Epik High's Tablo performing at SXSW in 2015. False accusations he hadn't actually graduated from Stanford were mentioned in a Reddit discussion Friday on silly K-pop scandals.

Reddit Thread On 'Dumbest K-Pop Scandals' Prompts Frank Discussion On Performers' Right To Have A Social Life

Breaking News 01.15.16 | 08:10PM EST

Is a South Korean performer getting married or dating someone actually a scandal? The question was among several thought-provoking issues raised in a discussion within the largest K-pop fan group on Reddit on Friday.

JYP To Halt  Activities In China Due To Tzuyu Controversy

TWICE Member Tzuyu Apologizes For Angering Chinese Nationals With Display Of Taiwanese Flag

Scandals 01.15.16 | 11:33AM EST

The JYP Entertainment singer published a message on the company's official Facebook page.


2PM's Chinese Activities May Be Canceled Due To Tzuyu's Scandal: Is This The Reality Of K-Pop In China?

Scandals 01.15.16 | 01:27PM EST

2PM may be experiencing the backlash from Tzuyu's Taiwanese nationalism scandal. Incidents like this could continue in the future as Korean entertainment aggressively pursues the Chinese market.

JYJ's Kim Junsu

Seoul Mayor Investigates Exclusion Of JYJ's Junsu From Thursday Night's Seoul Music Awards

Scandals 01.15.16 | 10:53AM EST

The Seoul Music Awards were sponsored by government money.

JYP To Halt  Activities In China Due To Tzuyu Controversy

Why TWICE Member Tzuyu's Support For Taiwan's Independence From Mainland China Is Controversial

Scandals 01.14.16 | 02:05PM EST

JYP Entertainment founder Park Jin Young weighs in on Tzuyu's support of Taiwanese independence from China, an issue which has continuously sparked controversy within Mandopop and is now affecting K-pop.

JYP To Halt  Activities In China Due To Tzuyu Controversy

TWICE Halt Promotional Activities In China Due To Political Controversy Surrounding Tzuyu

Hot Issues 01.14.16 | 12:34PM EST

Rumors about the 16-year-old member of Twice have been spreading on Chinese social media, accusing the young singer of being pro-Taiwanese independence.

Rapper Swings Apologizes For Working During Military Leave

Rapper Swings Apologizes For Working During Military Leave

Scandals 01.14.16 | 10:45AM EST

When he was discharged from the military early, the rapper stated that he would not engage in any for-profit activities until his service ended. However, he seems to have gone back on that promise.

Jang Geun-Suk Discusses Tax Evasion Scandal

Jang Keun Suk Says 2014 Tax Evasion Scandal Was Based On 'False Reports' And 'Distorted Facts'

Scandals 01.12.16 | 09:51AM EST

In a recent interview, the "You're Beautiful" star announced that he would return to the acting world in South Korea in 2016.

Tahiti's Ji Soo

Dream Star Entertainment Looks Into Legal Action After Tahiti Member Ji Soo Exposes Indecent Proposal From 'Sponsor'

Scandals 01.12.16 | 12:35PM EST

The singer uploaded a series of scandalous text messages to her Instagram account that appear to reveal a "sponsor" offer from an older man.

Rapper Swings Under Fire For Professional Activities During Medical Leave From Military

Rapper Swings Under Fire For Professional Activities During Medical Leave From Military

Scandals 01.06.16 | 11:03AM EST

When Swings was discharged from the military early due to mental health issues, he stated that he would not engage in any for-profit activities for 11 months.

Big Bang's Seungri

Big Bang's Seungri Out $1.6 Million In Alleged Real Estate Scam

Scandals 01.04.16 | 12:01PM EST

The K-pop idol filed a lawsuit against a female singer after reportedly being scammed out of 2 billion KRW.

SEVENTEEN [Adore U] at MBC Music Show Champion - Jul 8, 2015

2 Seventeen Members Criticized For Allegedly Using Racial Slurs During Separate Broadcasts

Scandals 01.04.16 | 01:09PM EST

Controversy has arisen around Seungcheol and Seungkwan after they were filmed using Korean words that sound like derogatory terms in English.

BTOB Concert Sold Out In Five Minutes

Fans Claim SBS Staff Treated BTOB Members Rudely During 'Gayo Daejun'

Scandals 12.29.15 | 10:00AM EST

BTOB fans are demanding an apology from SBS for supposed mistreatment of the group by staffers during the end of year special 'Gayo Daejun.'

EXO's Chen Practices the Upcoming Musical 'In The Heights'

EXO Fans Accuse SM Entertainment Of Ticket Price Gouging For Chen's Musical Appearance

Scandals 12.20.15 | 06:19PM EST

Fans are accusing SM Entertainment of suddenly increasing the prices of tickets for the "In the Heights" musical performances that will feature EXO's Chen.

AOMG at Stage 48 in NYC ft. Jay Park, SIMON Dominic, GRAY, Loco, and DJ Pumkin

Jay Park Refutes Claims That '2nd Thots' Attacks Beenzino's Girlfriend Stefanie Michova

Scandals 12.17.15 | 12:36PM EST

"2nd Thot is not about any specific person or situation," Jay Park tweeted. "So don't go and try to start no drama."


American Designer Claims IU Used Artwork For 'Chat-Shire' Album Without Permission

Scandals 12.15.15 | 12:07PM EST

IU's latest album is under scrutiny yet again, this time for the cover art.


EXO Fans Outraged Over Lay's Exclusion From Comeback Stage Promo [VIDEO]

Music Show / Music Chart 12.14.15 | 11:06AM EST

EXO fans are expressing outrage over a new comeback stage promotional video that includes all the members of the SM Entertainment group except for Chinese member Lay.

Kim Hyun Joong

Court Orders Kim Hyun Joong, Ex-Girlfriend To Take Simultaneous Paternity Tests

Breaking News 12.09.15 | 12:36PM EST

The star will reportedly meet his ex-girlfriend for the first time in nine months in order to take a paternity test.

[Exclusive Interview] U-KISS Answers Fans Questions From All Over the World

NH Media And U-KISS Members React To Secret Marriage Of Member Eli

Scandals 12.07.15 | 01:03PM EST

The company responded following an Instagram post by Eli that revealed he had been married for over a year.


Jay Park Calls Out K-Pop News Website On Twitter

Scandals 11.23.15 | 10:28AM EST

The AOMG CEO took offense to a website's use of his image in relation to a drug-related news story.

heo young saeng

Former SS501 Manager Charged With Embezzlement

Hot Issues 11.14.15 | 11:56PM EST

A former manager of SS5O1 main vocalist Heo Young Saeng is facing charges of embezzlement for allegedly siphoning more than $73,000 from artist profits.

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