EXO Toy Line That Includes Tao To Be Released June 18

EXO Toy Line That Includes Tao To Be Released June 18

Scandals 06.17.15 | 02:38PM EDT

Despite not actively promoting with the group, fans are surprised to see Huang Zitao (Tao) included in an upcoming toy line featuring members of EXO.

jungah, jung chang young

Pledis Entertainment Speaks Out About After School's Jungah's Dating Scandal

Scandals 06.12.15 | 02:08AM EDT

As girl group After School's member Jungah has been surrounded in a scandal with the basketball player Jung Chang Young, Jungah's agency denied the scandal.

Kim Hyun Joong at the Press Conference of New Drama 'Inspiring Generation'

Kim Hyun Joong's Parents Appear At Court Hearing And Deny Claims Of Ex-Girlfriend's Pregnancy

Scandals 06.05.15 | 06:34AM EDT

The Korean star was sued by his former girlfriend for psychological damage.

Bobby Kim

Prosecution Calls For Bobby Kim To Serve A Year In Prison For Assaulting Stewardess: Singer Blames It On 6 Glasses Of Wine

Scandals 06.04.15 | 03:27PM EDT

If South Korean prosecutors have their way, Bobby Kim will received a yearlong prison sentence, two years of probation and a $4,500 fine, for a Jan. 7 incident on a Korean Air flight from Incheon to San Francisco.

EXO Tao Exodus

Tao Not Introduced As Member Of EXO At Chinese Mobile Game Endorsement Event

Scandals 06.03.15 | 11:37PM EDT

After SM Entertainment confirmed that Tao would not be joining EXO in their "Love Me Right" promotions, it was announced that he would instead be attending a solo promotional event for a new Chinese Mobile Game endorsement.


YG Yang Hyun Suk Calls Taeyang's Dating Scandal A Wonderful Thing

Scandals 06.05.15 | 04:05AM EDT

YG's CEO Yang Hyun Suk is catching much attention as he is showing happy response to Taeyang's scandal. Agencies usually try to hide their artists' dating life but Yang's response is 180 degree different from others.

Yewon and Henry are departing from 'We Got Married.'

Super Junior-M Henry And Yewon Are Leaving 'We Got Married'

Scandals 06.02.15 | 09:50AM EDT

Yewon and Henry are leaving 'We Got Married,' following an on-going scandal involving actress Lee Tae Im.

Native American Headdress And G-Dragon Chain Scene Create Controversy In 'Bang Bang Bang' Music Video

Native American Headdress And G-Dragon Chain Scene Create Controversy In 'Bang Bang Bang' Music Video

Scandals 06.01.15 | 01:58PM EDT

Big Bang's latest music video is already going viral online, but "Bang Bang Bang" has not arrived without its share of controversy.

Former K-pop star Yoo Seungjun (also known as Steve Yoo) once again broke down in tears, in a second Q&A aired Tuesday morning by the website AfreecaTV.

Off-Camera Profanity Undermines Yoo 'Steve' Seungjun's 2nd Plea To Regain His South Korean Citizenship After Dodging Military Service

Scandals 05.27.15 | 10:53PM EDT

The end of Yoo 'Steve' Seungjun's 2nd interview on why he dodged mandatory military service in South Korea featured what some news outlets have speculated is the pop star-turned actor cursing.

Kris Wu Yi Fan Met Gala 2015

Korean Entertainment Industry Weaknesses At Root Of EXO Departures, Alleges One Expert

Scandals 05.23.15 | 08:26PM EDT

A Chinese entertainment industry insider blamed multiple factors for Chinese members choosing to leave one of the most popular K-pop acts.

Kim Dong Wan

Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan Apologizes For Uploading Photo Of Obsessed Fan At The Airport

Hot Issues 05.21.15 | 10:02AM EDT

Kim Dong Wan took down the photo after the obsessed fan became a target of harsh online criticism.

Kris and Luhan

SM Entertainment Announces New Lawsuits As Their Legal Battle With Kris And Luhan Reaches Compulsory Mediation And Settlement

Scandals 05.20.15 | 11:25AM EDT

Although the Seoul Central District Court is now enforcing compulsory mediation between SM Entertainment and EXO's Kris Wu and Luhan, the record label is launching new lawsuits against other parties involved in the recent controversies.

Red Velvet Manager Allegedly Fired

Verbally Abusive Red Velvet Manager Reportedly Also Worked With Kangta And f(x)

Scandals 05.18.15 | 12:07PM EDT

Since the controversial video of Red Velvet's manager being rude to fans surfaced online, many are suspecting that the man, who also worked with K-pop acts Kangta and f(x), has been fired for the incident.

Yoo Seung Jun Steve Yoo

Yoo Seung Jun To Discuss Military Evasion Scandal In AfreecaTV Interview On Tuesday

Concert / Event 05.16.15 | 12:09PM EDT

The controversial Korean artist will be breaking his more-than-decade-long silence to tell his side of the story in a live TV interview.


Clara Suspected Of Blackmailing Polaris Entertainment CEO

Scandals 05.16.15 | 12:03PM EDT

The Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office summoned Clara as part of an official inquiry on a blackmailing charge against her.

Kim Hyun Joong denied recent miscarriage and prior abuse acclaims.

Kim Hyun Joong Denies Ex-Girlfriend's Miscarriage And Prior Abuse Claims

Scandals 05.11.15 | 09:50AM EDT

Kim Hyun Joong paid more than $500,000 to his ex-girlfriend, in a 2014 settlement. He issued an official statement addressing recent claims from his ex-girlfriend.


EXO's Tao Heads To California Seeking Treatment For Injured Leg, And To Study?

Scandals 05.08.15 | 05:54PM EDT

Recent reports from Chinese media outlets document Tao landing in Los Angeles, apparently for treatment of his injured leg, but perhaps also to continue academic studies while on break from activities with EXO.

Kim Hyun Joong at the Press Conference of New Drama 'Inspiring Generation'

Kim Hyun Joong’s Lawyer States There Will Be No Settlement In Lawsuit With Singer's Ex-Girlfriend

Scandals 05.07.15 | 01:15PM EDT

Kim Hyun Joong’s lawyer commented on the recent $1.48 million damage lawsuit brought on by the star's pregnant ex-girlfriend.

Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong's Ex-Girlfriend Reportedly Files Slander Lawsuit Against Online Gossipers

Hot Issues 05.06.15 | 09:23AM EDT

She is said to have named more than 100 online commenters in the suit for spreading hateful comments.


Yedang Entertainment Mulls Legal Action Against TMZ For 'Racist' EXID Coverage

Scandals 05.06.15 | 09:12AM EDT

A viral video on Saturday which showed a TMZ staff member mocking EXID's English accent was hurtful, the agency added.

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