup May Have To Serve Jail Time!

Reviews 06.27.12 | 11:35PM EDT

Lee Yeon Hee becomes worried as the investigation of the murder gets deeper

'I Love Italy'

'I Love Italy' Will Kim Kim Bum Choose His Life or His Love Park Ye Jin?

Reviews 06.27.12 | 09:20PM EDT

Will Kim Ki Bum choose to go back to being s 14 year old again?

'Unexpected You'

'Unexpected You' The Most Popular Drama!

Reviews 06.27.12 | 03:28PM EDT

The KBS drama 'Unexpected You' received the most viewing rate of 33.4%!


'Big' Lee Min Jung vs. miss A's Suzy - Who Would You Pick?

Reviews 06.27.12 | 12:02PM EDT

What will happen to the love triangle in the drama 'Big'?


'Big' miss A's Suzy Finds Baek Sung Hyun's Porn Stash!

Reviews 06.27.12 | 11:08AM EDT

During the drama 'Big', Baek Sung Hyun runs away from home


'Big' Lee Min Jung Proposes to Gong Yoo!

Reviews 06.26.12 | 11:09PM EDT

Actress Lee Min Jung officially proposed to Gong Yoo


'Big' miss A's Suzy - 'Goddess In A Wedding Dress'

Reviews 06.26.12 | 07:55PM EDT

miss A member Suzy showed off her beautiful figure in the drama 'Big'

'I Love Italy'

'I Love Italy' Super Junior's Kim Ki Bum & Park Ye Jin's 'Soju Kiss'

Reviews 06.26.12 | 07:34PM EDT

Actress Park Ye Jin and Super Junior's Kim Ki Bum's 'Soju One Shot Kiss Scene'

'I Love Italy'

'I Love Italy' Kim Ki Bum & Park Ye Jin Caught Dating In Public!

Reviews 06.26.12 | 04:38PM EDT

Kim Ki Bum and Park Ye Jin enjoy their street date

'Time Slip Dr. Jin'

'Time Slip Dr. Jin' Kim Jae Joong Betrayed By His Best Friend

Reviews 06.26.12 | 12:50PM EDT

Kim Kyung Tak finally figures out Hong Young Hwee's secret identity!

'A Gentleman's Dignity'

'A Gentleman's Dignity' CN Blue's Lee Jong Hyun is Jang Dong Gun's Son??

Reviews 06.26.12 | 09:43AM EDT

The relationship between CNBLUE Lee Jong Hyun and Jang Dong Gun became questionable in the drama "A Gentleman's Dignity"

'Time Slip Dr. Jin'

'A Gentleman's Dignity' Vs. 'Time Slip Dr. Jin' Weekend Rivals!

Reviews 06.25.12 | 10:34PM EDT

The weekend dramas are heating up!

'Unexpected You'

'Unexpected You' Gwak Dong Yeon Underestimates CNBLUE Kang Min Hyuk's Intelligence!

Reviews 06.25.12 | 10:28PM EDT

CN Blue Kang Min Hyuk's competence is questioned by 'dumb & dumber'.

2ne1 World Tour

Michael Jackson & Beyonce's Staff Will Join 2NE1 At Their World Tour!

Headlines 06.25.12 | 09:24PM EDT

Staff from Michael Jackson and Beyonce's concerts will take part in 2NE1's World Tour.

'Unexpected You'

'Unexpected You' Kang Min Hyuk & Oh Yeon Seo Get Caught Kissing!

Reviews 06.25.12 | 09:04PM EDT

While Mal Sook and Se Gwang share a secret kiss, they get caught by Yun Hee!

'Time Slip Dr. Jin' Song Seung Hun the Gentleman!

'Time Slip Dr. Jin' Song Seung Hun the Gentleman!

Reviews 06.23.12 | 04:31PM EDT

Actor Song Seung Hun's 'manner hand'

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