Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong's Lawyer Holds Press Conference, Paternity Of Star's Alleged Child Still Unconfirmed

Scandals 09.17.15 | 10:08AM EDT

Kim Hyun Joong addressed his fans through a handwritten letter, during a September 17 press conference.

Kim Hyun Joong at the Press Conference of New Drama 'Inspiring Generation'

Kim Hyun Joong Calls Emergency Press Conference Thursday To Reveal Results Of Paternity Test

Press Conference 09.16.15 | 11:32AM EDT

The singer-actor will meet the press for the first time since enlisting in the military and since the birth of his alleged child.

K-Pop Crossover: Super Junior's Siwon Supports Kim Davis's Anti-Gay Stance

K-Pop Crossover: Super Junior Vocalist Siwon Supports Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis's Anti-Gay Marriage Stance

Scandals 09.11.15 | 12:15PM EDT

Although allegations of Choi Siwon's stance on same-sex relations have existed for some time, the Super Junior member has officially confirmed it by supporting Kentucky clerk Kim Davis.

Kim Hyun Joong

Ex-Girlfriend Of Kim Hyun Joong Gives Birth, Paternity Test To Follow

Scandals 09.10.15 | 08:22AM EDT

The former couple have been embroiled in several lawsuits, following initial charges of violence against Kim in 2014.

Kim Hyun Joong at the Press Conference of New Drama 'Inspiring Generation'

Kim Hyun Joong Postpones Military Leave As Legal Battle With Ex-Girlfriend Continues

Scandals 09.09.15 | 03:07PM EDT

Kim Hyun Joong has opted not to take his scheduled military leave this September.

Yoon Eun Hye

Fashion Designs By Singer-Actress Yoon Eun Hye Under Suspicion For Plagarism

Scandals 09.08.15 | 08:15AM EDT

The contested designs were presented by the former Baby V.O.X member on a Chinese television program.

2AM's Jo Kwon Attends Clarisonic Conference Event

2AM Singer Jo Kwon Worries Fans By Posting Image Of Self-Cutting

Scandals 09.05.15 | 06:23PM EDT

Jo Kown shared an ink drawing of a character that is cutting his wrists but trying hard to be happy.

Maxim Korea was forced to pull the September issue of the magazine from shelves following a public outcry over the cover.

Maxim Korea Editors Recall September Issue Following Backlash Over Cover Featuring Girl Bound In Actor Kim Byung Ok's Trunk

Scandals 09.04.15 | 07:07PM EDT

Maxim Korea's editors admitted they had gone too far on Thursday, posting an apology on their website and yanking September issue of the magazine from shelves, following a public outcry over the cover.

K-Pop Crossover: Model Stefanie Michova Confronts Cyberbullying After Starring In Donghae And Eunhyuk's Music Video

K-Pop Crossover: Model Stefanie Michova Confronts Cyberbullying After Starring In Donghae And Eunhyuk's Music Video

Scandals 09.04.15 | 12:20PM EDT

The K-pop fanbase is known for their strong reactions to anything related to their bias groups, but this time, someone is talking back.

Yunho UEE dating rumors

Yunho-Uee Relationship Speculation Continues As Pledis Explains The Stars Are Just Close Friends

Scandals 09.05.15 | 04:50PM EDT

After School's UEE was amongst the crowd celebrating Yunho's basic training completion, prompting dating rumors between the two.

Shin Hae Chul

Family Of Late Rock Star Shin Hae Chul Files $1.9 Million Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

Scandals 09.01.15 | 10:02AM EDT

The 44-year-old doctor faces a daunting lawsuit after being indicted on charges of medical malpractice which led to the rock icon’s death.

EXO's Suho Attends 2015 SMTOWN Screen Show in Seoul

Father Of EXO Member Suho Receives Apology For Rumors Relating To Political Views

Scandals 09.01.15 | 10:37AM EDT

The rumors alleged that Professor Kim Yong Ha was a Japanese sympathizer.


Former EXO Member Luhan Ventures Further From SM Entertainment With Plans For 1st Solo Album Release In September

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 08.28.15 | 09:24AM EDT

The former EXO member is set to release his first solo album 'Reloaded' next month with producing credits from Djemba Djemba.

FNC Entertainment

FNC To Produce New Idol Group In China As Other Korean Labels Struggle Through Lawsuits With Chinese Stars

Scandals 08.28.15 | 09:27AM EDT

FNC Entertainment takes their first steps into the Chinese market with new competition program "King of Pop."

G-dragon and Kiko Mizuhara

G-Dragon And Kiko Mizuhara Split? Conflicting Schedules Allegedly End The Rumored Relationship

Scandals 08.27.15 | 07:59AM EDT

According to a source at Dispatch, Big Bang's G-Dragon and Japanese model and actress Kiko Mizuhara have decided to end their long-suspected relationship due to their constantly conflicting schedules.

Z.Tao and TASTY twins take photo together

Photo Of TASTY Twins With Z.Tao Incites Outrage Among Korean Fans

Scandals 08.25.15 | 12:43PM EDT

The three Chinese K-pop idols met at Z.Tao's solo concert amidst contract disputes with their Korean companies.


Woollim Entertainment To Pursue Legal Action Against TASTY Over Unauthorized Chinese Promotions

Scandals 08.20.15 | 09:33AM EDT

The battle between TASTY and their Korean company Woollim Entertainment continues as the agency pursues legal action.

Girl's Day

Girl's Day Get Twisted In A Panty Flashing Controversy

Scandals 08.19.15 | 08:17AM EDT

Online critics claim that the Girl’s Day members are intentionally showing their panties to the public.

Block B P.O.

Korean Fans Express Outrage At Block B Wardrobe Choice For 70th Anniversary Korean Liberation Day Concert

Scandals 08.17.15 | 03:32PM EDT

Block B's P.O comes under fire for wearing a shirt with a Japanese phrase on it during the Korean Independence Day concert.

TOPP DOGG U.S. Showcase 2015 Houston TX

Topp Dogg Members Kidoh And Gohn Allegedly File Complaint Against Stardom Entertainment For Mismanagement

Scandals 08.13.15 | 08:40AM EDT

Stardom Entertainment's management practices are called into question yet again as Topp Dogg members Kidoh and Gohn have reportedly filed complaints against the company.

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