'Fashion King' Kang Young Girl

'Fashion King' Kang Young Gul Killed!

Stars on TV / Movies 05.22.12 | 06:28PM EDT

The ending of the drama 'Fashion King' shocked many viewers

'MBC Korean Music Wave in Google'

K-Pop Potential Shown Through Passionate Response of the Crowd at Google Concert

Concert / Event 05.22.12 | 03:31PM EDT

There are many significant meaning last night concert holds however one thing for sure is that K-Pop movement is moving forward to expand further into different parts of the world.

Super Junior Performed at 'MBC Korean Music Wave in Google' at Mountain View, California [PHOTOS]

Super Junior Mesmerizes 25,000 Fans at Google Concert

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 05.22.12 | 02:29PM EDT

Super Junior performed 3 of their hit songs ‘Superman,’ ‘Mr. Simple’ and ‘Sorry Sorry’ the boys had the whole crowd of 25,000 fans mesmerized. Super Junior received the loudest response from the crowd. The boys seemed especially popular with Chinese Americans and international students.

SISTAR’s Successful Debut in America as the Next Leading Girl Group at Google Concert

SISTAR’s Successful Debut in America as the Next Leading Girl Group at Google Concert

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 05.22.12 | 12:59PM EDT

Captivating the crowd with their beautiful sexy body wave through the slow tempo song ‘Ma Boy’ and Hyorin’s excellent vocal skills during the performances drew the attention of many fans. The audience most familiar with their hit song ‘So Cool’ was shown to be dancing along to the girls’ choreography amazing everyone to doubt whether this was the group’s first stage in America.

SMTOWN Live World Tour 2012

[Exclusive] SMTOWN Mesmerized 12,000 US Fans: BoA, TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls' Generation (SNSD), SHINee, f(x)

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 05.21.12 | 05:00PM EDT

SMTOWN returned back to LA after their last successful show in 2010, the concert was held last night with 12,000 fans at Honda Center in Anaheim, California. 'SMTOWN Live World Tour 2012' kicked off in LA, Honda Center was jam packed with ardent K-Pop fans from all over the states ranging from San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle even from the Midwest Chicago, Denver, Texas, even from the East Coast as far as New York.

SMTOWN Live World Tour 2012

[Exclusive] SMTOWN Live 2012 in LA Special Coverage: From the Beginning to the End

Headlines 05.21.12 | 12:50PM EDT

The concert that began at 7PM PDT with host Leeteuk of Super Junior, Tiffany and Taeyeon from Girls' Generation lasted until 10:30PM PDT concluding the incredible show with many explosive performances, as fans and artists shared the passion for K-Pop music throughout the entire show.


[Exclusive] SMTOWN LA Fans "We Love SHINee"

Reviews 05.19.12 | 10:20PM EDT

Some fans shared that they practiced the choreography of K-pop songs by watching YouTube over and over and others prepared banners with artists and lovely praises written. Here's the video of some of the fans that love SHINee meeting with KpopStarz.

Fans Waiting in Line

[Exclusive] SNSD, Super Junior, TVXQ, SHINee: From SMTOWN Artists Arrival in LA to the Dismissal of Fans

Reviews 05.19.12 | 05:31PM EDT

The first arrival from SMTOWN was f(x) member Victoria. Around 9:30am, she came out of the exit of international arrival with big smile and half covered big sunglass. Rookie group EXO followed after with bright appearances as well. Disturbance arose around 3:20pm when it was discovered that TVXQ, Girls' Generation, and Super Junior were spotted coming out from a different exit, 50 meters far from the original one. The airport was in chaos as fans suddenly rushed towards the direction artists ...

Rolling Stone Selected ‘Top 10 K-pop Groups Most Likely to Break in America’!

Rolling Stone Selected ‘Top 10 K-pop Groups Most Likely to Break in America!'

Reviews 05.19.12 | 02:52PM EDT

Magazine introduced K-pop as it has been able to break language barriers and captivate a passionate U.S. audience. Korean pop music video, Girls' Generation's "Gee," has earned 74,000,000 American views alone, even though most mainstream U.S. music fans have never heard of it. It continued, 'Yet K-pop has garnered a strong following without the help of any major American backing'

'The King 2 Hearts' Ha Ji Won Shot During Rescue

'The King 2 Hearts' Ha Ji Won Shot During Rescue!

Stars on TV / Movies 05.18.12 | 07:18PM EDT

Lee Jae Ha attempts to rescue Kim Hang Ah from a POW camp.

TVXQ Fans, Get Ready for SMTOWN Live Concert 2012 in LA!

TVXQ Fans, Get Ready for SMTOWN Live Concert 2012 in LA!

Reviews 05.18.12 | 02:36AM EDT

One of the TVXQ fan group 'Continue TVXQ's YouTube channel 'We Are T' released a tutorial video yesterday that guides attendees of SMTOWN concert 2012 in Los Angeles of what to do at the event venue as TVXQ fans. Inside of the video, there are three important steps to take to be on the right path.

Sensation of IU Ready to Arise? with 'Peach'!

IU Stirs Another Frenzy, All-Kill with ‘Peach!'

Breaking News 05.05.12 | 03:10PM EDT

IU revealed her new pre-released song 'Peach' midnight on May 4 included in her new single ‘Spring at the Age of Twenty.’ The song achieved an all-kill immediately after its release on various single charts in real-time.

Big Bang

Vietnam Already Excited for Big Bang's Coming

Reviews 04.13.12 | 06:57AM EDT

As Big Bang was greeted in Taiwan with a record setting number of 1,200 fans at the airport for a foreign artist, already Vietnam began their preparation for Big Bang’s visit.


Popular K-pop Songs This Week! : Which Song Are You Listening Now?

Breaking News 03.26.12 | 11:01AM EDT

If you are an adherent fan of K-Pop you must be happy these days. As so many good songs are coming out daily.


Shinhwa, "Thank You for Loving Us for 14 Years"

Concert / Event 03.26.12 | 01:11AM EDT

It was Shinhwa who sang and dances on the stage, but the lead character of the concert 'The Return' was their fans who have been loving and supporting Shinhwa for 14 years.


Shinhwa, The Return of the King with 20,000 Fans in Seoul

Concert / Event 03.25.12 | 10:16PM EDT

Shinhwa's concert '2012 SHINHWA THE GRAND TOUR IN SEOUL: THE RETURN' was held during the past two days on Saturday and Sunday at Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Arena to show their fans the groups future and at the same time organizing their past 14 years.

SHINee’s Ecstatic Fans Faint at ‘Music Bank in Paris’

Are K-Pop Stars Considered As Hollywood Stars in France?

Reviews 03.23.12 | 12:10PM EDT

Professor Hong pointed out that the image of Asian men protrayed by Hollywood is totally different from that of Bogosse. Hollywood portrays Asian men as having high ability of martial arts but unable to attract woman, however Bogosse portrays them who are just as attractive as Hollywood star with great sense of fashion, romantic image, excellence in dance and singing.

Seo Taiji

Will Beatles of Korea Come Out Again?

Reviews 03.23.12 | 01:33AM EDT

There was Beatles in the history of world music and another in K-Pop as well referred as Beatles of Korea. It's exciting to anticipate how K-Pop that is leading another cultural revolution to spread out even further worldwide.

K-Pop girl groups

Did You Know That Active K-Pop Girl Groups are More Than 100?

Reviews 03.22.12 | 04:14PM EDT

Groups that are active worldwide are only a handful like Girls’ Generation, 2NE1, and Wonder Girls. Also there are those who have a large fan base in Japan and Asia such as KARA, T-ARA, Rainbow, 4minute.

Idol groups evolving

K-Pop Idol Groups Are Evolving to Conquer Worldwide

Reviews 03.21.12 | 11:28PM EDT

If you see any other singers that debut now they have specific member from the group that speak English, Chinese, and Japanese from the beginning of their debut.

Boy group

Boy Groups Are Coming Out at Once in 2012, Why?

Reviews 03.21.12 | 08:26PM EDT

In the beginning of 2012, new boy groups were announced about their debut. Senior idol groups also proclaimed their come back.

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