top's house, a love house?

How Did Big Bang TOP's House Become A 'Love House'?

Scandals 01.08.15 | 10:45PM EST

As group Big Bang's member TOP's name was mentioned through the scandal of actors Lee Jung Jae and Im Sae Ryung, his house is being portrayed as a 'love house' for celebrities.

Did Sistar's backup dancers copy 2NE1's outfit?

Sistar's Backup Dancers Accused Of Copying 2NE1's Stage Outfits

Scandals 01.08.15 | 01:00PM EST

Last year, Billboard named 2NE1 and Sistar in their list of ten K-pop girl groups readers should know, and a recent controversy may pit them against each other.

Opposing rumors have surfaced regarding the future of the

Season 3 And Cancellation Rumors Emerge For 'Roommate'

Scandals 01.07.15 | 02:00PM EST

As the second season of "Roommate" continues to broadcast on SBS, opposing rumors have surfaced regarding the future of the series.

GD X Taeyang at SBS Gayo Daejun Photo Wall

Big Bang's Taeyang Caught Up In Alleged Plagiarism Dispute With American Artist Derrick Bullock [Update]

Scandals 01.07.15 | 09:44AM EST

Derrick Bullock reportedly claims that the instrumental for "Eyes, Nose Lips" was stolen by YG Entertainment, not vice versa.

After School's Jooyeon Departing Group And Pledis Entertainment

Jooyeon Quits After School, Departs Group's Label Pledis Entertainment

Scandals 01.01.15 | 04:51PM EST

After initial rumors, record label Pledis Entertainment has confirmed Lee Jooyeon's "graduation" from popular K-pop girl group After School.

Could upcoming girl group Sonamoo surpass 2NE1?

Korean Website Pann Proclaims Rival K-Hip-Hop Group Sonamoo Will Surpass 2NE1 In Popularity In The Coming Years

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.28.14 | 10:54PM EST

Could upcoming girl group Sonamoo surprise one of K-pop's leading girl groups? Some appear to think so.

Yoon Mirae To Sue Sony For Illegally Playing 'Pay Day' During 'The Interview'

Yoon Mirae Reportedly Plans To Sue Sony For Using Her Song During 'The Interview' Without Expressed Permission

Scandals 12.26.14 | 11:34AM EST

The singer's agency, Feel Ghood Music, says they will be taking legal action against Sony Pictures.

MBC Rules BTOB's

MBC Rules BTOB's 'Drink' Unsuitable For Broadcast

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.25.14 | 08:48PM EST

The song was banned for promoting binge drinking, according to MBC.

epik high mithra jin and kwon da hyun dating

Mithra Jin & Kwon Da Hyun, Quickly Confirms The Scandal By Going On A Public Date

Scandals 12.22.14 | 11:06PM EST

Group Epik High's member Mithra Jin and actress Kwon Da Hyun quickly admitted that their scandal is true. The scandal was proved by themselves at a public event, catching much attention.

 Epik High’s Mithra Jin Confirms He Is Dating 'The City Hall' Actress Kwon Da Hyun

Epik High’s Mithra Jin Confirms He Is Dating 'The City Hall' Actress Kwon Da Hyun

Scandals 12.22.14 | 10:27AM EST

Hip-hop group Epik High’s Mithra Jin and actress Kwon Da Hyun’s dating news have been spreading fast on the internet.

Former Girls' Generation Singer Jessica Jung Denies Chinese Tabloid Reports She Is Living In Hong Kong With Tyler Kwon

Former Girls' Generation Singer Jessica Jung Denies Chinese Tabloid Reports She Is Living In Hong Kong With Tyler Kwon

Scandals 12.22.14 | 11:46AM EST

Jessica Jung has recently denied rumors that were being released by Chinese media.

jessica denies hong kong rumor

Jessica Denies Rumor Of Living With Tyler Kwon "I Live With My Family In Korea"

Scandals 12.22.14 | 03:47AM EST

Jessica denied the rumor from a Hong Kong media that she is living with Tyler Kwon.

Chinese Media Sina Report That Jessica Jung And Tyler Kwon To Be Living Together

Chinese Tabloid Sina Claims Jessica Jung And Tyler Kwon Are Living Together In Hong Kong

Scandals 12.18.14 | 10:08PM EST

Chinese media Sina reported that Jessica Jung and Tyler Kwon were living together and made headlines.

Kris Wu and Luhan will reportedly enter another round of court-referred mediation on the same day.

EXO's Kris And Luhan To Enter Court-Ordered Mediation On The Same Day In January

Scandals 12.17.14 | 01:29PM EST

After failing to reach separate agreement with record label SM Entertainment, Kris Wu and Luhan of EXO will reportedly enter another round of court-referred mediation on the same day next year.

MBLAQ Three-Member Group

J.Tune Camp Issues Statement That MBLAQ Will Continue With Three Members

Hot Issues 12.17.14 | 07:56AM EST

After confirmation that members Lee Joon and Thunder will be leaving the group, MBLAQ will continue as a trio with plans for a new album.

Is CL of 2NE1 overshadowing the other members?

2NE1's CL Criticized Once Again After 'America's Next Top Model' Appearance [VIDEO]

Scandals 12.12.14 | 04:14PM EST

While fans were excited to see 2NE1 grace "America's Next Top Model," some were critical of one member in particular after seeing their cameo.

Bumkey is facing allegations of drug use and distribution.

Korean Rapper Bumkey Appears In Court For Involvement In Alleged Drug Scandal

Scandals 12.11.14 | 03:43PM EST

Bumkey is reported to have appeared in court on December 11 in response to alleged drug distribution charges.


SM Entertainment And SM Rookie Taeyong Apologize For Past Involvement In Online Scams

Hot Issues 12.12.14 | 12:05PM EST

SM Entertainment released an apology letter on behalf of SM Rookie Taeyong regarding his past behavior.

exo tao heart-fluttering message to fans

Chinese Reports Of Two More EXO Member Departures Fuel Disbandment Rumors

Breaking News 12.10.14 | 09:44AM EST

Chinese media sources are now reporting that Tao and a Korean member will leave EXO in 2015 citing insider information. SM Entertainment and the group members have yet to comment.


VIXX's Ravi Releases 'Diss Hater' Track Aimed At iKON's Bobby

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.09.14 | 08:55AM EST

This is the first response to reports that Bobby insulted several idol rappers during his performance at the 2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards.

Top acting agency KeyEast denies meeting with MBLAQ Lee Joon.

Acting Agency KeyEast Denies That They Met With MBLAQ's Lee Joon

Scandals 12.09.14 | 09:55AM EST

KeyEast claims they have not met with MBLAQ member Lee Joon, as rumors regarding the acting idol continue to spread through the world of Korean entertainment.

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