Girl's Day member Sojin

EXO's D.O And Girl's Day Sojin Find Themselves At The Center Of Latest Wave Of Relationship Rumors

Scandals 03.16.15 | 06:29AM EDT

Korean netizens linked the two idols together due to their outfit choices.

'Three Musketeers' Star Kim Sung Min Reportedly Busted For Meth Possession A 2nd Time In Undercover Raid By South Korean Authorities

Scandals 03.13.15 | 07:47PM EDT

Four years after receiving a 30-month jail sentence for the possession and ingestion of narcotics, South Korean actor Kim Sung Min has been arrested for the same offense, according to a report Wednesday in the Chosun Ilbo.

Is 4Minute copying Knife Party?

K-Pop Crossover: Knife Party Denies 4Minute's 'Crazy' Plagiarism Allegations

Scandals 03.12.15 | 03:05PM EDT

While K-pop is not foreign to plagiarism allegations, and this time 4Minute has come under fire for its "Crazy" comeback.

Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong Considers Military Enlistment Postponement In The Wake Of Pregnancy Scandal With Ex-Girlfriend

Scandals 03.12.15 | 08:58AM EDT

The singer-actor will look to postpone his mandatory military service that is scheduled for March 31.

Korean Actress Clara

Police Raid Reportedly Shuts Down Polaris Entertainment: Will This Affect Pending Clara Lawsuit, Ladies' Code Comeback Plans, Iron Debut?

Breaking News 03.11.15 | 09:09AM EDT

The president of Polaris Entertainment's parent company has been arrested and is reportedly being investigated by authorities.

ZEST Halt Group Activities Indefinitely After Alleged Rape Accusation

ZEST Halt Group Activities Indefinitely After Alleged Rape Accusation

Scandals 03.09.15 | 08:48AM EDT

An investigation has been launched after a member of the rookie idol group was allegedly accused of raping a former female idol.

Kim Dahee formerly of GLAM is facing a one-year prison sentence for blackmail.

Former GLAM Vocalist Kim Dahee Apologizes To Actor Lee Byung Hun At Appeal Hearing For Allegedly Trying To Blackmail Him

Scandals 03.06.15 | 06:46PM EST

On Thursday, singer Kim Dahee of the now-defunct K-pop girl group GLAM appeared alongside South Korean model Lee Ji Yeon in Seoul Central District Court to appeal a year-long prison sentence.

B.A.P Thanks The Staff For Inviting Them On 'The Show'

B.A.P And TS Entertainment Headed To Court March 16 In Contract Dispute Case

Press Conference 03.06.15 | 01:58PM EST

The showdown will soon begin on whether the idol group can nullify its contract.

Kris Wu, former member of EXO

SM Entertainment Reports Record Breaking Sales In China During 2014 Despite Lawsuits From Chinese EXO Members Kris And Luhan

Scandals 03.06.15 | 09:27AM EST

Despite having a seemingly rough 2014, SM Entertainment had its biggest year yet in terms of revenue - an estimated 287 billion Won ($261 million USD) in total sales last year, according to a recent report.

Girls' Generation Taeyeon in Singles

#ExoLWantTaeyeonDead Hashtag Causes Friction Between EXO, Girls' Generation And Jessica Jung Fans

Scandals 03.05.15 | 11:24AM EST

The power of K-pop fans is well known, and this time Girls' Generation and EXO have been pitted against each other on social media.

Ryu Mr.Mr

MR.MR Member Ryu Reacts To Contract Termination On Twitter

Hot Issues 03.05.15 | 10:51AM EST

Ryu expressed shock over news he had left the band and claimed the agency mistreated him.

Rumors of Tao leaving EXO have surfaced.

Rumors Of Tao Leaving EXO Trending On Social Media Shortly After Luhan And Kris's Mediation Postponement

Scandals 03.03.15 | 01:39PM EST

As SM Entertainment continues its legal battle with EXO's Luhan and Kris Wu, rumors of another Chinese members leaving the K-pop group has gone viral due to the Chinese social networking platform Weibo.

Kim Hyun Joong

Parents Of SS501's Kim Hyun Joong Question Validity Of Ex-Girlfriend's Paternity Test Results, Call For Additional Evidence

Scandals 02.27.15 | 09:58PM EST

On Friday, the parents of the 28-year-old SS501 frontman Kim Hyun Joong added their voices to an increasingly contentious legal battle between the star and his ex-girlfriend, referred to in local media reports as simply "Ms. Choi."

Kris, Luhan

Kris And Luhan's Mediation Is Postponed After SM Entertainment's Recent Lawsuits

Scandals 02.26.15 | 01:47PM EST

In another turn of events in the ongoing legal battle between EXO's Kris Wu and Luhan and record label SM Entertainment, this month's mediation has been postponed until next month.

Kim Hyun Joong

Text Messages Between Kim Hyun Joong And Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend Released By Korean Media Outlet Dispatch

Scandals 02.26.15 | 08:23AM EST

The two made headlines after a domestic abuse trial in 2014, and then again after pregnancy and marriage rumors.

DSP Media has revealed their reaction to Ahn Sojin's suicide.

DSP Media Reportedly Confirms Contract Expiration Shortly Before Former Baby Kara Member Sojin's Suicide

Scandals 02.25.15 | 11:17AM EST

Shortly after reports of former Baby Kara member Ahn Sojin's alleged suicide, record label DSP Media have revealed their reaction to the tragic news.

Kim Hyun Joong To Release Track “HIS HABIT” On July 4 Before Album Release

Kim Hyun Joong's Ex-Girlfriend Says She Has No Plans To Marry The Star, Despite Pregnancy

Scandals 02.25.15 | 09:52AM EST

Both sides confirmed Choi's pregnancy, but a new statement contradicts initial reports that the former couple will marry.

Andy Lee - Shinhwa

Shinhwa Member Andy Lee Apologizes For 2013 Gambling Scandal Prior To Group's 12th Album Release

Scandals 02.24.15 | 02:16PM EST

While Shinhwa prepares to return with their 12th studio album on February 26, Andy Lee goes on 'Healing Camp' to do some damage control.

Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong And Ex-Girlfriend Release Statements Confirming Pregnancy

Scandals 02.24.15 | 10:09AM EST

The two were involved in an abuse case in 2014, and reconciled after Kim publicly apologized.

Photos between Kim Hyun Joong and girlfriend reportedly surface.

Kim Hyun Joong's Agency Denies Rumors Of Singer's Upcoming Marriage To Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend

Breaking News 02.23.15 | 08:32AM EST

KeyEast released a statement about marriage and pregnancy rumors surrounding the celebrity and his ex-girlfriend.

b.a.p lawsuit against ts entertainment

B.A.P And TS Entertainment Set First Court Date In Contract Dispute Case

Hot Issues 02.23.15 | 09:08AM EST

The idol group sued their entertainment agency last year to nullify their exclusivity contract.

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