Kyla to Uncover What She Knows about PRISTIN's Disbandment through YouTube

Scandals 08.08.19 | 09:52PM EDT

On August 3, the girls released their second mini-album titled "Schxxl Out" with its title track "We Like." On October 12, Kyla returned to the US to recover from her health issues. On May 28, 2018, the group's sub-unit PRISTIN V debuted with the single album "Like A V." A year later, Pledis Entertainment then announced that PRISTIN has officially disbanded, on May 24, 2019.


Yang Hyunsuk is Reportedly Highly Involved in Illegal Works

Scandals 08.05.19 | 05:29AM EDT

On June 14, 2019, Yang Min Suk, brother of Hyun Suk, announced Yang Hyun Suk's decision to resign as a CEO and his other positions in the company, which is due to the recent issues like the Burning Sun scandal and other accusations.

Song Hye Kyo and Joo Ji Hoon were both said to have received an offer to play the lead roles in KBS2's upcoming legal drama titled

Song Hye Kyo Shows How Strong She is Despite of Personal Problems

Scandals 07.27.19 | 11:12AM EDT

Some fans rooted for Joong Ki, while others for Hye Kyo. After all the issues they are facing, Song Hye Kyo is still getting up and keeping up with her career life.


Fans Reaction Regarding IKON's B.I Faces Drug Issue

Scandals 07.24.19 | 11:09AM EDT

It is not new that B.I. left his agency already due to drug abuse. Their are a lot of reactions coming from his fans. Some are still wishing him luck and guidance and the others are just plain upset.

Nam Tae Hyun

South Club's Nam Tae Hyun Reportedly Edit Out at MBC's Video star

Scandals 06.29.19 | 03:15PM EDT

Nam Tae Hyun is caught in a hiatus after allegedly cheating on his then-girlfriend, Jang Jae In. He wrote a handwritten letter for his fans and to all involved saying how sorry he is.

B.I., rapper and leader of the South Korean boy band IKON, is leaving the group after admitting he had attempted to purchase illegal drugs.

B.I. Denies Drug Usage but Withdraws From iKON

Scandals 06.29.19 | 01:30PM EDT

Controversies about drugs are circulating the entertainment industry for quite some time and B.I. from iKon is included in the list of rumoured drug abuser. Let us see what his statements are with regards to the issue.

B.I., rapper and leader of the South Korean boy band IKON, is leaving the group after admitting he had attempted to purchase illegal drugs.

B.I. Leaves IKON, Apologizes to Fans over Attempted Illegal Drugs Purchase

Scandals 06.14.19 | 08:48AM EDT

B.I., rapper and leader of the South Korean boy band IKON, is leaving the group after admitting he had attempted to purchase illegal drugs.


Peponi Music Releases New and Full Statement on Recent Controversies

Scandals 06.10.19 | 08:34PM EDT

After the allegations of an online post that he used to be a school bully, Yoo Young Hyun departed from his band Jannabi and confirmed the ugly claims to be true.


Seungri & Yoo in Suk's Pretrial Detention Warrant Request Rejected

Scandals 05.15.19 | 10:17AM EDT

Seungri and Yoo In Suk arrives to be questioned over embezzlement, prostitution services, and ordinance violations on May 14, 2019, in which the judge rejected the pretrial detention warrant requests by the kpop singer and the former CEO of Yuri Holdings.

Go Joon-hee

Go Joon-hee Denies Being Involved in Sex Scandal

Scandals 05.08.19 | 11:12AM EDT

Several actresses denied the rumors about their involvement with Seungri's sex scandal. According to the report, actress Go Joon-hee filed a libel suit against 12 people who spread false rumors about her possibly being one of the unnamed actress mentioned by Seungri's infamous group chat. Han Hyo-Joo, Jung Eun-Chae, and Kim Go-Eun also denied their involvement in the party.

Hana Drug Scandal

Hwang Hana and Park Yoochun's Drug Scandal

Scandals 05.06.19 | 08:42AM EDT

Hwang Hana is being involved in a drug scandal with an insider revealing that Hana allegedly hosted drug fueled orgy parties at luxury villas in Seoul.

Goo Hara and Choi Jong-Bum Scandal

Goo Hara and Choi Jong-Bum Scandal

Scandals 05.06.19 | 09:18AM EDT

Ex-couple Goo Hara and Choi Jong Bum faced a scandalous issue when Goo Hara filed charges against Choi for sexual violence, bodily injury, coercion, destruction, and blackmailing. The first trial happened on April 18 by Chief Judge Oh Duk Shik.

Park Yoochun admits drug use allegations.

Fans Pen a Parting Letter After Yoochun Admits Drug Use Allegations

Scandals 05.01.19 | 03:23PM EDT

A day after Park Yoochun confessed about his drug use on April 29, fans were quick to pen a letter letting the Hallyu star go.

Korean Singer Jung Joon Young Was Arrested

Jung Joon-Young Scandal

Scandals 04.30.19 | 12:00AM EDT

Jung Joon-young became a hot topic after being accused of participating in a sex scandal.


G-Dragon Wrapped up in another Plagiarism Controversy?

Scandals 07.01.17 | 12:35PM EDT

G-Dragon Wrapped up in another Plagiarism Controversy?

VIXX At The Metro Toronto Convention Centre

VIXX Gets Plagiarized for the 6th Time This Year?

Scandals 06.22.17 | 10:36AM EDT

VIXX Gets Plagiarized for the 6th Time This Year?

T.O.P Drug Scandal

Sentencing For Female Trainee Involved In BIGBANG T.O.P's Case Draws Flak From Netizens

Breaking News 06.20.17 | 06:44PM EDT

Netizens feel like the female trainee in BIGBANG T.O.P's case was let off easy by the courts despite the gravity of her offense.

T.O.P's Philanthropy, A Look at the Charity Work of T.O.P

BIGBANG T.O.P. NO Longer In Critical Condition, To Receive Mental Health Treatment Upon Discharge From ICU

Breaking News 06.09.17 | 08:06AM EDT

After being in critical condition for the past few days, BIGBANG rapper T.O.P. finally regained consciousness and made eye contact with his mother. Doctors at the Ewha University Hospital said that the rapper is also now in a more stable condition and could be transferred out of the ICU.


BIGBANG T.O.P's First Trial Date Confirmed, Will the Star Wake Up by Then?

Breaking News 06.08.17 | 06:32AM EDT

The Seoul Central Court has set the first trial date for the drug case of BIGBANG rapper T.O.P. who was found positive for the use of marijuana during a recent drug test conducted by the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. The trial date has been set for June 29.

BIGBANG member reacted to T.O.P's scandal and G-Dragon and Taeyang's comebacks

G-Dragon Reacted To T.O.P's Marijuana Scandal

Scandals 06.08.17 | 12:35PM EDT

Will G-Dragon and Taeyang's comeback got affected by T.O.P's marijuana scandal? Check out what G-Dragon said about T.O.P's scandal!

T.O.P Drug Scandal

BIGBANG T.O.P’s Past Instagram Post Hinted Relationship With Former Girl Group Trainee & Marijuana Scandal

Scandals 06.06.17 | 09:03AM EDT

Netizens found evidence that may have confirmed T.O.P's relationship with the former girl group trainee and his involvement in marijuana scandal in T.O.P's Instagram picture posted on October 11, 2016.

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