G-Dragon in 'Bae Bae' MV

G-Dragon Denies Rumors That 'Bae Bae' Lyrics Refer To Suspected Girlfriend Kiko Mizuhara

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 05.05.15 | 06:23PM EDT

G-Dragon continues to find himself in the midst of relationship rumors as Big Bang kicks off promotions for "Bae Bae" and "Loser."

EXO Tao Pathcode Photo

EXO's Tao Called Racial Slurs By Commenters After Removing The Band From His Instagram

Scandals 05.05.15 | 01:33PM EDT

As EXO fans continue to wait for official news on Huang Zi Tao's future with the group, public outrage has emerged on the Chinese rapper's Instagram.

Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong Reportedly Faces $1.48 Million Damage Lawsuit From Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend

Scandals 05.05.15 | 08:39AM EDT

The ex-girlfriend claims to have suffered psychological harm while being involved with the actor-idol, according to reports.

Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong's Military Enlistment Imminent Despite Baby On The Way

Scandals 05.05.15 | 08:33AM EDT

Non-official sources suggest that the idol-actor will be enlisting next week on May 12.

Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong's Child To Be Born In September, Reveals Mother In Recent Interview

Scandals 05.04.15 | 09:26AM EDT

The actor-idol allegedly accompanies the mother to her medical appointments, but the fate of the couple remains unclear.

K-Pop Crossover: TMZ's Coverage Of EXID Angers K-Pop Idols Like f(x)'s Amber Liu [VIDEO]

K-Pop Crossover: TMZ's Coverage Of EXID Angers K-Pop Idols Like f(x)'s Amber Liu [VIDEO]

Scandals 05.03.15 | 02:23PM EDT

TMZ's coverage has attracted controversy in the past, and a recent video has caused negative backlash in the world of K-pop.

EXO Tao Exodus

Tao Cries During Birthday Celebration Amidst Speculation He's Leaving EXO

Concert / Event 05.03.15 | 03:53PM EDT

The Chinese K-pop idol allegedly left EXO in April.

 G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara

G-Dragon And Kiko Dating Rumors Buzz Again After Pair Spotted Leaving Fashion Event Together

Scandals 05.02.15 | 07:41PM EDT

Once again, Big Bang's G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara were spotted together, causing fans to wonder what the nature of their relationship is.

EXO Miracles In December

EXO Fans Accuse Chinese Pop Group TF Boys Of Copying Music Video

Scandals 04.29.15 | 09:25AM EDT

Fans claim that the music videos for “Yang” by the Chinese group TF Boys and EXO's ballad "Miracles in December" share an unsettling number of similarities.

EXO Call Me Baby MV Fashion

EXO Manager Fined Nearly $1,000 For Hitting Fan At Airport

Scandals 04.29.15 | 09:11AM EDT

The manager is said to have hit the fan who was trying to get close to EXO.

Kris Wu, former member of EXO

Solo Album Rumors Ignite For Kris Wu As EXO Controversy Continues With Tao And Lay

Scandals 04.25.15 | 04:21PM EDT

Amidst controversies surrounding his former bandmates, EXO's Kris Wu may be moving on as a solo artist after all.

SBS Broadcaster Park Sang Do (left) and JYJ singer Junsu onstage at Thursday's Goyang International Flower Exhibition

JYJ's Junsu Lashes Out At SBS Broadcaster Park Sang Do On Twitter For Ridiculing Him And His Fans At Performance In Goyang [VIDEO]

Scandals 04.24.15 | 08:45PM EDT

A word of advice for the MC of any future performances by JYJ vocalist Kim "Xia" Junsu--don't make fun of his fans.

Jessica Jung

Jessica Jung, Xiumin And Lay Expunge Their Instagram Accounts Amidst SM Entertainment Controversy

Scandals 04.23.15 | 12:25PM EDT

With controversies once again arising from its artists, former and current SM Entertainment idols have revamped their Instagram accounts to silence the noise.

All Eyes Are On Lay As Departure Of Tao From EXO Becomes More Probable

All Eyes Are On Lay As Departure Of Tao From EXO Apparently Becomes More Probable

Scandals 04.23.15 | 10:59AM EDT

With Huang Zi Tao's departure from EXO becoming a more likely scenario, all eyes are on the last remaining Chinese member of the popular K-pop boy band.


[BREAKING] Tao's Father Reportedly Says Son Agrees To Leave EXO As SM Entertainment Confirms Dispute

Breaking News 04.23.15 | 07:53AM EDT

Tao's father revealed he asked his son to leave EXO out of fears regarding the singer's health.

EXO Tao Exodus

SM Entertainment Confirms Dispute With EXO Member Tao's Father Over Leg Injury

Scandals 04.22.15 | 11:15PM EDT

After continued rumors of an exit, Tao's activities in EXO are once again under the microscope.

EXO's Tao Reportedly Following Account Claiming To Be His Father

EXO's Tao Reportedly Following Account Claiming To Be His Father, Adding Fuel To Viral Letter

Scandals 04.22.15 | 10:50AM EDT

After being absent from "Call Me Baby" promotions, rumors of Huang Zi Tao leaving SM Entertainment's EXO is growing after a letter has emerged claiming to be written by his father.

EXO Tao Exodus

[BREAKING] Chinese Media Reports Tao's Father Airs Grievances With SM Entertainment, Wants Son To Leave EXO

Breaking News 04.22.15 | 10:45AM EDT

A letter allegedly written by the parent made it clear that Tao did not want to leave EXO, but that his father chose to pull him out due to health and other concerns.

Bumkey to Debut in Hip-Hop Group

Bumkey Found Innocent In Drug Distribution And Drug Use Cases

Scandals 04.21.15 | 08:55AM EDT

Testimonials against the hip-hop musician turned out to be inconsistent and, ultimately, unbelievable.

Bumkey is facing allegations of drug use and distribution.

Troy Leader Bumkey Reportedly Faces Up To 5 Years In Prison On Drug Charges

Hot Issues 04.16.15 | 08:41AM EDT

The hip hop artist was arrested for selling drugs in 2014.

EXO Tao Exodus

[BREAKING] SM Entertainment Denies Chinese Media Reports Of Tao Leaving EXO

Breaking News 04.16.15 | 08:27AM EDT

Chinese outlets reported that Tao is looking to nullify his contract with SM Entertainment, but the Korean record label insists the singer is just recovering from an injury.

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