With the launch of a new comeback teaser, EXO fans are left with one driving question—what about Kris and Luhan?

EXO Teaser Art Plagiarism Scandal Reportedly Resolved As Agreement Is Reached Between VM Productions & Swedish Artist Erik Soderberg

Scandals 01.22.15 | 12:22PM EST

The director in charge of the production company released a statement about what happened.

Jung Yoo Mi, Cha Ye Ryun, Chae Jung Ahn and Clara Attend W Korea 9th Breast Cancer Awareness Charity Event Campaign 'LOVE YOUR W'

Polaris Entertainment Releases Alleged Text Messages About Clara's Relationship With CEO, Clara's Side Responds

Scandals 01.19.15 | 03:30PM EST

The text messages show no sexual harassment, but Clara's attorney has said that the texts may be fake.

Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong Reportedly Indicted On Assault Charges By Seoul Prosecutor's Office

Breaking News 01.19.15 | 03:17PM EST

The singer will reportedly have to pay 5 million won in fines.

Artist Spotlight: Yoon Mirae via KultScene

Yoon Mi Rae Updates Fans On Sony Lawsuit Progress

Scandals 01.19.15 | 02:42PM EST

"Pay Day" allegedly appeared in the controversial film, "The Interview" without the singer's expressed permission.

The first round of mediation of 2015 has resulted in

No Settlement Reached In Kris And Luhan's Same-Day Mediation With SM Entertainment

Scandals 01.17.15 | 10:14AM EST

The first round of court-ordered mediation of 2015 has resulted in "no settlement" for EXO's Kris Wu and Luhan.


Star Empire Apologizes To W.Korea For Nine Muses ‘Drama’ Pictorial Controversy

Hot Issues 01.17.15 | 05:48PM EST

The Nine Muses album pictorial found to be copied without permission from fashion magazine W. Korea

Bobby Kim

Korean Air Unsure Of Disciplinary Action Towards Ticketing Official For Bobby Kim Incident

Scandals 01.16.15 | 12:57PM EST

Airline Korean Air not certain on the fate of ticketing official who issued the wrong ticket to Bobby Kim.

Glam Officially Disbands

GLAM Officially Disbands As Members' Contracts Are Terminated

Breaking News 01.15.15 | 12:40PM EST

It is widely speculated that Kim Dahee's court case is the reason for a premature disbandment of the group.

Lee Ji Yeon's parents clarify and protest regarding their daughter actions against Lee Byung Hun.

GLAM's Dahee & Model Lee Ji Yeon Sentenced To Prison In Lee Byung Hun Blackmail Case

Breaking News 01.15.15 | 12:29PM EST

The two are said to have tried to blackmail actor Lee Byung Hun for over $4 million USD.

Korean R&B singer and rapper Bobby Kim

Bobby Kim May Be Charged With Criminal Offense, Korean Air Forced To Pay Fine For Violating Law

Hot Issues 01.16.15 | 01:09PM EST

The singer allegedly got intoxicated and sexually harassed a female flight attendant.

EXO Coming Soon

VM Production Claims EXO's 'Coming Soon' Video Teaser Is Not Plagiarized

Scandals 01.16.15 | 12:49PM EST

SM and EXO's teaser video's production company fight back against accusations of plaigarism

Clara has filed a lawsuit against her agency.

Clara Allegedly Files Contract Nullification Lawsuit On The Grounds Of Sexual Harassment

Scandals 01.14.15 | 01:09PM EST

After a string of contract nullification lawsuits last year, actress Clara Lee has been revealed to have also filed her own lawsuit in December.


Former EXO Member Kris Asked About Latest Member To Leave The Group, Luhan

Press Conference 01.17.15 | 03:28PM EST

The ex-EXO rapper was visibly caught off guard during a recent press conference when his former group mate was brought up.

B1A4 at Let’s Fly With B1A4 & Acer Special Fan Meeting in Malaysia - Jan 10, 2015 [PHOTOS]

Malaysian B1A4 Fans Reportedly Face Potential Jail Time After Fan Meeting Controversy

Concert / Event 01.14.15 | 08:31PM EST

Due to Islamic law, several fans that interacted with B1A4 members at a recent fan event may be fined or face time in prison.

JYJ Junsu

JYJ Member Junsu To Countersue Contractors For Defamation & Fraud

Hot Issues 01.14.15 | 08:35PM EST

Junsu of JYJ falls victim to a possibly fraudulent case and fights back.

B1A4 at Let’s Fly With B1A4 & Acer Special Fan Meeting in Malaysia - Jan 10, 2015 [PHOTOS]

WM Entertainment Issues Statement In Response To B1A4's Malaysian Fan Meeting Controversy

Scandals 01.13.15 | 05:25PM EST

WM Entertainment has addressed the controversy surrounding B1A4’s recent fan meeting in Malaysia.

BigHit Entertainment Criticized For BTS Photoshoot at Berlin Holocaust Memorial

BigHit Entertainment Criticized For BTS Photoshoot At Berlin Holocaust Memorial

Scandals 01.12.15 | 04:01PM EST

BTS visited Europe in July 2014 and the teaser photos for an unconfirmed photo book are causing an uproar.

B1A4 at Let’s Fly With B1A4 & Acer Special Fan Meeting in Malaysia - Jan 10, 2015 [PHOTOS]

K-Pop, B1A4 Under Fire In Malaysia Over Alleged Christian Agenda And Sexual Harassment

Scandals 01.12.15 | 04:14PM EST

B1A4 and fans made headlines for their reenactment of Korean dramas at a recent fan meeting.

Taeyang -

YG Entertainment Responds To Alleged Plagiarism Controversy Surrounding Taeyang's 'Eyes, Nose, Lips'

Scandals 01.11.15 | 03:01AM EST

After being accused of copying the instrumentals for his hit song "Eyes, Nose, Lips,' Taeyang's agency has issued a statement.

Korean R&B singer and rapper Bobby Kim

Rep For Bobby Kim Reportedly Claims Singer 'Does Not Clearly Remember' Sexually Harassing Stewardess After 6 Glasses Of Wine

Hot Issues 01.09.15 | 07:21PM EST

A representative for the 41-year-old R&B singer Bobby Kim claimed the star does not remember an incident aboard a flight bound for San Francisco on Wednesday where he allegedly grabbed a stewardess's waist.

The Fooo Conspiracy has been accused of copying EXO.

EXO Fans Accuse Swedish Boy Band The Fooo Conspiracy Of Plagiarizing Choreography From 'Growl'

Scandals 01.09.15 | 11:34AM EST

Whether it was intentional or not, Swedish boy group The Fooo Conspiracy has been accused of plagiarizing the choreography to EXO's "Growl."

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