G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara

YG Entertainment Responds To Rumors Of G-Dragon And Kiko Mizuhara At Hotel Together

Scandals 07.27.15 | 11:05AM EDT

Neither star has addressed dating rumors in the past.


K-pop Crossover: Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' Director And YG Entertainment Respond To 2NE1 Plagiarism Allegations

Scandals 07.23.15 | 08:53PM EDT

After the allegations against Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" music video for allegedly copying 2NE1's "Come Back Home" gained traction in the public, both sides have chosen to respond to the matter.

Tao Releases New Photo Teasers For Solo Debut

Z.Tao's Solo Debut Teaser Video Removed From YouTube By SM Entertainment

Breaking News 07.23.15 | 12:52AM EDT

The estranged member of EXO is pursuing a solo career in China.

Super Junior Attends a Special Album 'Devil' Press Conference

SM Entertainment Garners Criticism For Removing Super Junior's 'Devil' Performance Video From YouTube Due To Error By Heechul

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 07.23.15 | 10:00AM EDT

Fans of Super Junior expressed worry about SM Entertainment's handling of the group.


Nicki Minaj-Taylor Swift Feud Revives Charges Of 'Bad Blood' Plagiarizing 2NE1's 'Come Back Home'

Scandals 07.22.15 | 05:09PM EDT

The music video for "Bad Blood" shares striking similarities with that of "Come Back Home."

E Sens performed shortly after marijuana arrest.

E Sens Sentenced To 1.5 Years In Prison For 2nd Marijuana Offense

Scandals 07.23.15 | 09:15AM EDT

Find out what the courts have to say as E Sens once again is sentenced to jail time for the use of marijuana.

2015 ‪BTS‬ LIVE TRILOGY IN USA 'Episode II. The Red Bullet' Tour In NYC - July, 16th 2015 [PHOTOS]

BTS U.S. Tour Organizers Clarify Circumstances Surrounding Abrupt End To Group's New York City Concert

Concert / Event 07.21.15 | 05:22PM EDT

This past weekend, BTS's Red Bullet Tour In NYC concert was unexpectedly cut short due to a death threat delivered via Twitter.

Leeteuk Mamacita

Super Junior's Leeteuk Calls Out Google Korea For Insensitive Use Of Photo Showing Him At His Family's Funeral

Scandals 07.22.15 | 08:32AM EDT

The idol took to Twitter to ask what he had done to deserve such treatment by Korean Google.


Girls' Generation's Taeyeon Takes Action Against Malicious Cyberbullies

Scandals 07.21.15 | 08:51AM EDT

The K-pop idol is working with her agency to stop the stream of nasty comments directed toward her online.

Korean Actress Clara

Clara Gets Cleared As Polaris Entertainment CEO Is Indicted For Threats Against Actress

Scandals 07.16.15 | 10:11AM EDT

The actress and chairman of her former entertainment agency accused one another of blackmail.


TASTY Announce Departure From Woollim Entertainment On Social Media, Agency Fires Back

Breaking News 07.16.15 | 11:00AM EDT

Chinese K-pop duo TASTY announced via Weibo they are leaving their Korean agency and will halt Korean promotions. Woollim Entertainment, however, appears to have a different take on the matter.

Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyung Joong Files Countersuit Against Ex-Girlfriend For Defamation And Denies Abuse, Pregnancy Claims

Scandals 07.15.15 | 09:28AM EDT

The Korean star's lawsuit seeks over $1 million in damages from his former girlfriend.

Lovelyz Seo Jisoo

Woollim Entertainment Remains Undecided On Future Of Lovelyz Member Seo Jisoo

Scandals 07.15.15 | 08:34AM EDT

A pre-debut scandal thrust the aspiring star into the spotlight last year, but for all the wrong reasons.

Song Minho Mino

WINNER's Mino Releases Official Apology For Misogynistic Lyrics

Scandals 07.15.15 | 08:44AM EDT

WINNER's Mino posted an apology for his controversial lyrics in response to demands by the Korean Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

Jonghyun Odd Teaser Photo

SHINee's Jonghyun Responds To Misogynist Accusations On Instagram

Scandals 07.12.15 | 11:11AM EDT

Shinee's Jonghyun has responded to accusations that he is a misogynist on his personal Instagram, explaining that they are completely inaccurate.

WINNER's Song Minho in 'Show Me the Money 4.'

WINNER's Mino Is Criticized For Misogynistic Lyrics On 'Show Me The Money 4'

Scandals 07.11.15 | 04:09PM EDT

WINNER rapper Song Minho is facing backlash for his rap lyrics on the latest episode on 'Show Me the Money 4.'

Block B Zico

Zico Of Block B And His Manager Involved In Drunk Driving Accident

Scandals 07.11.15 | 11:52AM EDT

Block B's Zico is at the center of controversy, following a minor drunk driving accident.

Girl's Day's now infamous appearance on  the AfreecaTV Internet program “Koon TV”

Girl's Day Members Promise To 'Be More Careful And Cautious About Everything' In Apology To Fans Over Dumpling War

Scandals 07.10.15 | 07:49PM EDT

On Friday, the four members of Girl's Day appeared on the AfreecaTV Internet program "Koon TV" to apologize for what many fans perceived as rude behavior towards host Choi Goon.

f(x) members Victoria and Sulli

Without Sulli And Victoria, Will f(x) Perform As Three Members At SMTOWN LIVE In Tokyo?

Scandals 07.02.15 | 02:18PM EDT

After last year's controversy, scandals continue to surround K-pop girl group f(x).

Boy Band Faceoff: Big Bang's 'Sober' Accused Of Plagiarizing 'Glad You Came' By The Wanted

Boy Band Faceoff? Big Bang's 'Sober' Accused Of Plagiarizing 'Glad You Came' By The Wanted

Scandals 07.02.15 | 01:39PM EDT

Big Bang may be "Made," but the K-pop group has come under fire from fans for allegedly copying another popular boy band.

f(x)'s Luna and Sulli at SMTOWN COEX Artium Grand Opening Ceremony

Private Photos Of f(x)'s Sulli Surface On Several Online Community Forums

Scandals 06.29.15 | 12:57AM EDT

Sulli is catching a lot of attention with a ring on her ring finger.

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